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St Andrew's Change Team

Well-being Award/Change Team

We are in the early stages of our journey working towards our well-being award for school. This is giving us a framework to drive change and allow us to ensure that well-being and mental health sit at the heart of our school life. We continue to gather the view of parents, pupils, and staff which we can then use to implement change and measure the impact of the wonderful things we have happening in schools.

We now have a team of well-being champions who are the voice of our students across school. They have lots of exciting ideas on how we can promote well-being, resilience, empathy, and a healthy lifestyle. We talked at our first meeting about our mental health being just as important as our physical health and this is really a message that we want to get across to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

As part of our well-being award, we have created a Change Team within school. This team is made up of teachers and TAs from a variety of Key Stages, with an array of experience and skills. Our Change Team meet frequently to discuss and implement ways of improving and maintaining healthy well-being across the school and the wider community. This is a new initiative which is in the early stages and evolving weekly. We have many ideas that we want to roll out, for example, extra-curricular clubs that focus on well-being and mindfulness, Linger Longer coffee morning for parents and creating a well-being garden. We have many more plans in the future to continue embedding well-being into the ethos of our school.