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Summer Term Updates

Week 1


It has been a busy week here in Tenacious Toads with a lot going on. 
Miss Durant is our new teacher and she thinks we are AMAZING and can't believe how hard we work.


We started our new topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers' this week. 
In Science we began to think about the difference between living and non-living things. 
As it was a glorious day, we went of a hunt outside to see what we could find.

Special Visitors 

Let's start with the most exciting thing; we have had 7 chicken eggs in an incubator for 21 days and this week they hatched. We are fascinated by them and we are loving watching them play and snuggle together. We even had the chance to hold them, they are very fragile so we had to make sure we were really careful. Some of them felt so safe and content they even had a little snooze in our hands. 

Extreme Reading


Well done to our competition winners. These lucky winners were able to pick a book to take home. We all stayed very much on topic by choosing animal books. 


Being Brave!


This week we tested our bravery - We ventured out on to KS2s playground to have a go on the BIG playground equipment. We really surprised ourselves with how brave we can be when we put trust in ourselves. 

It was an afternoon filled with fun and laughter. Working on our problem-solving skills gave us a great sense of accomplishment. We are proud of our capabilities. 



We were super lucky to have a lovely coach join us from the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Centre.
She was blown away by how amazing we all were. We showcased our balance and coordination skills in a range of activities. Our favourite was definitely the balance beam.