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Spring Term Updates

w/e 13.03.20

This week, our story has been the 3 Little Pigs. It is a story the children have enjoyed immensely and one which some are now joining in with when told during story time. We have been thinking about some of the language used in the story and finding out what they mean, such as pile of straw or first, second and third. We have also been discussing what chimneys are and whether we have a chimney on our house. Some of us do and some of us do not.

We tested out the materials used for the 3 pigs' houses. We built a house of straw, one of sticks and one with bricks (small wooden blocks). Then we became the wolf and tried to blow the house down. The straw house was definitely the easiest one to blow down and when we picked up the straw, we noticed that it was very light to hold in our hands. The bricks stayed true and so we thought about our own houses and what happens when storms and winds come and if it affects our houses made of bricks.  We decided that bricks were definitely the best material to use for a house.

We have been very creative as well this week, painting a very large wolf with fierce orange eyes. We also enjoyed making paper plate pig faces, painting them and then using other materials to add features such as the snout and the ears.

We have been reminding ourselves of what makes a good friend in nursery. The word that came up again and again by the children was 'kind' and we thought about all of the different ways we could use our kind hands and kind voices in nursery so that everybody was happy.

Friday brought another dressing up day. This time to raise money for Sport Relief. We came in our sporting gear and did some sporting activities outside and some exercises inside. We had a great day raising money for a great cause.

w/e 6.03.20

What a fun-filled week we have had!

We started our week thinking about our story The Rainbow Fish for World Book Week. The school were thinking about a book about sealife and so this was perfect for us. We collaged rainbow fish; making sure we put on some sparkling scales he had and all of the other colours on his body. We made a very big octopus with eight long legs.

We made rainbow fish using playdough a sparkling sequins. We thought about water and the things we can put in the water which could float or sink. We predicted which of our objects would float or sink and tried to think of a reason why we thought this, then we carried out an experiment to find out which of our objects floated or sank. We found out that quite a few plastic objects could float on the water and that the metal objects we had sank to the bottom. We also found that if they were very flat, like a plastic square shape from our maths area, it floated on the top of the water but if it was heavy, like one of our small world sheep, it sank to the bottom. The children were fascinated by this experiment and eager to take part.

World Book Day brought us out in every costume imaginable! We talked about our costumes in our key worker groups and thought about the special word we could have to describe it. We then joined the rest of the school in a parade around the KS2 playground in the morning then had our Buddy class come over and read to us in the afternoon.

We ended our week with some of us going into school assembly to share some of our creative artwork with the rest of the school. 

w/e 28.02.20

This week, we have started our new topic area of Traditional Stories by enjoying the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children used their creativity to make a beanstalk and a giant to change our role play area into Jack's house, which they are enjoying immensely.

We have enjoyed retelling the story, using the repetitive story language in the book. Our favourite phrase is Fee - fi - fo - fum, Watch out everyone, here I come!

We enjoyed painting different characters from the book, including a very small Jack and his cow. We talked about how the giant was much bigger than Jack and thought about what size paper we needed to paint Jack or the giant.

We decided that it would be a good idea to plant a bean of our own so that maybe we could have a beanstalk to climb and find out what is at the top of the clouds! We talked about what a bean needed in order for it to grow into a beanstalk. Later in the week, we remembered that a bean needed water, soil and sunshine. We are taking turns in watering the beans and watching them grow.

In maths, we counted our beans to match different numbers on a number line.

We also really enjoyed eating our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We decided between orange juice or lemon juice and squeezed our own juice onto our pancakes before rolling them up and eating them...yum!

Next week is World Book Day which we are excited to dress up for.


w/e 14.02.20

Our final week before half term has been exciting in that we have been preparing for our Teddy Bear's picnic. We were invited to have the picnic with the Ladybirds and Gruffalos. We have thought about what kinds of food we would like in our picnic and what kinds of fillings we would have in sandwiches. We decided on ham or cheese with some of us also wanted tomatoes and cucumber. A very healthy picnic! We brought our teddy bears from home and enjoyed our picnic together with our friends.

