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Summer Term Updates

Natural Selection 

This week the Fauns have looked at Darwin's theory of natural selection and have worked on an investigation to understand its effects. 


Each child became a bird with a different sized beak and had to use their beak to collect seeds in order to survive. 

Each seed had a points value and the different birds needed a different number of points to survive. 

The children really enjoyed the investigation and many of the birds successfully survived in their environment.  Sadly, some species did become extinct. 

Whether they survived or became extinct everyone had a great understanding of Darwin's theory. 

Natural Selection

Observational Drawings 

In Art and Science this week, we have studied the observations and diagrams of Darwin. We have thought carefully about the reasons Darwin created his drawings and how they helped his research and writing. 

We then had a go at creating our own diagrams using different animal specimens. 

Observational Drawings