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Summer Term Updates

W/C 5th July


We have had another busy week in Marvellous Matildas!


This week we have tackled some tough assessments in Maths and Reading, in true Marvellous Matildas style we made sure that we gave them our all and tried our very best. 


Alongside this, we have also had our RSHE lessons. Our teachers were SO proud of us, we have all worked really hard and asked some amazing questions. 


In Art this week we really enjoyed making a mosaic that we designed last week. We looked back at our design and stuck foam tiles onto card to create our very own mosaic and practice the technique! We cannot wait to make another mosaic next week using tiles. We are all really excited.


We have also been learning about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans this week. the children asked some fantastic questions and were really interested by the statue of Boudicca in London.


Towards the end of the week, we planned our very own narrative based on 'George and the Dragon'. We have worked hard to create our own characters and add exciting vocabulary that we can use in our writing into our planning. We can't wait to get started on writing our very own stories next week!


We also really enjoyed wearing red, white and blue along with sports kits on Friday to show our support for England. We are all so excited to watch the final on Sunday!


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

W/C 21st June


We have had another fantastic week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom!


In English we have been continuing to work on exploring the story of 'George and the Dragon'. This week we have been exploring how to use adverbs, speech and show not tell description to make our writing interesting and exciting for the reader. We will continue to work on this next week in preparation for writing our very own narrative.


In Maths this week, Miss Cooper's group have been working on time. We have used clocks to help us tell the time to five minutes and work out different durations of time. We have been working hard on using 'to' and 'past' when telling the time this week. Please continue to practise this at home if you can! Mrs Robinson's group have bee working on shape this week, they have explored parallel and perpendicular lines along with 2D and 3D shapes.


We have also enjoyed our football lesson with Premier Sports, our History lessons based on the growth of the Roman Empire and ranking different Roman Emperors in terms of how significant we thought they were. We discovered that some Roman Emperors used their power wisely but others did not and as a result they were unpopular. Alongside this, we explored the hierarchy in ancient Rome and looked at different roles in society.


We have also really enjoyed exploring mosaics with Mrs Halfpenny in out Art lessons this week and have created some fantastic designs, we can't wait to make out mosaics in a few weeks time!


A great week for reading with a super 90% Fab Five, keep it up Matildas!

Have a fantastic weekend and we shall see you all next week.

W/C 7th June


Even though we missed Monday with the inset day this week, we still managed to get so much work done on our new focus "Emperors and Empires". If you would like to know more about  what we will be learning about you can find the knowledge organiser on our Dojo feed and in the back of reading diaries. 


Let's start off with the best day of our week, ROMAN DAY! The children all looked fantastic, a huge thank you for all of the effort! Not only did the children looked amazing but  their work was too. At the start of the day we completed a  Roman artefact scavenger hunt and shared our own thoughts and questions about the different artefacts that we discovered. Next, we moved on to discover more about every day life in Rome. We explored the different type of homes the Romans may have lived in, more about their clothing and food. We finished off our afternoon with making our very own Laurel wreath headpieces! 


This week in maths, Miss Cooper's group have been continuing their work on fractions. We have been exploring how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Mrs Robinson's group have started to work on their new unit based on time. To help the children with this, please encourage them and support them with telling the time at home.


We have started off our new writing unit by looking at the story of 'George and the Dragon' by Chris Wormell. The children have read the book and we have been writing some of our own versions of the different plot points. The children have been working really hard to include both similes and adverbs in their writing this week.


Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you all next week!

W/C 17th May


We have had another great week in Marvellous Matildas!


This week we have been working really hard in our English lessons writing our very own narrative! As a class we have been working on the True Story of the Three Little Pigs and this week we have had a go at writing what happened next! We had some very creative and imaginative ideas for writing and have tried really hard to include some speech in our stories between our characters. We can't wait to get these published next week and share our finished versions with each other!


