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Spring Term Updates

WB 22.3.21

This week we have been very busy! In English we have been doing lots of reading and comprehension work and in Maths we have been recapping lots of different things!   In Spellings we have been looking at the 'j' sound spelt with g, ge and dge.

In PE we have continued with our dance moves and created some moves of our own around dragons and knights. In Science we have been looking at plants and how they take on water. We have conducted an experiment to see what happens when we put white flowers in water of different colours.  We will be excited to see what happens on Monday! And finally in PSHE we have been thinking about how we can stay relaxed.

WB 15.3.21

This week we have been writing instructions in English. We have planted some seeds, sequenced pictures from when we planted them and then written instructions on how to plant the seeds.  In Maths we have been looking at division - so grouping and sharing equally. We have used pictures and concrete apparatus to help solve division questions and we have focused on dividing by 2, 5 and 10 as well as looking at odd and even numbers.  In Spellings we have been learning the spelling rule drop the e before adding -ing e.g. writing, smiling.

In PE we have been doing dance and in PSHE we have been thinking about how we can stay healthy.  In Science we have labelled the parts of a plant and in Computing we have been looking at creating pictograms on the computer to show information. This will help us when we start to look at Statistics in Maths next week.!  We also enjoyed Red Nose Day on Friday and designed our own red noses!

WB 8.3.21

It has been wonderful having everyone back in school! The Bold Badgers have settled back in to our class routines beautifully and we are all very happy to be back together.

This week we have been focusing our work around the book It's Your World Now! by Barry Falls. It is a lovely book and we have really enjoyed joining in with the rhyming words. We have been drawing and writing about what marvellous things our world is full of, focusing on list sentences and adjectives. In RE we have thought about why God would be proud of our world and what kind things are in our world. In PSHE and Art, we have been thinking about what we want to achieve when we grow up and also of times when things haven't gone our way, which we have learnt will happen sometimes. Finally, in Maths we have started looking at division and we have been making equal groups and grouping and sharing objects.

It has been a lovely first week back and we are very happy to be back learning together again!