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Spring Term Updates

w/e 24.03.23

Our book of the week was The Butterfly Bouquet which we enjoyed reading and revisiting through the week. We learnt about the different parts of the butterfly and found out that butterflies taste things with their feet!

We made symmetrical butterfly paintings and went on a hunt for different creatures in the garden area. We found lots of different things! In order to attract the butterflies and bees, we planted some wildflowers in troughs outside.

The sunflowers we planted the other week are growing really tall and will be ready to take home and plant in the garden.

w/e 17.03.23


Our book of the week was a non-fiction book called I can grow a Sunflower. We have been thinking about different shapes around us and counting the sides and corners of regular 2D shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle. We had the best time raising money for Red Nose Day by dressing up in red. We also made Mother’s Day cards for our mums and will give them on Sunday for Mother’s Day.

w/e 10.03.23

Our book this week was Errol’s Garden which we thoroughly enjoyed reading and revisiting. We followed instructions to plant our own sunflower seeds. We printed using vegetables and changed our kitchen into a fruit and veg shop. We have been thinking about numbers and counting to 5 in different ways. We programmed our Code-a-pillar to move in different direction – left, right and forwards.

We had a wonderful day with the snow, making a snowman with a carrot nose and a hard hat!

w/e 2.03.23

Our book this week is our whole school World Book Week book called Mother Earth is Weeping. We talked about how bad things were happening to the earth and how we needed to look after it. We thought about the different animals around the world that didn’t have a home as it was destroyed by people cutting down jungles and forests.

We celebrated World Book Week by dressing up on Thursday in our favourite book character and sharing our books in Nursery.

w/e 24.02.23

After a week to recharge our batteries, we are excited to be back in Nursery. Our story this week has been a book called Sun. It is part of our new project Sunshine and Sunflowers.

This week, we have used different media to create sunshine pictures. They are already up on our project wall. We have been thinking about all of the activities we like to do in the sun. As part of our Jigsaw time, we have been thinking about activities which make our heart beat faster and we’ve tried a few things too. We realised that activities such as running, jumping and doing star jumps make our heart go faster and make our bodies warmer.

w/e 10.02.23

What a fabulous last week of term we have had! We really enjoyed our story of the week, Cave Baby and used the ideas of cave paintings to create our own. We learnt about the different animals that were alive and what they looked like. We realized that a lot of them look like animals we know and see today.

We used the volcano we made a couple of weeks ago to do an experiment. We used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, along with some red food colouring to make our volcano erupt!


w/e 3.02.23

This week, we have been taking a closer look at dinosaurs and what they really looked like. We used non-fiction books to explore and find out about them and saw how some of them were smaller than a person. We thought about the different features the dinosaurs would have that would make them herbivores (plant eaters) or carnivores (meat eaters). We finished off our volcano ready for our experiment next week and then used paint and flour to create our own pictures of volcanoes.

We have been doing lots of counting this week and we are getting better at counting using 1:1 correspondence. We have also been thinking about the sounds in our names.


w/e 27.01.23

We have continued to enjoy our project of Dangerous Dinosaurs this week. We have been counting dinosaurs using a dinosaur rhyme. We have looked at pictures of volcanoes and then used different coloured scarves to move like the lava exploding from the volcanoes. We also started making our own volcano using paper mache technique.

building a volcano



                                                       Our volcano dance

Wow, what a fun week we’ve had. I will let the pictures of our Prehistoric Safari Day tell the story!


w.e 15.01.23

This week, we have had new children starting Nursery. They are settling in well and getting used to the routines and the older children are doing their best to make sure they are happy and have someone to play with. We have played lots of circle time games to help the children get to know each other a little better.

We have been thinking about the number 2 this week. We have been finding sets of 2 with socks and gloves, counting to 2 and thinking about how we write it.

w.e 6.01.23

We’ve had a full 3 days of activities to ease us into a new term. We explored the number 1; finding 1 object of various colours. We also challenged ourselves to see what we could do in 1 minute.

We thought about challenges and the different ways we could challenge ourselves such as hopping on one leg. We thought about how to keep on trying to accomplish the challenge.

We thought about our previous learning of colour mixing to make brown and realized we could remember quite a few ways to do this.