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Summer Term Updates

Class 5 Update: Week Beginning 5th July 2021 


Another week down and yet again another week where the children have worked their socks off!

Let me tell you all about our lessons this week:


HSRE - Writing took a small side step this week as the children looked at  "Health - Sex - Relationship" Education... This week we looked at how our bodies might start to change and how it is okay to feel worried and how to ask for advice.

Maths - We have continued our work on 2d shapes, next up... Triangles and Quadrilaterals!

Art/History - This week we have studied and drawn a wide variety of gladiators and Roman architecture using different skills and techniques including using sketching and water colours.

Computing - Our inner geek truly came to be this week as we looked again at animation. We mainly looked at how to could improve upon last week's work... How could we make our animations less jumpy?

Comprehension - Reading took us all over the globe this week in our comprehension lesson! We travelled to many different countries looking at  their dragon legends! France? Been! Vietnam? Been! China? Been! Check out some of the things we learned about!



See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 21st June 2021


What an amazing week! The children are really in top gear at the moment, their attitudes have been flawless and the work they have produced matches! Here is what we got up to...


Maths - We've continued our work on angles. This week we have recapped learning about  turns and bearings, firstly looking at full, half and quarter turns, once we had this remastered we looked at applying it to compass bearings. It hasn't been easy but the children have done an amazing job with it.


English - We continued ploughing through our wordless text "Journey", the children have really nailed a number of skills! These include time adverbials, figurative language and pathetic fallacy, check out some of these examples!



History- This week we have looked at the life of Roman Soliders and their journey across Europe to take on the fearless Celtic warriors.


Computing - This week took to animating! We used 2animate on PurpleMash to look at how flip books and basic animation can be created.


Art & Design - Design a Roman shield? DONE! Design a Celtic shield? DONE! Compare the two both in decoration and usage? DONE! Oh and to top it all off we even used our maths symmetry knowledge to ensure the shields looked authentic, they aren't finished yet but check out the effort being put into them!



See you next time!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 14th June 2021


Just another amazing week in Charlie's Champions... Attitudes that cannot be beaten, bags of energy and ultimate perseverance! Here's what we have got up to this week:


In maths - We have continued our work on money, the children are now able to add up and subtract money as if they were in a shop.

In English - We are working through the story "Journey", this week we have looked at lots of different writing skills: Fronted adverbials, similes and metaphors are just some of the things we have mastered!

In PE - Swimming! The children took to the waters and buoy were they amazing (sorry). They were all a superb example of St Andrew's, polite, sensible and hard working.

In History - Romans are still on the menu this week (and will be all term), we had an incredible experience with Tiberius, a centurion from 2000 years ago! He told us all about what life was like for a Roman soldier and lots of details about the "glorious" life of a gladiator!


I know we'll have more amazing things to share next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 7th June 2021


We have had a superb time this week, smashing our final start of the academic year! Even though we missed Monday with the inset we managed to get so much work done on our new focus "I Am Warrior!". If you would like to know more about  what we will be learning about you can find the knowledge organiser on our Dojo feed.


Let's start with the man highlight of our week, ROMAN DAY! The children all looked magnificent, a huge thank you for all of the effort you put in! Not only did the children looked amazing but  their work was too. We looked at  the major similarities and differences between a Roman solider and their opponents the Celtic warriors! Next, we moved onto a Roman artifact scavenger hunt and finished off with some designed and embossing Roman coins!


Maths - This week in maths worked on money, our primary focus was how to order and convert various amount of money. We also used our reasoning skills to discuss and solve a wide range of problems.


English - We started off looking at Aaron Becker's "Journey": A lonely girl draws a door on her bedroom wall and steps into another world. Aided by her magic crayon she travels through this strange, new place. Shifting landscapes give way to a remarkable city where there’s a villain to confront, and the girl needs all her courage and resourcefulness in order to survive. She does, of course, and goes home with the greatest treasure of all – a friend.


See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 24th May 2021


Yet another incredible performance by Charlie's Champions this week! 

Here's what we have got up to this week:


English - We have started our work preparing for our independent  task this week, however as we were we stumbled upon the fight for justice by Mr X! He showed us how to find the truth about  the Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs, not all is what it seemed. Next week we'll tell you everything we found out in the form of our very own newspaper reports (hot off the press).

Maths - Our work with hundredths has helped us learn how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1,000.

Science - The first submarine. We have looked at how submarines work and looked at some working models (albeit using some everyday materials) and next week will look into making our own!


See you next week!

Week Beginning 10th May 2021 - Class 5 Update


Another week down and yet again another week where the children have worked their socks off!

Let me tell you all about our lessons this week:


English - We have continued our work writing for the St Andrew's Echo, we have focused on describing events using complex sentences and expanded noun phrases.

Maths - We have completed our work on fractions and have started learning about decimals, our focus this week has been on looking tenths and hundredths.

Art - This week we have studied and drawn a wide variety of sea creatures using different skills and techniques including using sketching and water colours.

Geography - We took some time to learn all about one of the wonders of the seven seas... The Great Barrier Reef! Using Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet as a reference we looked at the amazing wonder of the world and linked our English by learning about its current problems.

Computing - ONLINE SAFETY WEEK - We looked at how and why content creators post videos online on platforms such as YouTube and investigated the use of adverts in and around these videos to find out why they are included.


Here are some of our amazing pieces of artwork from this week:


Meet the Journalists from the St Andrew's Echo!

Week Beginning 26th April 2021


Just another typical week in Charlie's Champions... Amazing attitudes, bags of energy and maximum perseverance! Here's what we have got up to this week:


Our English this week has taken us deeper into the story of "the creature". We became journalists to help us get into character and interviewed some eyewitnesses!


On Tuesday we had a slightly different art lesson as we jumped into the Blue Abyss project, we turned the dining room into our very own under the sea canvas by drawing some creatures from the big blue! We managed to have a look at a wide variety of fish including gurnards, plaice, crabs and oysters! We studied them carefully using our observational skills and then attempted to draw them in as much detail as possible.


See you next week!

Week  Beginning 19th April 2021


What an amazing week back! The children have all been amazing, their attitude and effort have made my first full week back so easy and enjoyable! Let me tell you a little about what we got up to this last week:


Maths - We've continued our work on fractions (and will be for a while yet). However, this week we have learned about improper fractions, mixed numbers and learned how to count in fractions using both of these. It hasn't been easy but the children have done an amazing job with it.


English - Our new writing unit for this half term is called "The Creature", this will have us focusing on Newspaper reports! We have put on our reporter hats and looked into the amazing (and heartbreaking) story of the mysterious creature that washed up on a Cornish beach. To help us think like a newspaper reporter we have taken apart a newspaper article and put it back together, assessing each part.


PE -  Our PE focus for this half term is cricket. We had a superb introductory lesson from Miss Middleton from Premier Sports on the MUGA. I know for a fact the children impressed her with their incredible attitudes!


Science - This week we have looked at grouping and classifying a wide variety of aquatic life. 


Computing - This week we used the LOGO program to look at making our turtle move and turn. This involved us knowing our degrees amount for turns as well as learning some of the back language to instruct it!


See you!