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Spring Term Updates

WB 3.2.20

This week we have been very busy in English! We have looked at using exclamation marks for emphasis and to portray emotion and we have learnt about exclamation sentences, all focused around our core text Traction Man is Here! We have also thought about expanded noun phrases and we have written a description of Traction Man which we are in the process of editing.  In Maths we have really enjoyed learning about division and sharing equally. We have used pictures to help us solve division number sentences and division word problems.  In Art we have thought about shading and cross-hatching and how different pencil pressure and movement can create different shading effects.  In Music we listened to We Will Rock You by Queen and thought about what we liked/disliked about it and what instruments we could hear.  We then went on to think about pulse and kept time to different types of music.  In Computing we have continued learning about algorithms and why it is important to give clear instructions to follow. Finally, in PE we really enjoyed our gymnastics session in the hall where we used the indoor gymnastics frame! We shall hopefully continue with this next week. A really productive week, well done Bold Badgers!

WB 27.1.20

This week we have continued our work on the book 'Traction Man is Here' in English.  We have enjoyed reading the story and recapping different word classes - nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We have also learnt about questions and we have written some questions about what we think Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush might be saying.  In Maths we have done lots of work on multiplication. We have drawn pictures and bar models to help us solve multiplication sentences and word problems.  In Topic we have started writing a letter to a boy who lived many years ago telling him about our favourite toy and asking him questions about his toys.  We will continue with this next week.  In Science we have done lots of work on objects and the materials that they are made from.  We have also thought about what properties different materials have.  Finally, in PE we have enjoyed our Gymnastics session with Premier Sport - making different shapes with our bodies, practising different types of rolls, balancing and travelling in different ways.

WB 20.1.20

This week we have been focusing on the  suffix -ing in our spelling sessions.  We have been thinking about when we have to double the consonant before adding -ing.  This led us to talk about vowels and consonants so if you want to go over what a vowel and a consonant is at home that would be a huge help!  In English, we have focused on editing our Sound Collector poems which we wrote last week. We shall be copying these up neatly next w eek to practise our best handwriting. We have also looked at our new book 'Traction Man is Here' and we made predictions about what we thought would happen in the story, which we are very excited about reading next week!  In Maths, we have really enjoyed lots of practical work on capacity and reading scales. I am sure that they would love to practise reading scales at home if you have the time!  In RE, we looked at hymns and their meanings and what they tell us about God.  In Topic we looked at different toys that our parents and grandparents might have played with when they were younger. If you can share some of your toy experiences with your child that will help them in our Topic work - thank you!  We have continued our gymnastics sessions in PE with Premier Sport and finally in Computing we have been looking at algorithms and how they are used in simple computer programmes.  Another busy week in the Bold Badger classroom.