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Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Remote Learning

This code of conduct outlines what we expect of pupils and parents/carers during remote learning.

Much of this echoes our expectations of pupils in lessons when in school and all of it is designed to help pupils gain the most benefit from online learning.

Parents/Carers must read the following information and then complete the form below to confirm they agree to this code of conduct. St Andrew's will not be held responsible for any incidents that occur if the code of conduct has not been followed.


  • Myself and my parents/carers, will check my Dojo and Seesaw regularly to keep track of online sessions and learning.
  • I understand that my teacher will only be available between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • I will only use Seesaw, Dojo and Zoom as directed by the teacher and will only upload material that  is related to my learning.
  • I will not take photos of my screen or record videos or interactions in any way (including Dojo, Seesaw and Zoom). 
  • I will make sure that my communication in the online learning environment (Dojo, Seesaw, Purple Mash and Zoom) is always supportive of my learning and the learning and wellbeing of others.
  • I understand that my parent/carer is responsible for logging into Zoom and the meeting details.
  • During any live sessions, my parent/carer must be present in the room or in the next room with the door open so they can see and hear everything that is happening during the live session.
  • If taking part in a live sessions I will make sure that...
    - my environment is quiet and free from distractions
    - the background (and foreground) is appropriate and as neutral as possible (please be mindful of what is visible behind you/in front of you)
    - I am appropriately dressed
    - I remain attentive

Remember what we always say about social media, when you type something, ‘it’s always there and you can’t take it back’. So be careful of what you say and write on ALL of our online learning platforms.