In maths this week both Miss Robinson's group and Miss Cooper's group have been continuing our work on fractions. Mrs Robinson's group have been working on finding equivalent fractions this week along with learning how to order and compare different fractions. Miss Cooper's group have been learning about the equivalence of 1/2 and 2/4, learning how to find 3/4 of different amounts and have also been counting in fractions. We are looking forward to continuing with our learning on fractions next week!


In other news this week...

  • We worked on our cricket skills in our  PE lesson
  • We explored maps in Geography and explored our local area from the viewpoint of a falcon!
  • We have been learning about how to say the names of different school subjects in French
  • We began to look at the impact of music on spirituality in RE
  • Have enjoyed sketching birds of prey in flight 
  • We worked in groups to make 3D models from recycled materials of our favourite birds of prey! 
  • We explored what it means to be a Global Citizen in our Jigsaw lesson!


Have a fantastic weekend Matildas and we will see you all again next week!



W/C 10th May


In maths this week we have continued our fractions unit of work in maths. Mrs Robinson's group have been working on non-unit fractions and how to find fractions of amounts. Miss Cooper's group have been working on finding halves, thirds and quarters of amounts along with exploring the difference between unit and non-unit fractions. We are starting to get the hang of finding fractions of amounts even though it was quite tricky to get hang of at first! The children have worked really hard on this and we are really proud of them.


In English this week we have worked on our reading by exploring shape poems, focused on using repetition, alliteration and metaphors in our writing AND started to plan our very own narrative based on what happens next in the story! Perhaps you could ask the children about what is going to happen next to the wolf when they start to write their stories next week!


In other news this week...

  • We had some help from Premier Sports in our PE lesson based around Cricket!
  • In RE, we began finished our work based on Pentecost
  • We worked on exploring reliability in the online world as part of our learning about Internet Safety
  • We also explored why it is important not to trust everything that you believe online and to question what you may read online
  • In Jigsaw (PSHE) we explored Internet Safety - top tips for staying safe online and why these tips are so important! We need to remember these tips EVERY time we use the internet to keep ourselves safe.
  • We created a 'wanted' poster for some vicious insect predators such as dragonflies and tiger beetles!
  • We explored birds of prey with a focus on the Peregrine Falcon and created some food chains using this bird as the apex predator!

What a week we have had! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you all next week.

W/C 3rd May


What another fantastic week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom.


This week we have been exploring shape poems in our reading lessons. We thought carefully about how the shape of different words in the poem adds to the meaning of what we are reading. We have also had ago at working in a group to find some tricky words in our poem using a dictionary. This really helped us to understand what these tricky words meant and helped us to understand these words in the context of the poem. In our English lessons with week, we have been  working on using repetition, exclamations and inverted commas to punctuate speech in our writing. We are really excited to start planning our very own narrative next week.


In maths Year 3 have been continuing to work on Fractions. Miss Cooper's group have been working on how to recognise and find 1/4 and 1/3 of a number. We focused on the importance of equal parts when working with fractions and have also been working hard to use mathematical vocabulary in our lessons. Mrs Robinson's group have also been working on fractions this week. They have been working on counting in tenths and using their knowledge of fractions to put them on a number line.


Here are a couple of video links to show what we will be getting up to next week in our maths lessons.

Miss Cooper's group -

Mrs Robinson's group - 


In our wider curriculum lessons this week, we have set up an experiment to investigate how water is transported within plants. We placed celery in water and water mixed with different coloured food colouring to help us with our investigation. We discussed how water is transported in plants from the roots, through the stem and to the leaves, through tiny tubes called xylem. We have also been learning all about skeletons this week! We used our model skeleton to help us identify and name some of the different bones in the human body. We then went on to look at the functions of a skeleton and why it is so important. We have also been learning about different types of joints and why they are so important to the human body, without them we would not be able to move the way that we do!


Another fantastic week of learning Matildas.

See you all next week!



