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Courageous Advocacy

‘Courageous advocacy’, is something that we seek to instil in all our pupils to help them develop a greater awareness of the challenges others face in life. We encourage our children to undersatnd how they, as individuals, can support causes that they care about. We help them to recognise that by doing so they can make a difference to our school community, our local community and to the wider world.  We take time to reflect upon and appreciate how fortunate we are to be part of our nurturing school environment, which allows us to live life in all it’s fullness and to 'push out into the deep' and flourish as individuals. We also take time to reflect on how others may not be as fortunate as ourselves, to pray for them and to consider how we can help them.


Supporting a wide number of charities, is part of life at St Andrew’s. Staff and children regularly support and organise fundraising events, with children taking an active part in suggesting and organising events of their own. 

In recent years we have organised a range of different fund-raising projects to support many good causes, including:

  • Donations in support of Ukraine;
  • Place2Be (supporting children’s mental health);
  • Our local foodbank;
  • Supporting homeless charities through The Sock Appeal;
  • Comic Relief;
  • Children in Need;
  • Macmillan;
  • The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. 

At St Andrew's, we teach our children about what it means to belong to a local and global community and the responsibility that brings.  Our school community and our curriculum actively embraces a responsibility for the world we live in.