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Summer Term Updates

W/B 24/6/2019


I am very proud of the Gruffalos this week as we have worked their socks off.  We have had our amazing sports day. We all did so well, competing in every race in front of lots of parents. We all had so much fun and thank you to everyone who came and supported us. We also came to school dressed up in our sports clothes to bring in donations for our Summer Fayre. We all looked amazing and have some amazing Tombola prizes. Then... as if that wasn't enough, on Friday, we took part in our sponsored walk, wearing bright colours, we walked around our school field four times, which meant we had walked a mile. As well as all this, we have still been writing amazing stories, and taken part in phonics and maths lessons.  We have worked so hard this week and we are very tired little Gruffalos, but I am very proud of them and we look forward to bump up day next week. 

W/B 17/6/19


What an amazing week we have had this week! We have been busy looking anything and everything to do with animals! On Wednesday we had the most amazing day when we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The weather was on our side and we had so much fun exploring and seeing all the different animals. I am so proud of the Gruffalos, they were so well behaved and looked after each other throughout the school trip. We loved seeing the Otters and the Polar bears, swimming in the water, which meant we could talk all about our topic splish, splash, splosh and we talked all about how the animal use the water for lots of different reasons and we loved using our map skills to read the park map to find out which animals we would go a see next.  We then used everything we had gained from our school trip and put this into our writing. We wrote all about our day, we said what our favourite animal was and why? We wrote about what we loved and enjoyed doing the most on the school trip and we also drew/painted our favourite animal from the trip. 


Next week it is sports day! We will be getting lots of practice in, in the next week. 

W/B 10/6/2019

This week we have carried on our theme all about pirates and we have been fully immersed with everything to do with Pirates. We have dressed up as Pirates, pretended to find buried treasure, made our own messages in bottles, created and followed our own old treasure maps, painted pirate ships, painted pirate faces and re-told anad wrote our own pirate stories. We have be so busy being pirates! 


On Wednesday we had a very special day, where a theatre company called 'Tutti-Frutti' came in and put on a performance for us called, 'Yellow is the colour of sunshine'. The show was all about two friends, who had to communicate through British Sign Language, and how they learnt to share and play together. We learnt some BSL and loved the performance. 


We are super excited for next week as we will be going on our school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We can not wait and are praying the weather will be nice and sunny for us! 

W/B: 3/6/2019


Our first week back!!! This week we have been learning all about Pirates in our new topic 'Splish, Splash, Splosh'. We have read the story Pirates Love Underpants and we have been very busy being Pirates. Creating our own pirate stories and re-telling it in the water area. Building a Pirate ship out of junk boxes, painting pirate ships, making telescopes, and reading magic works on pirate treasure. In Literacy we have been writing all about Pirates and if we were Pirates, what would we do and what  would we wear? In Maths this week we have been looking at Number Problems. Finding out what the number problem is asking us to do, what information we need to take from it and what resources we need to help us solve it?


Next week we are looking forward to having a theatre company come in to perform for us!!!

W/B 13/05/2019


This week we have been learning all about Vets. We have had Doctor Cook come in to talk to us all about being a Vet and what she has to do as a Vet. She showed us lots of photos of the Vets she works at and all the animals she has to look after. We also got to compare the teeth of different animals and decide which teeth were the healthy teeth and which teeth were the unhealthy teeth. In our continuous provision this week we have been painting pictures of our pets, looking at the print of different animals skin, fur and scales and washing and grooming different animals in the water area. We have also been researching, how to look after our own pets and then writing about it. Next week we will be looking at superheros and how they help us.

W/B 6/5/2019


This week we have been learning all about Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals. We have been looking into what they do, what they wear and how they look after people.  We have been very lucky this week to have been visited by two special visitors to give us a small insight into their jobs. Firstly, we had Doctor Singh who came to talk to us all about his role as a GP and how he helps make people better. He brought in lots of his equipment that he uses. The children got to try the stethoscope on each other, listening for each others heart beats and some children even got their temperature checked. We then got a visit from P.C. Bennett, who told us all about her role as a police officer. We asked her lots of questions about what she has to do, what she wears and why she wanted to be a police officer. We got to listen to her radio and she even gave us some of her special gloves and police cards for us to use in our very own police station. 


We are very excited for next week as we will have two more visitors in, to talk about how they help us. 

W/B 29/4/2019


This week we have been learning all about the Police. We have researched through books, ipads and the computer what they do, what they wear and what transport they use. We have drawn pictures, created our own wanted posters, made our own police badges and used our own fingerprints to catch criminals. We have also been lucky enough to have our own police station in the classroom and have been busy playing in their, pretending to be police men and woman.


In Literacy this week we have been writing all about what we want to be when we are older, we had some amazing careers such as, vets, doctors, firemen and builders. In Maths this week we have been looking at tricky numbers, practicing their formation and recognosining them.


We can not wait for two visitors to come and see us next week in class to learn all about their job. We hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday and we will see you all Tuesday 7th May. 

W/B 23/04/2019


I hope you all had the best Easter holidays and I know you were all very lucky and received lots of Easter eggs. Our topic this term is 'People who help us'. This week our focus was Firefighters and we were so lucky to be visited by a fire engine and 6 fire men! We got to explore the fire engine and ask a lot of questions. We even got to hold some of their uniform such as the helmet and gloves. We spent all week investigating, learning about and writing all about firefighters. In literacy we focused on the fire engine and we wrote all about what it does and what it looks like. We had a competition to paint a fire engine and we also used hose pipes in our water area just like the real firefighter do. We look forward to finding out what next weeks career will be...