W/C 26th April


We have had another great week this week in Marvellous Matildas. The children have been ready to learn and are putting in so much effort with their work!


In maths this week, Y3 have started our 'fractions' unit of work. We have been recapping what fractions are, learning about equal and unequal parts along with how to make the whole. We really enjoyed using multilink to distinguish between equal and unequal parts. We will continue our learning on fractions next week. Miss Cooper's group will be focusing on how to recognise and find quarters and thirds. Mrs Robinson's group will be learning how to find tenths. Here are a couple of video links based around what we will be learning next week.


Mrs Robinson's group -

Miss Cooper's group -


In English this week we have continued working on writing our very own version of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. We have tried hard to include some comparatives, similes and fronted adverbials in our work this week. Miss Cooper and Mrs Robinson have been SO impressed with our amazing ideas.  We are really trying hard to use the skills that they are teaching us in our own writing along with using our own ideas for writing. We are really enjoying this unit so far and we will be continuing with this next week.


In our wider curriculum lessons this week we have...

  • Had a fantastic cricket lesson with Premier Sports
  • Made our very own 'Predator' based game
  • Expressed our ideas, thoughts and questions around Pentecost artwork
  • Been learning about what branching databases are in computing and had a go at drawing our own
  • Recapped the process of fossilisation and explored predators from the past such as a Velociraptor
  • Explored carnivorous plants such as the Venus Flytrap and have been learning about how this plant catches prey.


Overall, another fantastic week! 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we will see you all again on Tuesday.


W/C 19th April

We have had a lovely first week back at school to start our Summer term. The children have come back to school ready and raring to go with a super attitude towards their learning. We have really enjoyed a week packed full of lessons and activities to start off our new topic ‘Predator!’


For our next English unit, we are building up to writing part of a narrative based on the ‘True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. This story is told from the perspective of the wolf. After reading both versions of the story, this really made us question which version of the traditional tale is true. We decided that we needed to find our more and at the start of the week, we thought about some questions that we could ask the wolf to gain a deeper understanding of his version of the story. We were then lucky enough to actually interview the wolf as he came into our classroom for a visit to tell his side of the story and answer our questions. We loved interviewing the wolf and gained some answers to the questions that were on our minds. Later in the week, we began our sentence stacking lessons where we started thinking about the different points in the plot so far and had a go at re-writing them. We will continue to work on this next week and will slowly build up to writing our own part of the narrative. 

In maths this week, both maths groups have been working on Statistics. We have explored tally charts and recapped how to use them, pictograms and how to interpret them along with making some of our own pictograms. When working with pictograms, we know that reading the key first is really important as this will help us interpret them. Mrs Robinson’s group have also explored bar charts and tables.  Next week, Miss Cooper’s group will continue with Statistics for a couple of lessons and then both groups will be moving on to our fractions unit. Our new knowledge organiser has been sent our via Dojo and it would be brilliant if you could spend some time reading through this with your child at home. Here is a video to introduce our fractions unit: 


Here is an overview of everything else that we have been getting up to this week:

  • Working on Cricket with a focus on throwing skills in PE
  • Exploring new scientific terminology that we will need for our new topic eg) producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer and apex predator
  • Exploring Pentecost in RE and thinking about how the disciples felt
  • We had a virtual chat with a Veterinary Nurse who explained more about the diets of different animals. She also spoke about some new terminology including carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We loved seeing her pet dog and asking questions at the end of our chat!
  • Learning about food chains and labelling them with our new vocabulary. We also explored a food chains game on BBC Bitesize where we read the information about what each animal ate and then made a food chain. We enjoyed seeing if we had read the information correctly and making new food chains.
  • Learning about Relationships in our new Jigsaw unit. We looked at different roles and responsibilities that people may have in a household and thought carefully about any stereotypes. We came to the conclusion that ANYONE can do any job!


Well done on a great first week back at school, Matildas.