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Spring Term Updates

w/e 1.04.21

It's been a week full of Easter fun!. 

We have learnt about the story of Easter and how Jesus died and came back to life 3 days later and that's why we celebrate Easter.

We had lots of fun going on an Easter egg hunt around nursery and we thought about sharing and making sure that all of our friends had an Easter egg. We made Easter cards for our family and we wrote our names inside. We are getting really good at writing our names in nursery. 

We had lots of fun on Wednesday when we made Easter nests using shredded wheat, chocolate and chocolate eggs. We thought about the ingredients and how we needed to melt the chocolate so that we could cover the shredded wheat to make the nests. Then we shared the mixture out into cupcake cups and put the eggs on top. We really enjoyed eating them!

On our last day, we played a game called Kim's Game, where we had pictures of Easter things like a cross, a lamb, Jesus, a donkey, and a chocolate bunny. The children closed their eyes whilst one picture was taken away and they then had to guess which one it was. It was made even harder when they were all mixed up but it was so much fun!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and we'll see you again next half term where our topic will be Sunshine and Sunflowers.

w/e 19.03.21                     

What a fun filled week the Tidders have had this week. We have enjoyed getting back into our Dangerous Dinosaurs topic and learning about so many different kinds of dinosaurs. 

We found out that there were many different sized dinosaurs; some being as small as a blue tit and others larger than 12 elephants! We found that there were dinosaurs that had feathers and we learnt that a Spinosaurus was a good swimmer! 

We measured the footprint of a triceratops and used our hands and feet do this. We couldn't believe how big its footprint was! We also measured the stride of a brachiosaurus.

We really enjoyed doing observational paintings of different kinds of dinosaurs, looking carefully at the colours, shapes and features of each dinosaur.

We ended our week with Red Nose Day. We came dressed up in some interested outfits which we really enjoyed showing our friends. 

A couple of weeks ago, we made a volcano using papier mache. Today, we made the volcano erupt with lava. It was quite wonderful to see!          

w/e 12/03/21

This week was our World Book Week and so, as a school, we shared the book It's Your World Now. We really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures in the book and thinking about all of the things that made our world marvellous!

We really enjoyed painting and drawing pictures of what we thought were marvellous things in our world such as butterflies, flowers, rainbows and many different animals. Some of us even drew pictures of our families as we thought that they were marvellous too! 

We also thought about what we would like to be when we grow up. There were some who wanted to be a doctor, a vet, a zoo keeper, an acrobat and even a race car driver (which was actually a girl!) 

On Friday, we were part of a whole school assembly and we were able to share some of our pictures with the rest of the school through zoom. We really enjoyed seeing all of the other children and especially our older brothers and sisters. 

Next week, we are back to our topic of Dangerous Dinosaurs, which we are really looking forward to.

w/e 5.03.21

We started our new topic this week called Dangerous Dinosaurs and already, we are having lots of fun with it! Our book of the week was called Dinosaur Roar! We really enjoyed the book as it had lots of different dinosaurs in - some small, some tall, some fat, some fierce, some meek. Each one was different and we talked about the language so that we could understand those new words.

We really enjoyed going back in our time machine to go on a dinosaur safari to find different dinosaurs as well as their footprints. They were hidden really well and we were very good at finding them and checking them off our recording sheets. Some of us worked really well together to find them and some of us were excited to find them on our own! 

We created some amazing name-o-saurus' by using our hands to create the plates of the stegosaurus and we named them after ourselves. Mrs Dubowski made a Dubowski-o-saurus too! 

In maths, we used pegs to show the number of plates a stegosaurus had on its back. This had to match the number on its body. 

We became palaeontologists for dinosaur fossils and found some very interesting ones. We also made some dinosaur bones using salt dough which we are going to use later in our topic to measure. 

We have been so excited for our new topic and can't wait to find out more about them as the weeks go on.