In preparation for the picnic, we thought about what we would need to make the sandwiches and also how we would prepare them. We made a list of ingredients and then thought about the instructions of how to do it which we later used on Friday when we made our own sandwich for the picnic. We used the instructions really well in our key worker group to make the sandwiches.

We have continued to make the most of the outside area, splashing in those muddy puddles left by the storm and making some fabulous mud pies. That storm helped us in many different ways to have fun and have new experiences.

We have had a fabulous half term and now we are ready for a well-earned break to recharge our batteries ready for next half term. Have a great holiday and we'll see you soon!

w/e 7.02.20

Another fun-filled week with lots of learning and lots of exploring of our natural world. We have been making the most of the sunshine and getting our wellies on each day to explore the woods and grassed area. During this time, some of the children found some small creatures by overturning  a cable reel which we use as a table in the woods. We were amazed to see all of the creatures there. We found lots of black, brown and even whitish coloured slugs, a woodlouse or two, a tiny snail which was even smaller than our smallest fingernail and a long, thin worm. We talked about why they were underneath the reel and how those particular creatures liked dark, wet places. There was lots of discussion about them and lots of fascination which took our exploration further around the outdoor area. One of the children explored our wet wall area and found a spider in one of the containers. On looking closer and seeing the spider in a different light, we noticed that it looked almost green in colour. We thought about the spider's legs and noticed how some of them were longer than others.

We have been taking some of our things we have created on the creative table outdoors to test them out. Making kites was one of these and the children were very excited to test them outside.

Some of our children have been collaging pictures of their families this week by drawing them first and them adding tissue paper to give it a different texture.  We have also been looking at numbers around us and counting them in different ways.

We have also really enjoyed our story of the week called 'Where's the Bear.' As we read the story, we noticed that the boy tiptoed through the woods and remembered another story where the characters tiptoed - We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Next week is our final week before half term and we have lots of exciting things planned.      

w/e 31.01.20

We have had a fabulous week of learning about our topic of Toys. All the children and parents were invited to bring in their favourite toy. These ranged from robots to dolls, from cars to wands! Those were just the children's too. We really enjoyed talking about our toys and why they are special to us and even thought about how long we have had them. Some of us had our toys from being a baby and others had them for a recent birthday or Christmas present. We also had quite a few toys from parents which were either in photographs or the real thing. We had Little Snoozem Bear, the Turtles, dolls and even a musical merry-go-round and everything in between! We looked at what they were made of and how they worked and who they belonged to. There was so much to look at.

We have also been working hard with our phonics and some of our older ones are becoming quite a whizz at blending sounds together to make words. We have been making the most of our outdoor area throughout the day; making sure we wear wellies if we go into the woods or on the grass and we're becoming independent at putting on and off wellies and shoes. We are even learning how to keep our shoes and wellies tidy whilst we play! Our new children are getting better at tidying away and have made some good friends in nursery now.

w/e 10.01.20

Wow! What a busy week! All of our new starters are finally in and are finding their feet in nursery. We have been getting used to some of the routines like fruit and milk time.

Our story of the week has been 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', which we will be reading for 2 weeks. We have really enjoyed the story and have been re-telling parts of it as we have played. Today, we even went on our own bear hunt! We found clues around our nursery in order to find the bear. This was one of our bears who had got lost whilst on a picnic. We had to go through wavy grass; into the deep dark forest; find the place where we made pies from thick oozy mud; had to use stepping stones to go over the deep cold river and then climb somewhere high because the swirling whirling snowstorm had whisked one of the clues away. We finally found our bear in a narrow dark cave. We brought him back inside the nursery, wrapped him up warm and gave him something warm to drink.

We also painted our own bear faces, making sure they had one shiny wet nose, two big furry ears and two big goggly eyes. We did such fantastic jobs that some of them went up on our art display board. We used the play to make bears too. We also made other animals with the playdough, such as a cat with very long whiskers!

We counted bears and used counting bears to make patterns such as an ABC and ABBC pattern!