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Spring Term Updates

Wow, what a fun week we’ve had. I will let the pictures of our Prehistoric Safari Day tell the story!


w.e 15.01.23

This week, we have had new children starting Nursery. They are settling in well and getting used to the routines and the older children are doing their best to make sure they are happy and have someone to play with. We have played lots of circle time games to help the children get to know each other a little better.

We have been thinking about the number 2 this week. We have been finding sets of 2 with socks and gloves, counting to 2 and thinking about how we write it.

w.e 6.01.23

We’ve had a full 3 days of activities to ease us into a new term. We explored the number 1; finding 1 object of various colours. We also challenged ourselves to see what we could do in 1 minute.

We thought about challenges and the different ways we could challenge ourselves such as hopping on one leg. We thought about how to keep on trying to accomplish the challenge.

We thought about our previous learning of colour mixing to make brown and realized we could remember quite a few ways to do this.