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Meet the Staff



Mrs Amanda Williams - Head Teacher


Mr Ian Snelling - Year 6/Deputy Head/Assessment 


Miss Lindsey Guest - Year 1 & 2/FS and KS1 Lead/English


Mrs Christine Turner - SENCo


Mr Nathan Stone - Year 3 & 4/KS2 Lead/Computing




Mrs Kate Dubowski - Foundation One/History


Mrs Faye McLaren - Foundation One


Mrs Elizabeth Herriot - Foundation Two/History/Music


Miss Grace Wheatley - Foundation Two


Mrs Emma Collison-Hornsby - Year 1/PE


Miss Dominique Gale - Year 1 & 2


Mrs Sara Klapkowski - Year 2/RE and Collective Worship


Miss Lucy Durant - Year 3 (Maternity Cover)


Mrs Rebecca Robinson - Year 3 (currently on maternity leave)/MFL

Mrs Nicola Wakeland - Year 3 (currently on maternity leave)/Art & Design/D&T


Mr James Cook - Year 4/Science


Miss Mollie Beeden - Year 5


Miss Katie Loker - Year 5 & 6/Maths


Mrs Katie Wright - Year 6 (currently on maternity leave)/Science




Mrs Rachel Smith - Foundation 1 Support


Mrs Rebecca Turner - Foundation 1 Support


Mrs Jamie-Lee Gelsthorpe - Foundation 1 Support


Miss Louise Allatt - Foundation 2 Support


Mrs Cathy Salmon - Foundation 2 Support


Mrs Jayne Lynk - Foundation 2 Support


Miss Dawn Hart - Key Stage 1 Support


Mrs Sarah Kinsey - Key Stage 1 Support


Mr Simon Green - Key Stage 1 Support


Mrs Helen Halfpenny - Lower Key Stage 2 Support


Miss Helen O'Hara - Lower Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Louise Smith - Lower Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Lisa Clarke - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Julie Cobb - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Alison Webb - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Deb Forman - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Amanda Shaw - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Miss Laura Marshall - Upper Key Stage 2 Support


Mrs Emma Barnes - ELSA and Special Needs Support




Mrs Kath Sidwell - Business Manager and Site Manager


Mrs Julia Benford - Admin Assistant


Miss Abbey Thacker - Office Support


Mr Mark Winnals - Assistant Site Manager



Mrs Juliet Parkes (Kitchen Supervisor) 

Mrs Elaine Worrell

Mrs Stacey Hunter

Mrs Tracey Jeacock


Mrs Linda Mannix (Senior Midday Supervisor)


Mrs Jill Townsend


Mrs Joanne Morley


Mrs Margaret Reid 


Mrs Claire Gilder


Mrs Linda Murfin


Mrs Mandy Pritchard


Mrs Lisa Bradley


Mrs Claire Burton


Mrs Louise Sommerfield


Miss Vicky Watson


Mrs Gemma Fleet