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Autumn Term Updates

Wow! What a full week we have had this week! We have discovered water beads and have spent hours playing with them in the water tray and the tuff spot; looking at all of the wonderful colours and feeling them between our fingers. We even discovered that they bounce really well too!


We are now experts at finding our names and placing them on our self-register board and some of us have been practising writing our names for the board.


In our outside area, we have had a wonderful time playing on the bikes and scooters and Mrs Dubowski drew a road for us to follow. We decided what things we needed for our road such as pelican crossings, traffic lights, little roundabouts and stop signs. 


We have another exciting week planned next week which we're really looking forward to.

Another fun-filled and active week in the Tiny Tiddlers. We've been on a treasure hunt finding different objects outside and counting them as part of our maths focus groups. In Phonics, we have enjoyed bringing stories and rhymes to life by adding different sounds and have enjoyed looking at different instruments and how they sound.


We have really enjoyed our new writing area in the classroom and the new resources there. We much prefer sitting on the floor or walking around with a clipboard and pens than sitting at a table to write, and our new area for our small world play gives us so much more room to play.


We have also spent a lot of time enjoying the outside and have created lots of new things with the large wooden blocks, including an obstacle course with ramps and beams.


We look forward to another week. Enjoy your weekend Tiny Tiddlers and see you on Monday.


First Weeks with the Tiny Tiddlers.


We've had such a full few weeks of term settling into Nursery and getting used to new teachers and new routines. The children have done really well and I'm very excited for the new term and the new year as we have lots of exciting things planned for the children. Those children who are staying for dinner are coping really well at lunchtime in the hall with the other children in school. We have two fabulous dinner supervisors helping our children during this time and supervising them back in Nursery during the lunch hour.


We've started our topic of Marvellous Me, making self portraits using natural found materials and also made stick men to represent ourselves. We've enjoyed singing rhymes about different parts of our body and have spent time naming them.


We will be sending home a Marvellous Me booklet for you and your child to fill in together so that we can share them at school as part of our topic.


As always, thank you for your continued support.