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Spring Term Updates

Class Update - Week Beginning 20th March 2023


Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.


As you might expect, Charlie's Champions have had yet another superb week. The children have been a credit to themselves and also to the school. In a jam-packed week we managed to:


- Complete our Spring assessments (showing an incredible attitude).

- Plan our independent English reports in English/geography.

- Work on our forehand and backhand in tennis.

- Create our initial designs in D&T (ready to make our bread next week).


Think Tank - The children had an incredible time at  Think Tank in Birmingham. We explored everything from aircraft and steam engines to intestines and taste buds - and even emotional robots! Make sure you check out some of the pictures!


See you next week!


Class Update - Week Beginning 13th March 2023


Learning is a Treasure That  Will Follow its Owner Everywhere!


This week we had a real push on completing our sentence stacking lessons in English. We looked at expert views and negative effects of natural distasters in more and less developed countries. We also looked at peer pressure and the emotional stress it can put on a person in PSHE and learnt how to say different pet names in French.


We also continued with our work on 'The Great British Bread Off' in D&T, this week we created our very own success criteria for the project and even had a go at making salt dough to attempt some prototypes of our very own!



See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 6th March 2023


We've had a great week in Class 5, we learned all about  the 'Ring of Fire' in geography and all about  IF statements in coding. The Y4s had a great trip to Southwell Minster (although it was cut short to ensure we beat the snow), when we got back we got back together and all looked at the wonderful book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' and learnt how to 'read' a picture!



I think a number of the children will remember this week for their first ever snow day! It was great to recieve so many pictures of the children making the most of the weather!


See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 2th February 2023


Mother Earth Is Weeping (Book Week)


This week, the children have been taking part in various activities to celebrate Book Week. Our ‘Mother Earth Is Weeping’ text proved popular, focusing on a different element of environmental trouble. Each class  focused on a different element, completing lots of lovely activities around their story. We wrote poems, shared our favourite books and created some beautiful artwork. 


On Thursday, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters, it was great to see both the children in the parade showing all of their costumes off! Afterwards, we joined our buddy class, the Mighty Moles for a lovely reading session!


Charlie's Champions were given the task of finding out all about deforestation for the week. Throughout, we have learned all about why we cut down forests, before looking at the short term and long term consequences! We also wrote our very own diamond poems, some of us wrote an synonym-styled version whilst some of us looked at antonyms!


We ended the week all coming together in the hall to show off our amazing efforts throughout the week, really showing just how much St Andrew's cares about God's green world.


See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 20th February 2023


Never Stop Learning, Life Never Stops Teaching!


Another start to the term where Charlie's Champions have flown out of the blocks and hit the ground running. We have got so much done this week! Let me tell you all about it!


Maths - We have already completed units of measure, the children finished off the maths unit by learning how to find the missing lengths of rectilinear shapes as well as recalling what they knew about polygons to find their areas too!

English - We started learning all about earthquakes this week, looking at exisiting non-chronological reports in order to see what skills we will be mastering over the next few weeks.

PE (Tennis) - We started our next unit focusing on net and wall games with tennis being the focus. We learned how to take the ready stance as well as the proper grip for a tennis racquet. After we got the basics out of the way we looked at some pair rallies and basic racquet control!





As you can see from the pictures the children enjoyed an amazing afternoon... Charlie's Champions had the amazing opportunity to learn all about First Aid. They looked at and defined DR ABC, put each other into the recovery position, performed CPR and learned how to deal with choking using the Heimlich manoeuvre. 


See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 30th January 2023


Opportunities Don't Happen, You Create Them!


Hello everyone! Just like our quote of the week suggests, the children have made and nailed every single oppoetunity thrown their way this week! Here is what we got up to:


Maths - We actually started a new unit of maths this week, focusing on units of measure (mainly length).

English - We started to plan our own story based on the 'Star in the Jar', in our version our characters found something mysterious and let  their imaginations take hold!

Science - We learned all about how fossils are formed and ordered the stages.

Netball - We continued our work on passing but looked at the importance of footwork and making space for ourselves in a game situation.

History - We learned about Anglo Saxon and Viking Kings! From Edward the Confessor to King Harold (and his unfortunate arrow to the eye), any leader leading up to the beginning of William the Conqueror's Norman reign was covered.


See you next week!

Class Update - Week Beginning 23rd January 2023


Your Mind Is A Tool That Makes Life Through Learning


We have had yet another spectacular week of learning in Class 5, our well oiled machine has achieved so much in a small amount of time. This week we have learned all about how fossils are formed over millions of years, how to write emails safely and how to read and say addresses in French! This on top of our usual amazing work in English (completing our sentence stacking lessons about the Star in the Jar) and in Maths (multiplying 2d by 1d numbers and dividing 2d numbers by 1d numbers).


Here are some of our best bits caught on camera!


Music - We became composers this week, using Charanga's composing software to put our own music on top of the song Imagination. The children worked in pairs and were fabulous, I think we definitely have some future producers in school!



PE - Netball! From being musicians to becoming athletes, the children stepped up to the plate building on their passing skills and eventually moved onto some more competitive games. Firstly playing the classic 'piggy in the middle' before playing some larger team-based possession games!



See you next week!

Class 5 Update - Week Beginning 9th January 2023


Think Big. Trust Yourself. Make Something Happen.


What a week we have had! You would never have guessed that we have only been in school for 5 days with the amount of activities that have been going on in Class 5!


Maths - Lots of work on multiplication and division facts this week!

English - We continued our story about the 'Star in the Jar', this week Tom communicated with the other stars to try and send his home.

Science - We tested rock traits in order to group them. We tested durability, porousness and hardness as well as trying to identify groups by visual input.

Netball - We continued our work on passing, we made the step up to high passing and bounce passing and the situations in which they would be useful to us.

History - We learned about Anglo Saxon and Viking 'Law & Justice' this week, looking at the kinds of laws that were made and what the consequences of breaking them. Then comparing them to modern days.


See you next week!


Weekly Update - Week Beginning 9th January 2023


A Person Who Has Never Made A Mistake, Has Never Tried Anything At All!


What a fantasitc start...


Wow. What a fantastic start these amazing children have made to Spring Term this. Charlie's Champions have worked incredibly hard, listened exceptionally well and have settled back in brilliantly.


English - This week we continued our work with the story 'Star in the Jar', in the extracts we looked at this week out main character Tom was trying to find the star's owner (to no avail). In terms of writing skills, we looked at dialogue, fronted adverbials and punctuation!


Maths -  Back to normality, we picked up where we left off before Christmas with multiplication and division. This week we looked at factor pairs as well as multiplying by 10 & 100.


PE - Netball is this half term's focus! We started by focusing on the basics of passing: how to receive a pass and the 'W' hold in order to make effective chest passes.


History - The children had a treat on Thursday afternoon, they were lucky enough to have a history lessons taught by non other than our Viking Head Teacher! They learned all about  Viking life including houses, jobs and law!


Science - Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! The focus of our lesson this week was to learn about the different type of natural rock as well as different examples of human-made rock.


See you next week!