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Autumn Term Updates

WC: 19/12/22 - 21/12/22

It’s Christmas! Well almost, and this week Beavers have been acting as though it is Christmas. We have made Christmas cards for our families and baubles for the tree, played party games and danced at the disco. We’ve watched Christmas films with popcorn in our own private cinema classroom as well as heading to Church for the carol service. It’s been a brilliant last week of term and I just want to thank everyone for their hard work this term. Have a very merry Christmas. 

WC: 12/12/22 - 16/12/22

This week we were extremely lucky to have Mr Donnelly come in to visit us and share his immense knowledge with us. He was also kind enough to bring in an array of replica and authentic artefacts to look at and try on. Everyone was buzzing about the experience and asked some really interesting and insightful questions. We also had our Evacuee day this week where we were all evacuated to the local church hall before being billeted to new families. The children loved the experience especially when the air raid siren went off and they had to quickly put their gas mask on and find shelter. 

WC: 5/12/22 - 9/12/22 

We loved our wellbeing time this week as we focused on playdough play during all our sessions and created loads of cool creatures, foods and items. This week we have thought about Evolution, discussed the true meaning of Christmas and began to create templates for our phone cases. In History we looked at the life and significance of Anne Frank and thought how we might have felt in her shoes. 

WC: 28/11/22 - 2/12/22

Another super exciting week in school, we began our Christmas celebrations in school this week with a trip to Mansfield’s Pantomine to see the return of Captain Hook. We had a wonderful time and everyone showed just how fantastic St Andrew’s pupils are. Our Y5’s continued their outdoor adventure project in PE and we made rice crispy cakes for the Christmas Fayre. 

WC: 21/11/22 - 25/11/22

WOW what a busy busy exciting week. Firstly we watched the England match and everyone was very pleased when we won. What a brilliant start to the World Cup. This week we began to think about how the Second World War may have started for this we took part in some outdoor learning and enjoyed a fact scavenger hunt around the school grounds. We also thought about the types of weapons and technology used throughout the war, we created some of our own spitfire planes and thought about which role we’d have liked to have had in the Lancashire Bomber Squad. 

WC: 14/11/22 - 18/11/22

We have had a quieter week in Beavers however we have all still really enjoyed the week. We took part in some mindfulness yoga where we practised our tree pose. Year 5 explored the school grounds using a orienteering map and were extremely successful completing their challenges. We took time to think about what culture is and how culture relates to different countries around the world. Additionally we introduced our World Cup sweepstake and each child now has a country to support besides England. 

WC: 7/11/22 - 11/11/22

This week we continued to discover more about penguins especially the fascinating facts about blubber and the incredible way it helps penguins to survive. Our favourite part of this week was our experiment in English where we investigated how fat would insulate our hands from the ice and compared this to a penguins blubber. 

WC: 31/10/22 - 4/11/22

Returning back from half term we have been on full speed since our return. This week we have introduced our new Christian value for this half term - Forgiveness. We also started to think about designing our phone cases S well as looking at penguins in Antarctica as part of our new English project. We were also extremely excited to have a go on our new school trim trail and can’t wait for the summer to use it even more often!

WC: 10/10/22 - 14/10/22

We have been exceptionally busy as we approach half term,  completing our polished pieces and celebrating the harvest festival at church. This week we also celebrated world mental health day and spent a lot of time talking about the importance of being aware of our mental health and discussing strategies we can use both in and out of school.

WC: 3/10/22 - 7/10/22

This week we have looked at the key events of WW1, thought about what makes a healthy heart and the ways we can care for our hearts, created some bunting to represent our human/child rights. We enjoyed some more of our well-being time using CBBC’s Supermovers to get our bodies moving. We also heard our Y6 children give their speeches for sports house captains. 

WC: 26/9/22 - 30/9/22

This week we have really started to enjoy our work looking at the mysterious Nowhere Emporium and trying to discover what happened to the people who visited.  We also created and explored models of the cells which make up blood, learning about each of their functions and why they are important. 

WC: 19/9/22 - 23/9/22

This week we had to be incredibly brave and outgoing in Brilliant  Beavers, we disceted hearts in Science looking at the main veins and artieries. We also took part in Mansfield town pentalty shoot out which was extremely close.but enjoyed by everyone who took part. 

WC: 12/9/22 - 16\9\22

This week we really got into the swing of being in Y5/6, In English a mysterious door appeared which we created role plays and dramas to share our ideas about how a character might react to a sudden appearance. In Geography we started thinking about the countries, seas and capitals which make up Europe. By the end of the week our mystery door had opened and we investigated the kinds of things we might be able to smell. Butterscotch was a clear favourite. 

WC: 5/9/22 - 9/9/22

It’s been fantastic to be back at school and to have our class all together, this week we really focused on building our resilience through lots of team challenges. We built planes, robots, beavers and much more out of Lego. In art we attempted to draw scenes using our partners description only which we found tricky at first but became much better at by the end. We also had a really challenging treasure hunt and although we didn’t find the treasure stolen by Captain Hook we did show friendship, team work, great communication and plenty of resilience. It’s been great to be back in school and all be together. It’s going to be a fab year 🎉