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Summer Term Updates

This Week...(21/06/21 - 25/06/21)

As part of our Emperors and Empires project this half term we looked at the social hierarchy in ancient Rome and we also had a closer look at some of the most significant emperors. There were some emperors that were significant in ways that weren't very nice!

Well done Foxes. 91% Fab 5 Readers this week!

This Week...(7/06/21 - 11/06/21)

It has been great to be back after our half term break and we came back to begin our brand new project...Emperors and Empires! This topic, all about Romans, looks like it is going to give us the opportunity to develop lots of sticky knowledge!

This week we looked at a Roman timeline of events and also had our Romans Day! We went on a Romans artefact hunt during the morning and then used information to answer some questions about everyday life in Ancient Rome. We also studied some Latin, made our own Laurel wreath headwear and created some Roman coins with the heads of famous emperors on them! 

Also this week, we immersed ourselves in the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We loved it! We even went on our own journeys with a magic crayon around school! We also worked on some story maps based on our own versions of the story. Next week, we will move onto starting to stack our sentences to write our shared story of the original 'Journey' book. We can't wait!

A big well done to the Foxes for achieving 91% Fab 5 Readers this week too!

This Week...(17/05/21 - 21/05/21)

This week was mainly about submarines! We found out about the first ever submarine, discovered how they work and then tried to make our own! We did an amazing job by making them float before they slowly submerged beneath the waves...well, big plastic box filled with water! We used Seesaw to record our submarines' expeditions and also evaluated why we thought they worked or did not work.

We also created our own clay ocean creatures using our sketchbooks and photographs for inspiration. They already look amazing and we hope to paint them next week! In Computing we used our coding skills to create simulations of physical systems, e.g. airports, rockets, roads and submarines! French gave us a chance to learn words that we would use for objects in our pencil cases and Jigsaw (PSHE) allowed us to learn what it means to be a global citizen.

What a busy week!

90% Fab 5 Readers this week Foxes! Now we look forward to next week and our final week on our Blue Abyss project. We have loved it so far!

This Week...(10/05/21 - 14/05/21)

We have worked so hard on writing our own Formentera holiday brochures this week! We have then started to proofread, edit and improve them using the Seesaw video feedback Mr Stone gave us!

It worked really well because it was like having our own personal Mr Stone right next to us talking about ways we could improve our work!

This week we also completed our layers of the ocean class display. Have a look!

Online Safety has been a big focus this week and we all know how important it is to follow the SMART rules whenever we are online. We looked at lot at 'trust' this week as well and how we have to remember not to just trust that everything we see, read or hear online is honest, safe and true. We know we have to check people's motives and how reliable all the information is so we can make an informed decision. 

A great week ended with a great Fab 5 result...93% Well done Foxes!

This Week... (3/05/21 - 7/05/21)

This week has seen us explore the different levels of the ocean and start creating a big piece of collective art to show what creatures live in each layer. Look out for pictures soon!

We also looked at food chains and produced some ocean food chains too. Our sticky knowledge was understanding that the arrows in the food chain show the flow of energy. Did you know that too?

We finished our Sicily holiday brochure this week too. The persuasive language we used is incredible! Have a look at our amazing Writing Wall...

Congratulations to the Foxes on 88% Fab 5 Reading for this week!

This Week...(26/04/21 - 30/04/21)

Another busy week in the Foxes!

As well as starting to write our Sicily holiday brochures, we got to have a 'taste' of Sicily this week! We tasted different Sicilian foods. For starter we had a selection of Italian meats, olives, cheeses, breadsticks, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Then we moved onto mains and tasted a selection of pastas and some pizza! Then for dessert it was time for some sorbet and Italian waffle cones. Delicious! We used this experience to help us write part of our holiday brochure, developing our use of language.

Elsewhere this week, it was fractions all round for Y3 and Y4, we continued our work on Pentecost in RE by studying Pentecost art work, discussed friendship in Jigsaw and developed our catching skills in PE. We learnt some French words for objects in the classroom this week too!

As part of our Blue Abyss project, a local fishmonger supplied us with some 'fishy friends' to explore and draw! We had some whiting, sardines, gurnards, plaice, crabs and oysters! We studied them carefully using our observational skills and then attempted to draw them in as much detail as possible.

Have a look at the pictures below to see more of our fish drawing activity and tasting session!


Well done on an amazing 94% Fab 5 Readers this week. Congratulations Foxes!

Fishy Friends and a Taste of Sicily!

This Week...(19/04/21 - 23/04/21)

It was great to be back in the classroom this week and starting our new project...Blue Abyss!

This involved using atlases to find different oceans and seas around the world, looking at some fascinating ocean creatures and then grouping these in different ways, including using classification keys. We also started our reading comprehension work on rock pools!

Our English work this week focused on our new writing unit about persuasive writing, with a focus on writing a holiday brochure! Our destination was Sicily. After our short plane journey, we arrived to this beautiful, stunning island. We found out lots of information about the place and then worked in groups to create persuasive holiday guide posters (see some photos of our work below).

In Maths Y3s spent the week focusing on statistics and Y4 continued their fractions work, focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.

In other news this week...

  • We had some help from Premier Sports to start working on our new PE unit - Cricket!
  • In RE, we began to look at Pentecost
  • We explored body percussion in our Music lesson
  • In Jigsaw (PSHE) we explored stereotypes - discussing what jobs our parents do around the house!


Congratulations to the Foxes with 94% Fab 5 Reading this week! Well done!

Our Sicily Holiday Posters