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Spring Term Updates

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have been learning all about the three little pigs. We have loved reading this book and have really enjoyed our small world area this week, set up with the three houses made of straw, sticks and bricks. We used the small world to re-tell the story, using phrases in our play, such as 'I'll huff and I'll puff'' and 'little pig, little pig let me come in'. We have made our own houses out of straw, sticks and bricks and we also used different construction resources in groups and had a competition to see who could build the strongest house. We have also been sequencing and writing out the three little pigs story in English talking about the beginning, middle and end. We have discussed typical fairy tale openings and endings for example. 'Once upon a time', and 'The End'. 


In Math's this week we have been learning all about subtraction. We have been blowing away and taking away the little pigs houses, taking away children and also writing out our own subtraction sentences, The Gruffalos are really good at subtraction now. 


Next week we will be reading and exploring the story, 'Cinderella'. 

W/B 2/3/2020

Book Week!!!!

This week has been book week and we have absolutely loved reading our whole school story, 'Manfish'. We have loved exploring the book and predicting what it is about. We have thought about and created all the sea creatures in the book for example, fish, jelly fish, crabs, sharks, stingrays and puffer fish. We have made our own porthole pictures and became inventors just like Jacques Cousteau when we made our own boats, like his Calypso boat. We tested them out in our water area to see if they would float and discussed which materials were waterproof. We have made our own class poem about bubbles and wrote are own. We have also all wrote a message in bottles about what we can see, in the sea. On Thursday, world book day, we all looked incredible in our costumes based on a FANTASTIC word.  We had some super words like, 'curious, hero, terrible, bright and indecisive.' Well done Gruffalos!

Next week we look forward to reading 'The Three Little Pigs'. Please check Dojo for our weekly words. 

W/B: 10/2/2020

We have had the most exciting week. When we arrived at school on Monday, we had a letter waiting for us. It was from the Tiddlers. They asked us to join them on a Teddy Bears picnic. We were so excited and the letter asked us to bring our own teddy bear and sandwiches. We got straight onto writing our instructions to make a sandwich. We also wrote invitations to the office staff and other teachers to invite them to our picnic.


Our Teddy Bears picnic lead us to read the story 'This is the bear and the picnic lunch'.  In our continuous provision we created our own picnic boxes, we re-told the story using our story bag and we had our own small world Teddy Bears picnic set up. We loved making our own sandwiches, cutting the bread into different shapes, spreading the butter, learning how to handle a knife safely and following our own instructions. 


We had the best time at the teddy bears picnic. We sang songs, played games and ate our sandwiches and fruit with our teddy bears. It was a lovely way to end the half term. 


Thank you for all you support over this half term. Have a lovely week and I will see you all next week. 

W/B 3/02/2020


This week we have loved reading our story of the week, 'Wheres my teddy'. In the story Eddy had lost his Teddy called Freddy and he walks into the woods to find him. In the wood he finds a HUGE teddy, too big to be Freddy. Also in the woods, a real bear has lost his teddy and finds a tiny teddy (which is Freddy). Eddy and the bear swap teddy's and run home as fast as they can, get into bed and have a good nights sleep, in bed, with their teddy. We have really enjoyed this story and have re-told it on the interactive white board by drawing our own pictures and re-telling it over the top. We have loved potato printing repeating teddy bear patterns and Miss Wheatley is very impressed with our paintings of teddy bears. First we painted the outlines of our bears using big paint brushes. Then, when our bears were dry we used small brushes to add detail. 


In Literacy this week we have been writing questions stating where Freddy the bear is. We wrote sentences like, 'It is in the woods', 'It is in the three', 'It is in a pond'. 


In Math's this week we have been looking at size. We have been measuring and ordering teddy bears based on their size. We have used cubes to measure teddy bears to check and compare their size and we have had deep discussions about size using mathematical size language. 


Next week we are going on a teddy bears picnic. Please bring in a teddy bear in a carrier bag, for our teddy bears picnic on Friday 14th February. 

W/B 27/1/20

This week we have read the story 'Old Bear'. We have been using our story telling table a lot this week. We have wrote the characters out, talk and wrote about what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. We have re-told the story using puppets and also recreated what happens in the story using the small world toys. In our continuous provision we have LOVED threading bears. We created and cut out our own teddy bears, punched out some holes and then used the string to go under and over to thread around our bears.  In our creative area we have been making relief prints out of bears and colour mixing, we have also loved making bear style head bands with ears. 


In Literacy this week we have wrote about our class bear. We have described the bear using adjectives and CVC words. In Maths this week we have been learning our 'teen' numbers. We have used flash cards, number lines, counters and 10 frames to think about, learning and write our teen numbers. We understand that the teen number 14 is 10 + 4. 

W/B 13/1/2020

This week we have read and learnt all about the story 'Kippers Toy Box'. We have brought in and done observational studies of our own favourite toys. We have wrote all about 'Kippers Toy Box' and wrote sentences explaining what is in it. In Phonics we have learnt the sounds, ch, sh, th, ck, nk and nk. We call these 'special friends' as they are all two letters but they all make one sound. We know you can't sound them out, but we know the rhymes for each individual letter, for it's formation. In Math's this week we have been learning how to subtract. We have wrote our own subtraction sentences and used the toys from the toy box to help us complete the calculations.