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Summer Term Updates

w/e 21.06.19

This week, we have really enjoyed our story of Bright Stanley. He is a fish who has such bright scales that they almost glow in the water. He wakes up one morning and finds that his shoal is nowhere to be seen. He remembers that this was the day that they were supposed to meet and move onto cooler waters for the summer. Stanley goes to look for them and finds a lobster counting coins and then a shark who wants to eat him! He manages to escape and finds himself in a deep dark cave. Just as he thinks that he will never find his shoal again, he sees a bright light ahead and lo and behold, his shoal. They had been searching for him just as he'd been searching for them.

We really engaged with the story and were rooting for Stanley as he made his escape from the shark.

We spent the week using different techniques and materials to create characters from the story including collage, drawing and painting. For our Understanding of the World, we took a closer look at sea creatures, identifying them and discussing the special features of each. We found out that sharks have more than one set of teeth and that seahorses are all different colours and sizes and the male seahorse can bear the baby seahorses! We talked about how turtles come from the sea to the beach to lay their eggs and that they bury them in the sand. We talked about how, when the eggs hatched, the baby turtles had to make their own way to the sea.

We counted out fish crackers and fed them to the shark, counting how many were in the shark's mouth and how many were left in the sea. Some of us counted 1:1 and found the number on a number line whilst others created a number sentence. Once the activity was finished, we became the shark and ate the fish crackers ourselves...yum!

We made the most of the sunshine towards the end of the week, spending milk and fruit time outside and enjoying den building, making ramps for the cars and seeing how far the car would travel, practising our hand-eye co-ordination using bats and balls and making the most of our new enchanted woods.

w/e 14.06.19

Firstly, we are so happy to welcome back Mrs Smith from her maternity leave! The children who knew her before she left are over the moon to see her back and she has made a great impression on the rest of us!

Our book this week has been The Rainbow Fish and we have so enjoyed learning about his adventure and the lessons he learned about sharing. We have made our own rainbow fish using tissue paper. We have them in the nursery window right now and, when the sun shines on them, they look so colourful just like the rainbow fish in our story. We learnt two songs about the Rainbow Fish which we really enjoyed.

One of the characters in our story is an octopus and we have used this character in our maths, drawing suckers on the long tentacles to match numbers. We have identified numbers from 1-10. We have pegged individual letters to make our name on our own fish.

We have had a special performance from a production company called Tutti Frutti. They performed a story called Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine. We loved the story told, the dance, the costumes and the characters. We are very proud of ourselves as we sat and watched it the whole way through which was 50 minutes in total! Some of us chose to watch it again in the afternoon too!

w/e 8.06.19

Our new topic this term is Splish Splash Splosh and what better way to start our topic than to read and enjoy our own class book, Tiddler. We really enjoyed re-visiting our character and talking about the events of the story and what our character got up to.

We continued our Read Write Ink phonics program with our older children ready for F2, which is just around the corner now!

We enjoyed counting fish into a bowl and identifying the correct number and some of us added 2 lots of fish together to find the total. We sang lots of songs about fish and sea creatures.

Next week, we will be continuing our journey under the sea with a new story all about a multi-coloured fish. I wonder which story that will be?

w/e 17.05.19

We are so happy that the sunshine has finally made an appearance and we have been able to enjoy outside for much longer this week. We have had lots of fun finding different ways of having fun in the sun and even made a song up about it!

We still continued to learn about all the people who help us and have learnt about doctors and vets - those who help us and our animals. We talked about the different ways a doctor or a vet can help and some of the instruments they use. We have enjoyed our new small world area toys which included an ambulance and other services who help us.

We are steaming ahead with our phonics sessions and are working everyday with our counting and adding together.

There has been a lot happening in our outside area so that we have lots of new and exciting things to play with next week and all the weeks to come. We are really excited about the change which is going to happen and hope for more sunshine next week so we can get out there and experience it fully!

w/e 10.05.19

We have had a busy week finding out about the people who help us. We had a visit from a police officer and some of us even dressed up as a police officer. The uniform they wear is heavier than you think!

We talked about and found out about the different kinds of jobs a police officer does, including how they can help traffic move smoothly when there has been an accident or the traffic lights have broken. We also thought about how we should be safe crossing a road and the safe places to cross, such as a zebra crossing and pelican crossing. We thought about crossing safely with the green man.

We did lots of counting in maths both adding on and taking away and some of us have moved onto the new phonics program Read, Write, Ink and doing a fabulous job.

w/e 3.05.19

We have had a very full week finding out about our new topic of 'People Who Help Us.' We have thought about all of the different ways the firefighters can help us. We had a visit from the firefighters last week along with their fire engine and we learnt about what kinds of tools and equipment were on their engine and also thought about how we can stay safe.

We drew on that knowledge this week as we discussed the firefighters' uniform and what they used their tools for. We also talked about what we needed to do if there was a fire in our home or at school in order to stay safe. Some of us knew what number to call if there was a fire or emergency. We really enjoyed painting firefighters and fire engines and did a fabulous job of it too!

Some of us have started the Read, Write, Ink phonics program to get us ready for the start of F2 which is just weeks away now.

In our maths, we have looked at different sized firefighter ladders and put them in order from the shortest to the longest.