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Spring Term Updates

w/e 29.03.19


We've had such a busy week this week, enjoying the sunshine at every opportunity!

We have shared the story of Little Red Riding Hood and thought about all of the different foods we can fill her basket with to take to Grandma's house. We have tried new foods also... some we have enjoyed and others not so much, but we have taken the plunge and tried each one! We have each tried cucumber, red pepper, kiwi, mango, spinach and mushroom. The last two were not as popular as the others!

Some of us have created number sentences using Grandma's basket of food. We have counted food into the basket and thought about different numbers that make 5 and 10.

During phonics, we have been segmenting and blending CVC words; thinking about rhyming words and initial sounds in words. We have also been focusing on our letter of the week 'a'.  Our letter of the week next week will be 'd'.

We have been thinking about events in the story and mapping them out on paper.

We have finally planted our beanstalks and placed them into pots ready to take home next week. Hopefully, they will become tall and strong like Jack's beanstalk.


w/e 15.03.19

This week we have been continuing our topic of Once Upon a Time with the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have enjoyed making the three pigs and the big bad wolf using paint and collage. We have thought about the different houses and made them using various materials.

We have enjoyed investigating which materials could be blown and moved by wind and those that can't and we made a chart to show this. We used materials such as pom poms, wooden bricks, foam bricks, paper, tissue paper, plastic construction tower and feathers. We talked about why some would move when blown and some wouldn't and came up with some interesting observations.

In maths, we have counted on by placing the larger number in our heads and counting on the smaller number using our fingers to help. We have thought about what each number looks like and have found those numbers in the environment.

We have re-told the story of the Three Little Pigs and can sequence the events of the story.

We are enjoying our topic this term and look forward to our next story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

w/e 8.03.19

We have had a very busy and fun filled week. We have enjoyed our whole school story (Grandad's Secret Giant) about a helpful giant who hid himself from everyone because he was afraid that they would be scared of him. In the end, he got what he always wanted...a friend!

During the week, we have drawn a self portrait, thinking about all of our features right down to our feet and fingers! We have done an amazing job and they will be part of our own mural in the Quiet Room.

We have thought about shapes and found them on the giant's clothes. We have thought about all the feelings the giant and Billy had throughout the book and then thought about our own feelings and what makes us happy, sad, excited. Some of us thought about when we are worried or feeling brave.

Our best day was when we got to dress up as our favourite book character. We came as Belle, Wally from Where's Wally, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Moana, Spiderman, a skeleton from the book Funnybones, the ladybird from What the Ladybird Heard and we had both characters from the story The Scarecrow's Wedding! We had so many more that they are too numerous to list! It was very cold and windy for our parade but we managed it with a smile on our faces - most of the time, at least! Next week, we will be continuing our theme on Once Upon a Time with a favourite of ours  - The Three Little Pigs.


Drawing self portraits for our mural

Drawing self portraits for our mural.

.       Cutting up fruit for pancake day.

Dressing up as our favourite character from a book for World Book Day.

w/e 1.03.19

We have had a fabulous first week back and a great introduction to our new topic of Once Upon a Time with the all time favourite Jack and the Beanstalk. We really enjoyed reading the story and re-telling it at story time and through our role play.

On our creative table, we made a giant by drawing around one of the children then using tissue paper to collage his clothing and hair and then added paint and other materials for other parts of his body. He now stands proudly on our display board ready for our beanstalk and other characters from the story to join him. We used colour mixing and printing to make our beanstalk and leaves and will be making the giant's castle at the top of the beanstalk.

We have started our 'letter of the week' this week too, which is the letter 's'. We have thought about the sound it makes and thought of many different words beginning with that sound. We have also practised writing the letter using the saying 'slither down the snake' as we write it in the air and on the back of our friends with our 'magic pen'.

During maths, we have counted beans, thinking carefully about the number 10. We have also used the beans to

plant so that we can grow our own beanstalk and maybe find our own castle at the top!  

We have been very physical this week too as we have practised throwing and catching beanbags and playing target practise with them, as well as enjoying the beautiful sunshine we have had and just letting off steam!

Don't forget that next week is our Book Week and we're dressing up on Thursday as our favourite book character.

Measuring our friends

Measuring our friends 1
Measuring our friends 2
Measuring our friends 3
Measuring our friends 4

w/e 8.02.19


For part of our topic this week, we sponge painted polar bear faces and used boxes to make a sled which one of our characters from our book this week used to take the bear home to his mother.  We thought about all of the arctic animals we knew and then played a bingo game with them.

We used polar bear feet and reindeer feet to measure our friends to see how tall they were and we counted how many feet we used.

Our phonics groups are going really well and some of us are now thinking about blending simple CVC words, whilst others are rhyming or listening to sounds in our environment.

We are looking forward to our week off for half term as we have had a super busy half term. We are looking forward to our new topic too.

Feeding the Penguin

Feeding the Penguin 1
Feeding the Penguin 2
Feeding the Penguin 3

w/e 1.02.18

Our book this week was called Be Brave Little Penguin. It was about a penguin who thought he couldn't swim and was frightened to get into the water. Of course, when he tried, he realised that he could and he had the best time with his friends!

During this week, we have thought about different ways of travelling. We thought about how the penguin travels on land and in water, then we played a game where we travelled in many ways, speeds and heights! We learnt a new song called Beaks and Flippers and Webbed Feet which taught us different things about the penguin.

In maths, we fed the penguin fish; counting them out and then adding two numbers together to find the total. Some of us wrote the numbers and some even wrote a number sentence!

Making shape penguins

Making shape penguins 1
Making shape penguins 2

w/e 25.01.19

Our book this week was called Lost and Found. It is about a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep and, believing it is lost, tries to find its home. They travel to the south pole so that the penguin could go home but then the boy realises that the penguin wasn't lost, he was just lonely!

We really enjoyed our book this week and all of our activities around it. We made penguins using different shapes. We thought about how a penguin moves and we moved like them. We also tried to hold an egg on our feet as they do when they are looking after them. We looked more closely at the penguin and thought about what features they had and why they are important for the penguin. We found out that penguins are very fast in the water but very slow when walking on the snow.

During maths, we have been recognising and naming 2D shapes and using those shapes to create shape penguins which are proudly displayed in our maths area.

Counting Polar Bears

w/e 18.01.19

Our book this week is called Snow Bear which is about a polar bear who, after a long winter hibernating with his mother, explores his home and finds new friends.

This week we have been learning about the types of clothes we wear during winter and which clothes are best when it is cold and snowing outside. We have learnt new action songs about polar bears and counting songs about mittens and we remembered songs we learnt from last week too as we enjoyed them so much!

For maths, we counted polar bears on icebergs and tried to find out how many we would have if we added one more. Some of us also thought about how many would be in the iceberg if one went into the sea!

This week, we started our phonics and maths groups.

w/e 11.01.18


This week we have been settling back into Nursery after having a fabulous Christmas. Our new children have started and they are settling in beautifully and getting to know our routines and making new friends.

Our new topic is Winter Wonderland and this week we have been thinking about the kinds of weather we see during the winter months. We have been making snowflakes and learning new songs and rhymes about the snow and snowflake. We really enjoyed singing the Snowkey Pokey!

We have been thinking about what happens during winter and how we could see ice and icicles in different places around our outdoor area. We thought about what ice actually was and how it felt in our hands.

In maths, we counted out buttons for our mittens.