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Summer Term Updates

WB 6.6.22

This week we have been very busy in Mighty Moles because we have started our new topic, School Days. We have been looking at our school and finding out a little more about the building.  We have started looking at aerial maps of the school as well.  In Maths, we have moved on to mass and weight and comparing measures and in English we have started writing about a boy who goes on a mission, inspired by the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.  Finally, in PE we have been practising our gymnastic skills and in RE this week we have compared two different places of worship - a Christian church and a synagogue.

Week Beginning 9.5.2022

This week in Mighty Moles, we have really got into our Topic lessons. In Art we have been learning about 'tone'. We had a go at making different tones using our pencils. We did the cross hatch, the scribble and used the side of our pencil to create darker to lighter tones. We thought about when we would use different tones and how we would choose the correct one. 


We also looked at packaging. Primarily, we looked at different food labels for some Tiger food. We talked a lot about how compaines make their packaging attractive to the customers whilst including all the important information that it needs. We had a go at creating our own food packaging labels. 


On maps, we marked the 7 continents of the world, chose a 'Big Cat' and where they lived and researched an interesting fact to write about them. There were some weird and wonderful discoveries about certain animals. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning about 'measuring length'. We learnt how to use a ruler and how to measure different objects. We also learnt how to write a half by using .5 and ensuring we always put 'cm' on the end. 

Week Beginning 25.4.2022

What a busy week! We started the week off by thinking about the 4 W's part of the non-fiction report. We remembered that these were; When, Who, Where and Why. We use these to pull the reader in to make them want to read on. It also gives the report context. Within the lesson we thought about adding interesting adjectives. 


In Maths this week, we have been busy looking at comparing two sets of objects and numbers and then how to order the numbers. We looked at the place value of each number seeing how many tens and ones were in each number and what this meant when ordering the numbers. 


In Music this week, we had the instruments out trying to keep the same beat and pulse as others ... it was a very "loud" lesson but everyone worked really hard ;-)! 


Throughout our Topic lessons, we learnt about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. We learnt what each of these groups meant and which animals were in which group. We had a go at drawing our own animals thinking about line drawing and shading in our sketchbooks, we draw life cycles of different specisis AND we found out that a tiger can swim up to 150 lengths of a swimming pool in one go! 


We finished the week off by going into the Forest School Area. We had an AMAZING time and I have attached some pictures for you to look at. 

Week Beginning 19.4.2022

Welcome back Mighty Moles and welcome to our new Topic, 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'. 


To start the week, we talked briefly about our Topic and wrote all about what we already know and then we focused on what we would like to find out by the end of term. These child led questions will form our lessons over the term and children will (hopefully) have some of their questions answered. I am really looking forward to this topic, as lots of children already knew some great things about the topic heading. 


In English this week, we have started another new topic. We are looking at a non-fiction text and learning about the different features it requires. We are going to be using our Experience Days to make our lessons based on their own experiences to hopefully give it more meaning and increase their vocobulary throughout. We are doing about, 'Our Trip To The Woods'. 


In Maths this week, we have finished our work on one more and one less than a given number. We have used lots of different methods to help us find this information out. 


In PE this week, we have had a lesson that was linked to our Topic, looking at how different animals move around and seeing if we could make our bodies move in the same way and if not, why not? For the next weeks, we will be learning about different Athletics events with Miss Durant. 


Our new Jigsaw topic is 'Relationships'. This week we talked a lot about our family and how there are lots of different family structures. 


In Design and Technology, we looked at different sources of food and where it comes from. We compared foods that come from animals against those that come from plants. 


A short but busy week.