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Summer Term Updates

WB 13.6.22

This week we have been so busy! We have started to describe a dragon in English, we have done Athletics in our PE session and we have investigated the features of a beach hut as part of our Coastlines topic. We have also enjoyed getting wet and muddy in our Forest Schools area on a sunny Friday afternoon. Finally, we had a wonderful day on our school trip to Southwell Minster on Thursday where we enjoyed being in the Minster. We learnt about communion and the Last Supper, we pretended to be poor children scaring off birds in the fields around Southwell during olden times and we enjoyed some choral singing. What a fun, action-packed week! Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

WB 6.6.22

What a lovely first week back we have had after half term! We have enjoyed learning about money in Maths and comparing different places of worship in RE. We have started to describe dragons in English and we played the chime bars brilliantly in Music. We then created our own music scores using a programme on the computers in Computing. We have started our new topic, Coastline, finding out about different vocabulary and learning that coastal features can be human or physical. We also worked on our map reading skills by using compass directions to describe how to get from one coastal town in the UK to another.  Finally, we absolutely loved our afternoon in the Forest schools area - it was a lovely end to the week and luckily the weather stayed dry for us!  Here are some pictures of our week.

WB 16.5.22

This week we have been busy doing some Maths quizzes! We have also finished our experiment to see how fast snails travel - it turns out they actually move more quickly than we thought as we couldn't find them when we went searching for them again!  We have also finished writing our instructions for How to Make a Bird Feeder, we have been learning how to resolve conflict in PSHE and we have been mixing different shades of colour in art.

WB 9.5.22

This week we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter hour and we have looked at 2d and 3D shapes in Maths. We have started to write our instructions in English on how to make a bird feeder and in Science we are conducting an experiment to see what happens to white flowers if we put them in coloured water. We have also explored different scents that we find in gardens and used those plants to make scented play dough.  

WB 2.5.22

We have been concentrating really hard in the Bold Badgers this week. We have done some reading quizzes and we have started our instructions for making a bird feeder in English. We have found out what hymns and songs can tell us about God and we have learnt about the Muslim festival of Eid this week. We have also been learning about shapes in Maths - counting sides and vertices. In computing we have looked at impressionist  artwork and recreated our own impressionist paintings using a computer programme.


We have had a fantastic week learning about the structure of instructions. We have followed instructions to make a bird feeder and a den! Here are some photos of our week.


WB 18.4.22

The Bold Badgers have returned back to school after our Easter break full of enthusiasm for learning!  We have started to think about our new topic The Scented Garden by going on a Spring hunt outside, making our own bird's nests, talking to a gardener about their garden and then writing a recount of our afternon. We also learnt about seasons and weather patterns in the UK and how these affect us. In Music we have extended our learning by starting to read music, playing musical instruments and beginning to compose our own pieces.  In Maths we have looked at the inverse relationships of number sentences and continued our work on fractions by recognising quarters.  A busy week back, but we are enjoying being back together and learning!