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Summer Term Updates

Sherwood Pines Trip

Weekly Newsletter WC 18th July

A great week for Maugrims, we have done some fantastic work in class and been on a brilliant trip!

In class, we have prepared for our Leavers' Service by thinking about memories of our time at St Andrew's and writing down ideas and thoughts ready to read at Church. In other lessons, we have had some fantastic PE, playing rounders against each other. In science, we have had a brilliant time making circuits and using buzzers and motors. We have even used paper clips and tin foil to act as conductors to complete circuits and tried to make circuits in series and parallel to see the effects on the light bulbs. 

Our trip on Wednesday was exciting, we visited the trenches to see what life would have been like for the soldiers and read some of the interesting stories. We enjoyed our time on the adventure playground but particularly loved the chips and ice cream we had!

A great week in Fab 5s with 96% of the class achieving it. Keep up the good work Maugrims.  

Weekly Newsletter W/C 28th June

What a fantastic week in Maugrim's class. This week has been sports week so some of the Year 6 sports House captains have been helping organise and model the sports races during sports day. Then we had our own sports day on Wednesday afternoon, which was brilliant, it was great fun and really competitive. 

In class, we have been thinking about our book Alex Rider and looking at the gadgets he has. We have started to use this knowledge to design our own gadgets, we have even designed a logo for the company which will make the spy gadgets. We have also began to think about how Alex can use the new gadgets to get out of tricky situations, now that his training is over!

In maths, we have started to look at line graphs and statistics and worked hard to plot different results onto a graph. The hardest part is working out what the scale will be on the axis. Then we used the line graph to think about what it shows and answer questions about it. 

We really enjoyed the PE session with Mansfield Town, as we continue to develop our football skills. Another good week in Fab 5 with 90% achieving the required amount of reads.

Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter - W/C 21st June           - by Reuben.

Goodness! What a week! Can't wait to go home and chill for the weekend. You want to know why? First of all there were maths tests. They were horrible! If we'd had one more I think I would scream. Especially with everyone in class having a debate about how you pronounce Oreo. How do you say Oreo?

I shouldn't forget about all the good stuff though, like our tech lessons, they are awesome. My favourite lesson was when I designed my own robot., it would do all my chores and I could send it to school instead of me. The we thought about what life would be like in 2050 and if we'd having flying cars by then!


In other lessons, we have also had Mansfield Town in to teach football in our PE lessons and we have learnt what things we need to include in a blog. Not a bad week for Fab 5s with Maugrims achieving 85%.

Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter W/C 14th June 2021

Wow what an amazing week we’ve had following on from our fantastic weekend at PGL. The children were brilliant, they threw themselves into the activities, worked well in teams and were impeccably behaved. Lots of them challenged themselves by overcoming fears, going higher than they thought and pushing out into the deep.

Back in school they have been great during our SRE week. They have been really mature with the content of the lessons and asked some really thought provoking questions. They have learnt a lot about how their body will change, consent and LGBT.

In other lessons, we have had Mansfield Town FC in school to teach us some football skills. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been kind to us, so we used our invasion skills to play dodgeball. It was great fun and really competitive.

A good week for Fab 5s, even with PGL at the weekend. Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Photos from the PGL Weekend

Weekly Newsletter W/C 24th May

This week has seen the culmination of our Charles Darwin topic. We have finished by writing our newspaper reports to show what would have happened when he announced his Theory of Evolution. We had to think about our headlines, the name of the newspaper and how we would set it out., as well as making up some quotes and using our debating skills to understand why some people might not have been happy about his theory.  

In maths, we have learnt how to work out the volume of shapes. Firstly, by counting the number of cubes and then by using the formula L x W x H to work out the volume. We even moved onto think about two shapes together, working out the area of each of them and then adding them together. 

In Pe we used the running track to practise our relay hand overs ready for sports day and also had time to take part in some practice races. Some of the class made presentations to show why they should be nominated for Sports House Captains this year. Congratulations to those Maugrims that have been selected.

In art, we used our sketch books to draw plants and flowers, thinking about the detail and different colours we could see. 

A good week for Fab 5s with 95% achieving 5 reads for the week. Have a restful half term, ready for PGL when we return. 

Weekly Newsletter W/C 17th May 2021

Another great week in Maugrim's class this week. We have continued our work of Darwin and his Theory of Evolution by starting to write a newspaper article, imagining what it was like when he announced his theory. We began by looking at different features of newspaper reports and reading different examples.  We have then moved on to think about the structure and details that might be included in it. We have even experimented with catchy headlines and worked on an introduction to engage the reader.

