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Spring Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 9th March 2020

Following on from Book Week last week, we have had a focus on Maths this week and in particular measures. We have been busy measuring objects in the classroom before converting the lengths between millimetres, centimetres and kilometres. Then we looked at capacity and mass, we loved measuring the amount of water different containers could hold and seeing who could find the heaviest objects in the classroom.

We also visited St Andrew's Church as part of our work on Beliefs and Questions in Re. We spent some time exploring inside and outside the Church and also took a bit of time to reflect on the features of the building by sketching something meaningful to us. We also thought about and sequenced the events of Holy Week before writing our own version of this story. We were really thankful to Mr Hayes for opening the church for us and loved spending time there.

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 2nd March 2020

Book Week! This week, all of our work has been based around 'Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau'. We loved looking at the cover and thinking what the book could be about and equally enjoyed reading the story together. We spent some time locating the world's oceans and researching the sea creatures that live in them, this inspired us to write our own narrative in the style of Jacques which we then used as a voice over to a video! The message of the story really hit home and we went on to think deeply about the impact of plastic pollution, especially in our oceans, and produced a written record of our points. We also up-cycled some plastic recycling that we had collected and made plastic fish art. Our week also encompassed World Book Day where we came dressed as an exciting word and also spent time reading stories to our friends in The Tiddlers. We have had a great week and finished on a high, sharing what we had done with everyone in school and also enjoying their fantastic work.

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 24th February 2020

A brilliant first week back after half term. In English, we have been looking at grammar work and concentrating on adverbs and subject and verbs. We've even had a go a trying to work out when to use 'was' or 'were' in our sentences. In maths we have been working on percentages and trying to find ways of working out 50% and 25% and then using that to work out 75%. We have started to move onto 10% of an amount and use this to work out 20% and 30%, there is a bit more we need to do but can now start working out how much cheaper our clothes or football boots will be! 

This half term we have started looking at our new topic about the history of fairgrounds. We have got excited talking about the rides we know and the theme parks we've been to. We have also done some research about the history of rides at fairs, particularly travelling fairs, In PE we have started work on non-contact boxing skills and using them to increase fitness. This week, we learnt about footwork and did some jabbing into pads with our partners. 

A great week in reading as well with a good Fab 5 total. We are all looking forward to Book Week next week and doing lots of creative work around the book we are studying. Keep up the hard work Maugrims!

Learning Boxing Skills in PE

Weekly Newsletter we 10th February 2020

It was a bit of a different week in the Maugrims’ class as we completed some assessments in the mornings so they covered our Maths and English lessons this week. We took this in our stride though and Mrs Wright and Mr Snelling were really pleased with how well we applied ourselves. 

Our afternoons were a bit more relaxed ... we planned and carried out our own circuit investigations in Science, spent some time thinking about internet safety for Online Safety Day and also continued working on our own game designs. We used the iPads for this session and had to find an image on the internet to upload into our own game. We were also very fortunate this week to have Mr Hayes, the Youth Worker from St Andrew’s Church, come in to work with us on our Big Questions about God. This was a fantastic session which we all got a lot from and we were very grateful to Mr Hayes for this. We even got a PE session in! We are definitely ready for Half Term after a very busy start to the year! 

Weekly Newsletter WC 3rd February 2020

It has been another busy week in the Maugrims’ class: we have been re-capping, phrases and clauses and conjunctions in our English lessons, including using FANBOYS to make our sentences. We have continued to work with Fractions in Maths and have focused on how to find a fraction of an amount. 

Our afternoons have been equally as busy, we have matched French verbs to their images and then had a go and writing and speaking phrases in both French and English. We continued our work on Electricity in Science and experimented to see how different voltage would affect the circuit, we had some very fast fans - one even took off! We also finished our Hugo inspired drawings, where we used the cross-hatching technique, and all agree that they look incredible. 

French verbs, FANBOYS and fans!

Weekly Newsletter WC 27th January 2020

Another fantastic week in Maugrims' class. We have worked hard in English, editing our biographies and then writing up the published piece of work. They look amazing, with so many facts and details about famous technological inventors like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In Maths, we have carried on working with fractions, learning how to add, subtract and multiply them. We have even tried dividing fractions, where we learnt about "Flip it, Flop it and work it out" to help us remember how to do them. 

In other lessons we have learnt about historic events through television, where we looked at the coverage and the quality of coverage of events like the fall of the Berlin wall, the first Moon landing and The Queen's Coronation. It was really interesting and we started to compare the coverage of modern day events that use slow-mo replays and drone cameras. We also watched some old films staring Charlie Chaplin and Steamboat Willie, which stars Mickey Mouse, to see what people did in their leisure time in the 1920s. 

In PE, we practised our backwards roll together and tried to do handstands in a small group. Another great week for reading, with 97% achieving FAB 5s and Maugrims class reading over 200,000 words in a week. Keep up the hard work Maugrims.  

Weekly Newsletter - WC 20th January 2020.

A busy week in Maugrims' class this week. We have started to write our biographies about famous inventors. After much research, we have planned and structured our work and started to organise the facts into text sections. It’s proven a little tricky to get things in chronological order, but they are starting to take shape. In maths, we have continued to look at fractions and started to add, subtract and multiply fractions confidently. We have even moved onto looking at multiplying fractions by whole numbers!

In art, we have looked at drawing people in the style of Lowry and tried to convert a scene from the playground into a Lowry style drawing. In PE we have worked on rolling in gymnastics and tried a pencil roll and side roll in partners. Some great AR reading this week has meant we have beaten the Fauns in our weekly word count challenge and we were very close to getting 100% in the Fab 5 readers competition. Some great work this week Maugrims. Keep up the hard work.


Practising Rolls in PE

Still image for this video

Weekly Newsletter 13th January 2020

Fractions have taken over in the Maugrims' class this week! We have added them, subtracted them, multiplied them, answered word problems about them and even 'fished' for them! We are becoming much more confident about them now.

In English, we have continued to look at biographies and have written a short introduction about one of our friends. We have also researched significant British inventors and will begin writing our biographies about them soon. We have also looked at word classes and done lots of reading to practise our skills.

We enjoyed testing some different computer games and evaluating them from a designer's perspective in our Computing lesson and have also begun learning about Lowry's art. We have continued to think about how God is loving and holy and worked with an extract of text from the Proverbs this week. We even managed some PE and French in our busy week!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the Magnificent Maugrims for the start of the Spring Term, we have hit the ground running this week and have begun looking at biographies in our English lessons, starting with deconstructing the text features. We have also been working on our reading skills and re-capping some SPaG knowledge. In Maths, we have continued our work on fractions and are getting much more confident in recognising equivalent fractions and comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators.


We have also begun or new focus for this term - Typewriters to Tablets - and have already begun looking at the history of communication technology, found out about Alexander Graham Bell and looked at chronology as well as thinking about electrical appliances in our Science lesson.


Our days have finished with reading our class text - The Invention of Hugo Cabret. We are loving this book so far, especially the beautiful illustrations and have had a go at creating our own in Art. We are really excite to see where this story takes us ...