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Summer Term Updates

25th June 


We've had a brilliant week in Fearless Fauns and everyone has worked exceptionally hard. 


The main focus of our week has been different assessment papers for Maths and English. Everyone tried their very best and showed the incredible progress that they have made this year. 


In English, we began looking at a video called 'The Piano'. We focused in on the central character and used our inference skills to think about who he was and how he might feel. Then we worked on our vocabulary to write similes, metaphors and personification for the piece.


Science has been a big focus in our afternoons this week. We have been trying to answer the question 'Do we slow down as we get older?' 

We have tested a wide range of ages and are in the middles of working out the average reaction times. We will plot the results on a scatter graph that will help us answer the question. 

Thank you to everyone at home who took part in the experiment. It was really useful to have so many participants. 

28th May 2021 

After a week in isolation, we were all very happy to return to school on Monday! 


This week in Fauns, we have worked really hard to complete our versions of Chapter 7 for the novel 'Stormbreaker'. We have written thrilling chapters describing Alex Rider's adventures at Sayle Enterprises. We've all ended on huge cliffhangers. Will Alex survive? 


In maths this week, we have all been developing our knowledge of angles and using reasoning skills to solve problems. The Year 6s have worked on calculating the missing angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and shapes with up to 12 sides (which we discovered was called a dodecagon). The Year 5s have looked at obtuse, acute and reflex angles, along with using a protractor to draw and measure angles. 


We have had great fun building the websites we designed during home learning. We've used our skills to combine text, pictures and web links to create a website for our fictional spy schools. 


In PE, we enjoyed our last cricket session with Premier Sports. We played two matches to use all the skills we have learnt this half term. 

Week Ending 30th April


We have had a wonderful week learning all of these amazing subjects : Maths, English, ICT and Science.




This week in maths, we have been looking at  percentages and decimals. First,  we did percentages. It included shading in some hundred squares and turning them into fractions and decimals. Then we did decimals. We started by subtracting and adding them. Then we finished of with some problem solving as a whole class.



In the year six class in maths, we did line graphs. We firstly looked at  answering questions about the the line graphs. Then, we got the question and had to draw the graphs to go with it. After that, we had to label it all correctly. Lastly, we finished off the week with an arithmetic paper and some bar modeling.




In English, we have been doing some newspaper articles.  We researched assistive technologies such as robots and devices that help those in need.  We have had great fun as a class in English planning our newspaper reports. Then we finished off the week writing our reports up in our books. 




In science this week, we have been building circuits using motors, buzzers, buttons and switches. We then tried to make the circuits work if they didn't already.




In ICT, we have been doing coding. We made an algorithm to feed a duck. Later in the week, we made a dancers one. This one included making sounds for them and making them do different dance moves. 


We had an amazing week learning all these different subjects,


This week's post was written by

Mia, Alfie and Emily.

Week Ending 23rd April


Hi everyone, it's Fearless Fauns here! Welcome to our class updates page. In this blog we will be talking about how this week has gone and what an amazing week full of learning we have had. 




This week in year 6 maths, we have been looking at ratio, bar models and word problems. Ratio got easier as the week went by with the help of Miss Loker. Some of the things we have been doing may have been tricky, but we have managed to overcome them. The strategies that have helped us the most are: Bar models, diagrams and re-reading the word problem.


In year 5, we have been learning all about percentages, fractions and word problems. We have looked at how to change percentages to fractions and decimals. The word problems were difficult but with the help of our teachers we achieved great results. The strategy that helped us the most was the hundred square grid.


In English this week we have been looking at writing Emails and writing blogs. We have been looking at all of the different types of Emails and their features, so we could develop enough skills to write an amazing Email asking for permission to create a blog. Once we got the necessary permission, we began to brain storm ideas for the topic of our blogs. Some of the themes that we chose included, art, cycling, baking and lots more. The skills that we needed to learn to do this involved: How to keep our selves safe online, how to properly edit our blog posts and how to post and add pictures to our blogs.


On Thursday, we all did cricket in PE. In cricket, we learnt many skills which would help us in the matches we would play later in the term. The skills we learnt were: bowling (rolling and throwing the ball), running, eye and hand co-ordination and fielding. The teacher James (from Premier Sports) gave us many tips, helpful advice and support. He made the lesson as fun as possible with groups and a little game of cricket at the very end. To add to this he was great in the sports club after school.


Overall, this week was a great learning experience for everybody and we all enjoyed the fun we had. 


This week's blog was written by:

Charlotte, Poppy and Kitty.