In maths, we have finished off fractions and moved onto area and perimeter. Learning that area is the inside of the shape and perimeter is the outside. We have then used this knowledge to work out different areas and perimeters including those that measurements missing or shapes that aren't rectangular. At the end of the week we moved onto areas of triangle, initially by counting squares and then recognising the formula of 1/2 length x width. 

In PE, we have continued our cricket skills using them to play a quick cricket game which involved lots of running and fielding! We really enjoyed our extra swimming lesson, taking part in swimming races and fun activities in the water.

A good week for Fab 5s with 95% achieving 5 reads in a week.

Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter W/C 10th May 2021

A bit of a disjointed week in Maugrim's class this week. However, we have still produced some fantastic work in the time we have had! We have been looking at e-safety this week and thinking about how information can be modified and changed. We looked at different images and tried to work out which had been modified and which were original, to show how hard it is to see the difference. 

We also looked at different websites to see if they were to be trusted or not. This was much harder as we tend to believe everything we search for on the website. The week culminated in looking at messages and deciding if they were public or private. We also looked at different types of messages to see if they could be fake or not. We noticed that sometimes it was just the spelling in the email address that identified them as a fake, otherwise they looked real!

In Maths, we have carried on with fractions and started to look at fractions of amounts. We also spent some time on Friday working on our times tables, trying to recognise patterns in the answers and find ways of remembering the trickier ones! We also took part in a times tables treasure hunt where we had to work out the answer to find the letter associated with it. 

In English, we stared to look at newspaper reports and the different features of them. We spent time finishing and editing our letter from Down House and then published the work on Friday. They are fantastic and show the hard work we have put into them. 

A strange week but well done Maugrim's, keep up the good work.

Science Experiment looking at how birds' beaks evolved

Weekly Newsletter W/C 3rd May

A great 4 day week for Maugrims, after making the most of the Bank Holiday Monday. Back in class, we have started to write a letter to Charles Darwin’s family, thinking about the structure and language we should use in an informal letter. We have also continued some of our SPaG work looking at fronted adverbials, remembering our commas and subject verb agreement. We struggled a bit on this trying to remember when to use ‘was’ and ‘were’ because we speak differently to each other on the playground.

In maths, we continued our work on fractions, looking at multiplying fractions together. We used visual representation to work them out but soon realised we could just multiply the two fractions together. On Friday, we worked on some multi step problem solving, where we had to read the questions and work out the required calculations.

In science this week, we have worked on an investigation to see why birds’ beaks evolved over time by using different ‘beaks’ to try to pick up different seeds. Some beaks were harder to use than others and we can link it to Darwins ‘theory of evolution.’

In PE we started to use our throwing and catching skills in small sided rounders games, it was hard to pick up the rules to begin with, but we enjoyed using the new rounders equipment.

A good week in Fab 5 with our class achieving 90%. Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter W/C 26th April 

Another fantastic week in Maugrim's class. We have continued our new topic of Darwin's Delights by writing a diary entry for Charles Darwin. We looked at the journey he made and some of the species he discovered. Later in the week, we used the diary extract and converted it into a 21st Century version by creating a blog. We discussed what a blog was, how people use them and the language involved. We then wrote our own blog ready to publish. 

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions. We have looked at adding fractions and subtracting fractions. This week, we also moved onto looking at adding and subtracting mixed numbers, getting to grips with whole numbers and fractions together. 

In other lessons, we have learnt how to say distances in French, using the vocabulary to repeat phrases and write some sentences. In RE, we have looked at different religious buildings, especially in our community and in PE we carried on with our cricket practise by working on our throwing and catching.

Not too bad in FAB 5 this week, but we still need to get to 100%! 

Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter, W/C 19th April 2021

A great first week back in Maugrim’s class this week. We have really embraced our new topic looking at Darwin’s Delights. During the week we have researched Charles Darwin and found out some information about his ‘Theory of Evolution’ and his work on variation. We have also started to at the journey he made and some of the discoveries he found.


In maths, we have been continuing our work on fractions this week. We have been looking at comparing and ordering fractions and using some of this knowledge to continue our work on adding fractions.

In other lessons, we have studied some dead animals like mice and used information to draw and classify them. In art we have sketched seashells in detail and worked hard to show the definition of their shape.


This week we have welcomed Premier Sports back to support our PE lessons, we have started our work on cricket by practising some fielding skills. It was great fun and lovely to be out on the field getting some exercise.

Not a brilliant week for Fab 5 with only 85%  reading 5 times this week, we’re hoping to get 100% next week.


Well done Maugrim’s, keep up the good work.