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Spring Term Updates

WB 28.3.22

We have had a full last week before Easter in the Bold Badgers class! We have done lots of quizzes in Reading and Maths and we are very proud of our Crow's Tale stories that we have edited and copied up neatly for our portfolios. We enjoyed our last gymnastics session where we learnt how to do cartwheeels and we wrote poems about the Queen in celebration of her upcoming Platinum Jubilee. 

WB 21.3.22

We have been busy tasting honey, recognising and finding fractions of wholes and editing our stories in English. We have also loved learning about how we can help save the environment in our Sustainability Week.

WB 14.3.22

We have been very busy this week! We have started our own stories about Rainbow Crow, learnt about division and sharing and grouping equally and we loved making clay bees and learning about how they make honey!

WB 28.3.22

What a fantastic week we have had! We loved World Book Day and we enjoyed using the book ‘All Are Welcome’ in our lessons. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy 😊

WB 21.2.22

Here are some highlights of our week in the Bold Badgers. We have started our new topic Wriggle and Crawl and been on a mini beast hunt. We loved learning some different rolls in gymnastics and Maths has been all about making groups and writing repeated additions to help us with our multiplication work. We have also started our new English book The Crow’s Tale and enjoyed listening to Joseph’s Coat from Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat whilst we thought about  how to describe the crow’s multicoloured coat! 

WB 7.2.22

For our last week in this half term we have finished our coats of arms and made sliding levers in Design and Technology. We learnt about Queen Victoria and some of the things that happened during her reign and we learnt about hierarchy and power within society, particulalry focusing on the feudal system.  We learnt about online safety for Safer Internet Day and we added three one digit numbers in Maths.  Happy half term Bold Badgers!

WB 31.1.22 - Some of the highlights from this week! 

We have finished our leaflets on Hampton Court Palace. We have located and found out about Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London and we have continued sewing our coats of arms which are coming along nicely!  We have enjoyed practising our shooting skills in football and listened to The Eye of The Tiger in our Music lesson which fit well with the Chinese New Year of the tiger.  We have learnt about Jesus and the ten lepers in RE and what this story says to Christians about the good news that Jesus brings for them. Finally, in Computing we have enjoyed exploring spreadsheets and how we can use them to record information and in Maths we have been practising our column addition.

WB 24.1.22

We have had another busy week in the Bold Badgers. Some of the highlights have been practising our dribblng skills in PE with Exel Sports, creating our own thumb nail sketches of each other posing in a royal portrait and learning about online safety and digital footprints. On top of all that we have started sewing our coats of arms which we are very excited about!

WB 10.1.22

We have loved starting our new topic Magnificent Monarchs! We have been looking at leaflets in English to help us create our own leaflet about Hampton Court Palcace over the next few weeks and in Maths we are consolidating addition and subtraction using number lines to help us.have analysed royal portraits and started designing our own coat of arms!  In PE we have loved having Exel Sports in to teach us football skills. 

WB 17.1.22

This week we have done lots of research on Hampton Court Palace where Henry VIII used to live. We have been thinking about what it would have been like to live there. In Maths we have enjoyed learning column addition and subtraction and in Computing we have learnt how to send emails! Our coat of arms are coming along nicely too - we have started to cut our designs out of material ready to sew them together. We can't wait to show them you once they are finished! We looked at different monarchs to see how much power they had whilst they were on the throne too and used graphs to show what we learnt. In Geography we looked at where different royal residences were located and then labelled the UK.