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Summer Term Updates

W/C 20th June


Wow, what another amazing week we have had!


The highlight of our week this week was our amazing Sports Day. We all had such a fantastic time and put in so much effort with our races. Well done Matildas!


We have also been contiinuing with our work on fractions in maths and have loved writing our own poems in English this week. We have now got these published and they are incredible! Miss Cooper and Mrs Robinson were so impressed by our language choices and we are all very proud of ourselves. 


In French this week we have been working on pronouncing and writing days of the week, we have also loved developing our tennis skills and taking part on our Boogie Bounce session.


In Geography this week we have explored the different uses of rivers and inComputing we have been working on inserting media in to a PowerPoint. 


What a very busy week we have had! We are excited to do it all over agian next week. 


Keep up the great work Matildas!

W/C 13th June 


What another great week we have had this week!


We have been exploring fractions in maths, learning how to write a poem in English and even working on our tennis skills in PE!


After learning how to write a poem, we have worked really hard on planning our very own poems this week! We had some brilliant ideas, used some great language in class and are so excitied to start and write our very own poems next week! 


In Geography this week we have been learning all about erosion transportation and deposition. We explored how rivers can change landscapes and really enjoyed learning about this. 


On Wednesday afternoon, we started to learn a little more about landscapes. We worked in pairs and used a view finder to help us focus on a landscape that we were interested in and then took a picture on a landscape. Once we were back in the classroom, we picked our favourite image and had a go at sketching this in our books.


Another great week Matildas, keep it up!

W/C 9th May

What another fantastic week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom!


This week we have been working hard on planning our very own story based around the Secret of Black Rock in English. Towards the end of the week, we really enjoyed starting to write our stories and can't wait to continue with these next week.


In maths we have continues out work on measurement with a focus on m, cm and mm. We have explored converting m into cm and cm into mm. We will continue with this as we build upon our learning again next week.


In RE this week we have been thinking about how the Holy Spirit can help Christians, in Computing we have created our own branching databases using 2Question and learning how to play 'Three Little Birds' using the glockenspiels in music. We have had another very busy week and can't wait to do it all over again next week!


Have a lovely weekend Matildas.

W/C 3rd May

We have had another great week in the Matildas classroom.


In English we have continued with our narrative writing based on the Secret of Black Rock. We have challenged ourselves to use similies, complex sentences and even speech this week! Next week we will be planning our very own narrative and we can't wait to get started!


In maths this week we have finished our unit on statistics.  We started to look at length (both in mm and cm) and began to measure different objects using our rulers. We have been working hard on using a ruler accuratley and will continue with our work on length over the next few weeks.


In RE this week we have been learning about Pentecost and have been thinking about how the desciples may have felt at different points. We have also been learning more about farming and inventions from ancient Sumer and how these elements helped the civilisation to grow and develop. In Jigsaw this week we have been thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe online and the top tips that we would give to others. In Computing this week, we have started to plan our very own branching databases. We are excited to keep working on these and transfer our ideas onto 2Question to allow others to explore our branching databases too. We really enjoyed learning and singing 'Three Little Birds' in our Music lesson this week with Mr Green.

W/C 25th April


This week has been another very busy week! 


We have been working on our narrative writing in English and are enjoying finding out more about the Secret of Black Rock. We have been working on using speech in our writing this week and are really getting the hang of this. Miss Cooper and Mrs Robinson have loved reading through our amazing writing.


In Maths we have started working on our new statistics unit! This week we have been working on tally charts and pictograms. We will be moving on to looking at bar charts and tables next week and we are really looking forward to it.


This week we have also discovered more about ancient Sumer in history, have had a go at completing a branching database in Computing and we have also been thinking about our friendships and relationships in Jigsaw.


Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

W/C 19th April


What a busy first week back at school! The Marvellous Matilads have come back to school full of enthusiasm and have all worked so hard this week. Here is an overview of what we've been up to...


We started our narrative unit in English based around 'The Secret of Black Rock'.  We have explored what has happened to Erin in the story so far and towards the end of the week, we had a go at using drama to think about the thoughts going through her head as she falls off her a boat into the sea.


We have also finished our maths unit based around money. We worked on adding money, subtracting money alongside giving change this week.


We have also started our new topic 'Ancient Civilisations'. We wrote down what we already knew alongside some questions that we wanted to find out. We also began to look at the featires of civilisations such as cities, inventions and vital water supplies. There are quite a few features to remember but as part of our 'sticky knowledge' we are aiming to know and remember them all!


In RE this week we continued to look at the Big Frieze with a focus on the Kingdom of God. We discussed what we could see in the Big Frieze and thought about why this was important. We are very excited to continue with our work based on the Kingdom of God this half term.


In Computing this week we learned the basics of the computer program 'called 2Question'. We discussed what  branching databases are and thought about how we can use clever questioning to slipt a group pof objects in half. We will continue working on building our own branching databases using yes/no questioning over the next few weeks.


Another great week Matildas! See you all next week.