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Autumn Term Updates

w/e 22.12.23

We’ve had a busy and fun filled week, baking and enjoying mince pies. On our party day, we enjoyed games such as musical statues, musical bumps and stations. We danced and played pin the nose on Rudolf.

Now it’s time to prepare for Christmas and get ready to welcome our new starters in January.

w/e 15.12.23

It has been a week of costumes, singing and baking! We made biscuits for our parents to enjoy and take home after our Christmas Concert on Thursday.

We had a few dress rehearsals followed by a fun and successful Christmas Concert where we sang for our parents and other family members.

w/e 8.12.23

It was Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday and we were so excited to show off our Christmas jumpers and donate money to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Our story of the week this week was Stickman by Julia Donalson, which we thoroughly enjoyed reading throughout the week. We learnt about the different animals which live in colder places such as the Arctic. We enjoyed learning a new penguin dance too.

We are continuing to count and add numbers together as well as practicing our fine motor skills through cutting and threading activities.

w/e 1.012.23

Our story this week was The Gruffalo’s Child which we thoroughly enjoyed reading. We used various shapes to create Gruffalo faces, including squares, circles and triangles. We also used paper plates to create the Gruffalo.

The weather was quite cold this week to the point where we saw frost and ice. We made the most of this time, enjoying exploring the outside area in a new way. We have been thinking about the seasons and what we would wear in winter and summer.

w/e 24.11.23

Our story this week was Hibernation Station which is about a train which houses all the animals who hibernate over winter. We really enjoyed reading the story and learning about what hibernation is and all the animals which hibernate over winter.

We created different animals from the book, including bears. We thought about the different seasons and the weather we see throughout the seasons. We thought about what happens when a rainbow appears and then created an experiment to make our own rainbow using milk, food colouring and washing up liquid.

w/e 17.11.23

We have continued to learn about our new project Exploring Autumn and about how the weather changes during the months of autumn. Our book of the week this week was Oliver’s Wood about an owl called Oliver who stayed up to watch the sun rise. Through this book, we learnt about the kinds of animals that are nocturnal and learnt that these animals come out at night when we are sleeping. We have used different techniques to create the animals in Oliver’s Wood, including printing bats and collaging owls.

We have continued to think about the letters in our name and are practicing writing them during our milk and fruit times, as well as finding lots of different things to count.

Friday was Children in Need day and we enjoyed making and decorating biscuits.

w/e 20.10.23

Our final week of half term has been full of fun and learning. We have enjoyed our story Kipper’s Birthday, creating invitations and party hats of our own. We have thought about healthy food and those that should only be treats and tried a variety of healthy foods, deciding on which we enjoyed the most.

Every week, we are getting better and better at recognizing the letter and sound at the start of our name and thinking about other words which may have the same sound.

Have a wonderful half term and we’ll see you soon!

w/e 13.10.23

What a fun week we have had! Our story this week was Rainbow Fish. We thought about how Rainbow Fish shared his shimmering scales and made lots of new friends. We enjoyed using different materials to make the rainbow fish and used our painting and cutting and sticking skills to do this.

We have been working really hard at recognizing our name and learning the first sound of our name. We have been counting lots of things including how many children want milk and how many want water. We have been counting our fruit to make sure we have enough fruit for all of our group.

w/e 6.10.23

This week, we focused in on all of the people who help us from those at home to those in school and throughout the wider community such as police, firefighters and paramedics. On our creative table, we used shapes to create fire engines and ambulances as well as painting different people who help us.

Earlier in the week, our parents sent photos of themselves in their work clothes and we spent time looking at them and discussing what they wore and what kinds of jobs they do. The children loved to talk about them and had lots to say.

w/e 29.09.23

Our book this week was called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and it is about a boy who found a penguin who he thought was lost. We really enjoyed the book and was able to talk about the events of the story.

We enjoyed making penguins using different techniques, including hand penguins, paper plate penguins or painting penguins. We spent some time looking at photos of our eyes and tried to identify who they were, which we were really good at.

We have been thinking about what sounds our names begin with and we’re counting different things every day including how many of our group have milk or water bottle at snack time.

We have really enjoyed our time in our outside area and we are becoming more confident to walk along the grassed trim trail independently.

This week, we have been thinking about how important it is to take care of our Nursery and to tidy up after ourselves when we have finished playing.

w/e 22.09.23

We started our week enjoying our book of the week Once There Were Giants by Martin Waddell. It tells the story of a baby girl and how she changes and grows and becomes a parent herself. Afterwards, we thought about the changes which we have gone through from being a baby to now and how there are things we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were babies. We thought about our own families and we brought in pictures of members of our family which we shared with our key worker groups.

We enjoyed the outdoor area and spent lots of time building with the wooden blocks. We enjoyed using our grassed trim trail and climbing frame.

We thought about sounds in our environment, listening to sounds we hear when we are at home or outside. We were very good at identifying them.

w/e 15.09.23

During our first full week in Nursery, we have been learning about our routines and rules. We have made new friends and explored all areas of our Nursery. We are now in our Key Worker groups and are settling in well. We are coming into Nursery independently now; putting our own things on our pegs and self-registering by putting our names on our register board.

Our project this term is Me and My Community and this week, we have been thinking about the friends we have made in our Nursery and getting to know each other.