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Autumn Term Updates

WC: 12/9/22 - 16\9\22


This week we really got into the swing of being in Y5/6, In English a mysterious door appeared which we created role plays and dramas to share our ideas about how a character might react to a sudden appearance. In Geography we started thinking about the countries, seas and capitals which make up Europe. By the end of the week our mystery door had opened and we investigated the kinds of things we might be able to smell. Butterscotch was a clear favourite. 

WC: 5/9/22 - 9/9/22


It’s been fantastic to be back at school and to have our class all together, this week we really focused on building our resilience through lots of team challenges. We built planes, robots, beavers and much more out of Lego. In art we attempted to draw scenes using our partners description only which we found tricky at first but became much better at by the end. We also had a really challenging treasure hunt and although we didn’t find the treasure stolen by Captain Hook we did show friendship, team work, great communication and plenty of resilience. It’s been great to be back in school and all be together. It’s going to be a fab year 🎉