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Our intent is to provide our children with a creative, captivating and challenging curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow. As Jesus said to Andrew, "Push Out into the Deep" (Luke 5:4), we encourage children to take risks and build their resilience in all aspects of school life.


Our Intent:

Our intent is to provide our children with a creative, captivating and challenging curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow. As Jesus said to Andrew, "Push Out into the Deep" (Luke 5:4), we encourage children to take risks and build their resilience in all aspects of school life.

At St Andrew’s C of E Primary and Nursery School, we ensure that our children receive a full and enriched curriculum that is underpinned by the school's Christian Values. As a staff we have given careful consideration to our children and tailored a curriculum to meet their needs; offering additional experiences and activities which complement their current opportunities and statutory rights. 

Ultimately, our curriculum intent is to help us to fulfil our school’s vision of helping all of our children to believe in themselves, push the boundaries of their learning and to reach their full potential in order that they are well prepared for the next step in their education and life beyond school.  We inspire our children with exciting cross-curricular topics and interesting, challenging lessons so that they enjoy learning and develop high aspirations for the future.


General Principles:

Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

  • learn and demonstrate the school's Christian Values of Respect, Forgiveness, Trust, Thankfulness, Courage and Love
  • see clear links between different aspects of their learning
  • experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning
  • develop a rich and deep subject knowledge



Children leave St Andrew's as happy, caring and confident individuals who know how to keep safe and who do well across all subjects. They have developed a love of reading, maths and science and have high aspirations for the future.

St Andrew's Curriculum Plan (Cycle A and Cycle B)

What is the Cornerstones Curriculum?

The Cornerstones Curriculum is a creative and thematic approach to learning that is mapped to the 2014 primary national curriculum to ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. It is based on a child-centred pedagogy called The Four Cornerstones and is delivered through Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) and Knowledge Rich Projects (KRPs), which provide a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning activities that make creative links between all aspects of children’s learning. We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum provides many learning challenges throughout the academic year that require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively. Cornerstones also provide a rigorous skills and knowledge framework that outlines the end of year expectations in all subjects. These skills and knowledge are tied to activities and are age-related so that staff can track children’s progress and identify their individual learning needs

Phonics at St Andrew's

We use the Read, Write Inc Phonics scheme to teach phonics.

Take a look at the Phonics website for ideas you can do at home to help.

Reading at St Andrew's

The main reading scheme we use is Accelerated Reader (AR). It is a reading management and monitoring programme that aims to foster independent reading. The internet-based software assesses reading age, and suggests books that match pupils' needs and interests. Pupils take computerised quizzes on the books and earn AR points as they progress.

Maths at St Andrew's

At St Andrew’s, we will provide a curriculum which caters for the needs of all individuals and sets them up with the necessary skills and knowledge for them to become successful in the next step of their academic journey and future careers. We aim to prepare them to be successful problem solvers of the future. Through the White Rose Maths scheme we incorporate sustained levels of challenge through varied and high quality activities with a focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Religious Education at St Andrew’s CofE Primary and Nursery School

At St Andrew’s CofE Primary and Nursery School, we teach RE by following the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus and this is supported by further teaching from Understanding Christianity. The teaching of RE at St Andrew’s makes links to other areas of the curriculum, particularly PSHE as we promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development. We want our children to consider British Values such as tolerance and respect for other who hold different world views and ultimately we want to equip our children with skills to help them ‘push out into the deep’. Our Religious Education is taught progressively throughout school on a two year cycle to ensure that knowledge and skills are built on and developed

Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus 2021-2026 - ‘RE for All’

The Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus confirms what must be taught in RE within Nottinghamshire schools.

Using this Agreed Syllabus for RE enables our children to discover more about religion as well as other world views as we help them to apply their learning to a range of topics. Our children are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. They could also receive visitors to school sharing a range of religious viewpoints and undertake their own visits to varied places of worship, COVID permitting.

The aim of the Agreed Syllabus is that pupils in Nottinghamshire will know about and understand a range of religions and worldviews. They will express ideas and insights of their own into the significant human questions which religions address, gaining and deploying the skills needed to study religion.

This new syllabus will be implemented in schools from September 2021.

Understanding Christianity

At St Andrew’s we use an additional resource, Understanding Christianity, to support our teaching of the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus. The key purpose of Understanding Christianity is to help our teachers support pupils in developing their own thinking and their own understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. As a church school, we aim to see pupils leave school with a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice.

For any further information regarding our curriculum, please contact school (see contact details) and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you.