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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 28.06.2021

First of all, well done everyone on an amazing Sports Day. I knew we had some budding runners and jumpers from our PE lessons. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning all about time. We know how to tell the time to the hour, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We have also been learning about seconds, minutes and hours as well as being able to write the time. 


In English we have continued to learn about The Victorian Era and how school were. We did a matching activity of artifacts like ink pens, dunce cap and much more. We wrote a diary entry looking at it's features and making sure we wrote in past tense. 


During our Jigsaw lesson, we are still on the piece of 'Changing Me'. We also talked a lot about Special People in our life and how they help us. 

Week Beginning 14.6.2021

This week in Maths, we have been learning all about fractions. We have continued our work on finding a half of shapes and numbers and then moved on to finding a quarter and how to write this as a fraction. We then turned this into answering questions when it is written as a fraction. Everyone worked really hard on this and I was VERY impressed. Next week we are learning about dates and time. 


In English this week we have been talking about past tense and what this means. We are working hard on talking in full sentences using the correct time verbs. We have written lots of sentences in the 'past tense' of everything we have remembered from what we have learnt about how our school used to be. 


On Tuesday, we have Mansfield Town in to carry on with our football sessions, the children are really enjoying these sessions. 


In Georgraphy, we have been looking at our locailty against other places in the Country. We have been searching on Google Earth. In ICT we have been learning how to represent the information that we have gathered into a bar chart. The children were really good at navigating around Purple Mash and we really pleased with their work.  



Week Beginning 7.6.2021

Well, that's our first week back completed and what a busy week it has been! 


We have started our new Topic, 'School Days' and the children are already really involved and getting stuck in. We have been really fortunate in that Miss Guest took us on a tour of school telling us all the building and how old they, what used to be there, how it used to look and much more. Following on from that, we had a visitor come into school who was a pupil at St Andrew's School in the 1950s to talk to us about what it used to be like - the children learnt so much and were fantastic with their questions. 


For PE this term, we have Mansfield Town Football Club in. Everyone really enjoyed this and again, behaved like superstars. 


We have been learning about Timelines, from when we were born until now and then even more so, when school was built to today. This is a really tricky concept and getting the years in the correct order is really hard. Everyone worked so hard throughout these lessons. 


In Maths, we are starting to learn about fractions. Today, we have introduced 'a half'. This is of shapes and numbers and putting that into a full sentence. We know how to write this fraction and we know that the parts have to be equal. 

Week Beginning 24.05.2021

Can you believe that we have completed another half term! I can't believe how fast the year is going.  

This week in English, we have been learning how to edit our own work. We became teachers for the day and looked for capital letters, letters the wrong way around and even adding adjectives in to make our sentences better. We all worked really hard on this and have produced a brilliant piece of indepedent writing for our Published Books. 


In Maths this week we have starting learning about dividing (sharing) and making equal groups and then turning that into a number sentence. 


We had a mini olympics in PE this week, everyone has been amazing in PE this term, I have been very impressed and we are all set for Sports Day (fingers crossed). 


We have finished our Paws, Claws and Whiskers Topic now and next term we will be doing, 'School Days'. I have sent paper copies of these home and will attach one to our Class Story too. 



Week Beginning 10.5.2021

We have had a fantastic week this week. On Tuesday we had a visit from some animals. I have attached the pictures below. The children were fantastic and our guest had nothing but praise for how they behaved and handled the animals. We now even have some Giant African Snails in our classroom as pets. 


In Maths, we have been learning about 'arrays'. We know that they have rows going across and columns going down. We then know how to turn them into number sentences on know how to skip count to get the answer. We will be continuing this next week too. 


In PE we did some standing long jump. Again we have seen some great potential in Mighty Moles - The Olympics has better watch out! 


This week has been Online Safety. We have talked a lot about how to stay safe online and what we should do if there is anything that we aren't sure about. 

Week Beginning 04.05.2021

It was a short but busy this week in Mighty Moles. In English we have continued with our retelling of The Tiger Who Came To Tea. We re looked at our story maps and have retold the story thinking about using exciting vocabulary to keep the reader engaged. We have also been learning about adding -s or -es to root words. We talked about when there is only one, it is singular and when there are more than one, its plural. 


In Maths this week we are starting to learn about multplication. We have started by using unifix cubes to help us make equal groups. This is a tricky concept but we all worked really hard, next week we will be learning how to add those equal groups together. 


In Art this week we have been painting some big cats footprints, they were so good some of them are going on our display. In Jigsaw we talked all about keeping ourselves clean and healthy. In Geography we learnt about the continents in the world, we looked on maps as to where they are, what they were called and how many we have. We continued with Premier Sports for our PE, we have been very eager athletes in our class - I can't wait for Sports Day!  

Week beginning 26.4.2021

In English this week, we have been reading The Tiger Who Came To Tea. We talked about the different sections of the story and how we could re tell it. We turned into actors and re created the story. We have some fantastic imaginations and story telling voices, I was very impressed. We then created our own Story Maps of the story - again, I was very impressed! Everyone worked so hard on these and were very proud of their work. Some even made it onto the wall! 


In Maths, we have been counting in 2s and 5s and turning them into multiplication sentences. This was a tricky concept but we pushed out into the deep and kept going with it. We will be continuing this next week too. 


In Art, we have looked at different animal prints and have drawn our own. Mrs Kinsey has turned them into a beautiful display in our classroom. We learnt about a mammal, anphibian and a reptile was and then put some animals in the right group. We continued with our Athletics with Premier Sport, this week we learnt about shot putting and the technique required for this. 


It was another busy but very good week. 

Week Beginning 19.04.21

We have loved our first week of Paws, Claws and Whiskers and everyone has really impressed me with what they a,ready know from looking at the Knowledge Organisers. 

In English this week we put Mrs Kinsey in our “Hot Seat”. We came up with lots of different questions that we wanted to ask about how she looked after her horse called Bob. We asked how she fed, what he ate, how she cleaned him, where he was and much more. We all knew that we needed a question mark at the end of each sentence and to start each sentence. We then used this knowledge and chose pictures of Bob to write captions and sentences. We talked about how looking after a horse was different to looking after house pets. We also compared the similarities. 

During our afternoons we have been busy learning about line drawings in art and have created our own drawings of a chosen animal. We have learnt about herbivores and carnivores and have put the correct animal into the correct category. We also were really lucky to have Premier Sport in to deliver our PE lesson where we did Athletics (we have some runners in the making). In Jigsaw we talked lots about what makes us and keeps us healthy and then created our own posters to show what we know and in ICT we recapped how important it was to keep our personal information private and what we don’t share with other people. We then spoke about how that is the same on a one outer and that you can save work and come back it at a later date. 

In Maths, we have moved on to number within 50 and looking at one more and one less from a given number. We have done lots of finding missing numbers on numbers sometimes counting in 1s, sometimes in 2Simple, 5s or 10s. This was a really tricky concept but everyone really pushed out into the deep for this. 

At the end of each day, we have been doing a “Did you know?” fact.  Ask your children to see if they can tell you any of the ones we have talked about already.