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Autumn Term Updates

Autumn Term 2


What a lovely first few weeks we have had back at school so far!


Here are just a few of the things we have been up to: 

  • Learning colours and numbers to 10 in French.
  • Wriitng persuasive descriptions about food in English.
  • Designing and making a working leaver and linkage in D&T.
  • Practising and refining our multiplication and division skills in maths,
  • Thinking about Incarnation and The Holy Trinity in RE.
  • Discussing our thoughts and new information about the rainforest in Geography.


What a busy few weeks so far!

Autumn Term 1


We have been busy settling into our new class this term. Here is a snippet of the things we have been up to in just the first few weeks:


-Comparing the climate of the UK with the rainforests of South America.
- Completing our PE dance work inspired by kites.
- Thinking about how music impacts our lives in Music.
- Looking at different types of skeletons in Science.

- Consolidating our knowedlge of HTO in maths.

-Working on finding 1, 10 and 100 more and less than a given number in maths,

-Writing character descriptions in English.

-Learning how to say classroom instructions in French.

-Looking at sketching botanical plants in Art.


We have been having such a great time! 

Autumn 1 - 2023

What an amazing first half term we have had in Year 3 and 4 and what an incredible start the children have made to the year! We have enjoyed writing our own character descriptions in English with a focus on Fantastic Mr Fox. The children thought carefully about using expanded noun phrases and ensured that they used some fantastic word choices to really describe Mr Fox in their independent work. In the wider curriculum, we have worked hard on our Geography work all about rainforests. We have used atlases to explore the countries of South America, written post cards whilst pretending we were in a rainforest ourselves and enjoyed creating actions to help us remember the different layers of the rainforests. ‘Beautiful Botanicals’ has been our art focus for this half term and it is safe to say we have loved it! We started off by sketching fruits, vegetables and plants in our sketchbooks by viewing them from different angles. We then worked up to exploring with printing using different colours, leaves and experimenting with positioning the leaves at different angles. Finally, we used our previous skills and knowledge to create our very own prints. We thought carefully about what worked well during our explore time and took these elements forward with us to create our very own final print. In computing, we have enjoyed exploring spreadsheets, learning about the People of God in RE and have focused on exploring our goals and achievements in our PSHE lessons. The children have also enjoyed many exciting experiences this half term including our Y3 Hinduism day where the children learned more about Diwali, the Hindu gods and the story of Rama and Sita. They even got to enjoy some fantastic dancing and created some superb Rangoli patterns. The children also enjoyed using their senses to explore colours as part of our poetry work. We loved tasting a range of different fruits, smelling a range of different smells and feeling a range of different materials to really immerse ourselves in language and collect vocabulary for our own poetry work. Overall, a great start to our year in LKS2, you should all be incredibly proud of the fantastic start you have made!