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Summer Term Updates

This Week...(13/6/22 - 17/6/22)

This Week...(6/6/22 - 10/6/22)

This Week...(23/5/22 - 27/5/22)

This Week...(16/5/22 - 20/5/22)

This Week...(9/5/22 - 13/5/22)

This Week...(2/5/22 - 6/5/22)

This Week...(25/4/22 - 29/4/22)

This week we continued with our fractions work and moved on to Equivalent fractions. We found these super tricky but the Beavers had a fantastic attitude towards their learning and really challenged themselves and each other all week long. We also thought about people's health and personal hygiene this week. We looked at a variety of products and discussed how often we thought something was used and why someone might use it. Everyone had some wonderful ideas about the uses of different toiletries. Finally, this week we started our new and exciting computing module where we are designing and creating our own computer game. This week we started by doing some research on existing games by playing them together and individually. My favourite was the mummy game but there were lots of favourites throughout the class. 

This Week...(18/4/22 - 22/4/22)

What an incredible start to the Summer term. Everyone has returned to school with a smile on thier face and has been ready to learn. It has been a busy first week back as weve begun our new topic Time Traveller. This week we have looked at how are faces change as we grow and develop, as well as looking at art work by Salvador Dali and we thought about our own timelines and the events in our life so far. In Maths we have started to look at Fractions and had a super exciting lesson on Wednesday where we cut chocolate cookies into different fraction amounts. It was the tastiest maths lesson ever!