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Spring Term Updates

w/e 1/04.22

It has been a fun-filled final week of term. We enjoyed our final story for our project which was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We thought about the Evil Queen and other kings and queens in the stories we have shared over our project  and other stories we know. We thought about what they looked like and whether they were kind or unkind. 

We looked closely and enjoyed playing with toys from a long time ago and noticed what they were made of. We compared these toys to the ones we enjoy playing today. 






w/e 25.03.22

Our book of the week this week has been The Princess and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights.  It was a fun and unusual story where the princess becomes the hero of the story! 

We learnt about kings and queens and some of us were able to recognise our own Queen of England. We thought about what they wore and then made our own crowns. 

We really enjoyed making our own potions using rhyming words and objects and continued to practise our numbers and doubles during our milk and fruit time. We really enjoyed using the Interactive Whiteboard to paint pictures of castles and maps.

One of our favourite activities was making Mother's Day cards for our mums and writing our names inside ready for Mother's Day on Sunday. 

w/e 18.03.22

Our story this week was The Three Billy Goats Gruff which we had lots of fun reading and lots of fun role playing. We mad our own masks of the billy goats and the troll. We also created our own trolls and billy goats using paper plates and practised our cutting and sticking skills. 

We tested out different construction kits to see which one would make the best bridge for the billy goats to travel over. We tested them out by placing a billy goat on top to see if it would hold the billy goat or collapse. There were many bridges which held the billy goat very well. We transfered this skill to bigger constructions outside using our large wooden blocks. Instead of billy goats, we used the balance bikes to go over the walkway.

We have been continuing to practise counting during our milk and fruit time and went on a shape hunt around our nursery looking for familiar 2D shapes. We found lots of shapes all around us. 



We made the most of the warmer days and spent as much time as we could outside building, riding and climbing. 

w/e 11.03.22


Our story this week has been The Three Little Pigs and we have had so much fun with it! We enjoyed listening to the story and retelling the story using props from our story sack. We built houses just like the three pigs houses and used our cutting and sticking skills to dress the three little pigs.

One of our favourite activities was trying to build a wall which the Big Bad Wolf wouldn't be able to blow down! We found out that sticklebricks were the best construction to use as it was really hard to blow down. We also found out that the wooden blocks are the easiest wall to blow down. We thought that might be because they can't stick together like sticklebricks or duplo. 

We enjoyed making the Big Bad Wolf using paper plates and working on our fine motor skills by threading beads onto little pigs' tails. We also enjoyed making little pig hand puppets.


w/e 4.03.22

Wow, what an amazing Book Week we have had this week! We enjoyed the school book called All Are Welcome and thought about how we are all different; how we like different things, have different families and look different but how we are all welcome and friends in nursery. 

We drew and painted ourselves and our friends. We thought about people in other countries and the different things they wear. We used different shapes to paint patterns and continued to work hard with our numbers.

We really enjoyed World Book Day and dressed up in so many of our favourite book characters from Little Red Riding Hood to Goldilocks and Ariel and from The Mandalorian to Superman and Batman. We drew pictures of ourselves in our outfits too.






We also thought about Shrove Tuesday and had some very tasty and very healthy toppings for our pancakes. We made our own and thought about the ingredients we need for them.

w/e 25.02.22

After recharging our batteries at half term break, we came back raring to go and ready for more learning and a new and exciting project - Once Upon a Time. We have already enjoyed two stories this week. We started the week enjoying Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We created the bears house in our role play area as well as making masks of Goldilocks and the three bears. 

We really enjoyed retelling this story using props to help us. We used our voices to be Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear as well as Goldilocks. We enjoyed it so much that some of us then played it again on our own in the bears house.       



We did lots of counting this week and continued to think about all of the different ways we can make number up to and including 5. We are also getting better at recognising the dots on a die without needing to count them first.

Next week is Book Week so we are already excited about what outfit we are going to wear for World Book Day!

w/e 11.02.22

Tiddlers has had a very busy week in Nursery this week. Our story of the week was Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy, which we thoroughly enjoyed reading and one which we revisited throughout the week. 

We used large boxes to create rockets to go to the moon just like Baby Bear did in the story. We also used smaller boxes to create models of rockets, using our cutting and sticking skills to connect the boxes together. 

We have been busy finding different ways of numbers to 5 and we are defintely getting better at working out how we can use fingers on both hands to create the same number. 

We thought about all of the things we have been learning in our project this half term and drew pictures of the favourite things we enjoyed learning abou the most. 

We are now looking forward to our next project called Once Upon a Time next half term.

w/e 4.02.22

This week, our story was How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We really enjoyed this story and we found out what a lasso and a jetty are. We enjoyed trying to catch our own star using tweezers in a tray full of stars and pasta. It was quite hard to catch the stars as we only hand one minute to catch as many as possible. 

We keep practising numbers to 5 and are getting better at finding different ways to make numbers to 5. We used different 2D shapes to make our own rockets to catch our star. 

During our Flasbacks, we talked about our previous learning from our first term this year and our project Dangerous Dinosaurs.  We enjoyed it so much that some of us drew pictures of dinosaurs and fossils. 


w/e 28.01.22

We have really enjoyed our story of the week The Great Aaa-Ooo, all about what happens in the woods one night when there is a strange sound which none of the animals recognise. They eventually find out that a wolf cub is the one making the strange noises because he is scared of the dark. 

We learnt about what the word nocturnal means and what animals are nocturnal. We were able to name quite a few nocturnal animals when we thought about them later in the week.

We created some of those animals in our creative area. We used shapes and plates and paint to create the animals. Take a look at some of our photos to see what we did. 

We thought about the number 4 in maths; counting different sets of 4 and finding different ways to make 4. We sang lots of songs with the number 4. 




w/e 21.02.22

Our book this week was Owl Babies which we thoroughly enjoyed reading and one which we chose to visit many times during milk and fruit time. We talked about how each of the owls were feeling when Mother Owl disappeared. We thought about what the owls looked like and the reasons they have sharp talons and beaks and also the kinds of things they eat. 

We found different ways of creating owl artwork which included printing, using chalk and painting with different types of media which included string, cotton wool and pipe cleaners. We found some of these easier to use than others. 

In maths, we thought about numbers up to and including 3 and how we can make these numbers using objects. We thought about different sounds we hear at night time and when we get ready for bed. We also explored different materials hidden in socks to find which ones the owls would find comfortable for their bed. We thought of different words to describe these including hard, bumpy, soft and squishy.

w/e 14.01.22

We have had a very full and exciting week this week. Our story for the week was Peace At Last which we had lots of fun with thinking about and mimicking all of the noises Mrs Bear heard as he was trying to go to sleep one night.  We also thought about our own bedtime routine; thinking about what we do first, then and after. 

We have enjoyed exploring outside and creating models using our large construction as well as becoming more confident riding the bikes. 

On Friday, we learnt all about Tilly the Molar tooth and how she became dirty and poorly because she ate lots of sugary food and drank lots of sugary and fizzy drinks. We then thought about what we needed to do to keep our teeth healthy and used our new toothbrushes to brush have a go at brushing our own teeth. 

w/e 7.01.22

Welcome back, Tiddlers and welcome to our new Tiddlers who started Nursery this week! 

It has been a very active week with lots of new exploration and new friends. We are so very excited to be back and can't wait to get started on our new project Starry Night.

This week, we have been welcoming our new starters over the past 3 days and now that we're all in, we are ready to start our new week and our new book called Peace At Last.