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Summer Term Updates

WC 28.6.21


This week Brilliant Beavers have been writing up flashbacks of Sports Day in English. We have had some wonderful examples of using the past tense, expanded noun phrases and other descriptive features. In spelling this week, we have looked at words with a silent "t" in them such as wrestle, castle and rustle. We also learnt the meaning of nestle this week and we have started using this as part of our vocabulary. 


In maths, some of us have continued to look at decimals and their relationship with fractions especially thousandths. Others have completed their angles topic and have now moved on to looking at coordinates which they are enjoying. The rest of us have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction crossing 10. 


The big news for Beavers week was Twickenham's victory at sports day. All the children showed great perseverance and sportsmanship. They cheered one another on and tried their hardest to achieve a win for their team's house. We have also continued our Time Traveller topic and on Monday we looked at a variety of objects and how they had changed and developed over time. 


Overall we have had a great week, and are all ready for a well-deserved

rest this weekend. 

WC. 20/5/21


This week Beavers have been incredibly busy, we have done all of our assessments this week and everyone has given 100% effort. In English we have started looking at our new writing focus “the piano”. We discussed who we thought the man in the video might be and compiled a list of questions we had about what was happening. The children have been writing sentences describing different parts of the flashback story. One of my favourite sentences was “Putrid smoke fills the air, as a layer of dust surrounds me, I hear gunfire in the distance so we hide behind the only remaining wall.” 


In maths we focused on being prepared for our assessments and covered a variety of maths topics. After our assessments we concentrated on our timetables knowledge and had a best of three battle between the girls and boys with many children being rewarded for their efforts in the battle. 


This week we explored, planned, tested and evaluated a science experiment to discover of our reaction time becomes slower as we get older. We started by exploring a selection of reaction experiments and discussing if we thought they were examples of a fair or reliable test. I think a class favourite was the car test and the iPad tests. We then discussed which experiment we would design and decided what our constant and independent variables needed to be. Today we carried the experiment we had designed and created a graph to show our results. The children have really enjoyed using their science skills and developing their understanding of how we grow, change and develop. 


This afternoon we had a fantastic session with Mansfield Stags and played lots of team games to help us with our defending skills. The children always love when Stags come into school and it’s such a pleasure to see the smiles on their faces. It’s been a busy and exciting week filled with lots of new skills and knowledge. Next week we are looking forward to sports day on Wednesday and continuing our AR reading challenge.

WC 3 . 5 . 21


Despite being a shorter week, Beavers have still been incredibly busy. We've had quite an exciting week which started on Tuesday in English where we began to explore our new writing focus - riddles. We went on a scavenger hunt around the school in three teams and used our reading comprehension skills to help us solve the riddle clues. We've since looked at the features of riddles which included elements of figurative language such as personification, similes and metaphors. I'm excited to try and solve the children's riddles next week when we draft, write and edit our Tudor object riddles.


In maths, we have continued with our fractions this week concentrating on subtracting fractions and subtracting fractions from whole numbers. Beavers have worked even harder this week and have really blown me away. Today we did another practice arithmetic paper and every single child in year 5 improved their score! Beavers you should be incredibly proud of all your hard work. 


Although we didn't go swimming this week we still had a great PE session on Thursday. Beavers have been practising their cricket bowling which we learnt required a straight arm, lots of power and accuracy. I think there might be a few emerging cricket players in our class. In art, we looked at mixing colours to create a better Tudor inspired palette and practised mimicking some famous Tudor pattern designs. In RE we investigated what it would be like to visit a Hindu Mandir and the signs and symbols we could expect to see on a visit. Finally, in PHSE we looked at the difference between friendships and romantic relationships. As a class, we discussed what we might do if someone asked us to do something that made us feel uncomfortable and how we'd respect each other's feelings. 


Keep up the amazing effort and work Beavers I'm very proud of you all this week especially the battle participants on TTRockstars. Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all on Monday :)



WC 26.4.21


Brilliant Beavers have had another incredibly busy week and we have been working extremely hard in all our lessons as we explored more about the Tudors. 


In English this week we wrote and then edited our biographies about Anne Boleyn, the children used all their knowledge from last week to create interesting and engaging biographies. 


In maths, we have continued with our fractions this week with a special focus on adding fractions together and fractions greater than one. It has been a tricky topic but the children were very resilient and supported each other in their learning to achieve the learning objectives each day.


In other lessons, we have certainly been busy. This week we have been swimming and learning how to field in cricket as well as creating Tudor mood boards with a particular focus on Tudor fashion, colours and patterns. We have considered how we would feel living in a multi-religious village and learning how to engage with french media by picking out common words and phrases. We finished today with a PSHE lesson where we considered friendship scenarios and whether or not they could be resolved. The children then discussed some techniques they could use to mend broken friendships.


We have truly had a brilliant week and I am very proud of all the work Beavers have done. Well done, enjoy the long weekend and I'll see you all on Tuesday :)

W.C 19/4/21


We are back after Easter and have hit the ground running with our new topic "off with her head". The children have been working incredibly hard this week and we been very busy with so many fun activities. 

In English, we have been looking at the features of biographies. We started by looking at an example biography about Roald Dahl and as a class, we created a checklist to help us plan our biographies. We'll be writing about Anne Boleyn so the rest of our English time has been spent exploring the Tudor timeline so we have a deep understanding of Anne and Henry VIII's lives. Today we planned our biographies which we will write up and edit next week.


In Maths, we have all been very busy with a huge mixture of lessons, some of us have been looking at measurements (we even measured Mr Snelling), others have been looking at percentages and everyone else has been working hard at understanding fractions. This week we have looked at equivalent fractions and the different methods we can use to find them. 


In other lessons we've been very busy, on Tuesday we had a lot of fun exploring the lives of Henry's six wives. There was a variety of challenges. Beavers solved them all using teamwork and excellent communication skills all the children had a different favourite activity but I most enjoyed the Q&A with Anne Boleyn as the children had great and insightful questions. In RE we looked at the religious buildings in our local area and compared these with the kinds of religious buildings found in Nottingham and London. In PSHE we have been thinking about what makes us who we are and comparing it with what others think of us. 


We have had a wonderful start after returning from the Easter break. Well done Beavers keep up the great work!