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Autumn Term Updates

w/e 29.11.19

It has been such a busy week that it's hard to know where to begin!

Firstly, we had a Stay and Play visit from the new January starters. It was such a positive experience for everyone and our children really looked after our visitors, making sure that they were happy and had everything they needed. One of our girls even told me that she saw a new child with a runny nose, so she gave her a tissue!

Some of our new starters had such a great time that they didn't want to leave!

We have been practising, practising, practising our Christmas concert songs and had our first rehearsal on stage in the hall. It went a lot smoother than expected and we were so pleased the children handled that new experience so well. We have more rehearsals in the hall next week so, fingers crossed, it should run like clockwork on the day...maybe! As we know, children are always so full of surprises!

We have continued with our phonics this week and some of us have been thinking about initial sounds in words and also thinking about what kinds of movements our mouths make when making different sounds. We have definitely had lots of fun with the latter activity, making lots of strange sounds and strange faces too.

This year, in preparation for our Christmas concert, we have started making our own head dresses for our role in the concert. The children are taking full responsibility of how their head dress is made as they are doing all of the cutting, sticking, fixing and decorating of their head dress. I am sure they will be a wonderful sight to see and will compliment the rest of their outfits once they are all complete.

w/e 22.11.19

Well, another fun week of learning and another week closer to our Christmas Concert. The children are so excited about it and learning their songs so well. It has been a bit of an upside-down week due to parents' meetings all week but the children have done so well with the changes in morning and afternoon routines.

This week our story has been about a little penguin called Pip-Pip who won't enter the water as he doesn't believe he can swim and he's afraid of what's in the water. Of course, he overcomes his fears and finally jumps in to find that he's a fabulous swimmer and he's not afraid any more. The children really loved the story and the fact that he jumped in and could swim.

We have been taking a closer look at the different kinds of animals found in the Antarctic, thinking about whether they live in the sea or on land. We learnt about some new animals that lived there that were a little more unusual than a penguin or a polar bear.

We have continued to enjoy our phonics sessions and making lots of progress with our sounds as well as becoming better at counting 1:1 when we measured different sized bears to see who was the tallest. We used cubes to measure them.

We finished off our week by putting up the Christmas tree which we thoroughly enjoyed. It is a little earlier than usual but we are so ready for Christmas, we just couldn't wait any longer. The children loved decorating it themselves and did a fabulous job!

w/e 15.11.19

During our week, we have been working hard on our phonics session with some of us learning about rhyme and alliteration. We are becoming quite good at recognising and continuing a rhyming string.

Our story of the week has been 'The Gruffalo's Child' which we enjoyed immensely. We were fortunate to have a special visitor...the baby daughter of Miss Harrison, our Year 5 teacher. She was so beautiful and small and so well behaved! We thought about questions to ask Miss Harrison about her baby so that we could find out all the things that a baby needs and also the kinds of things they do. We thought of questions such as 'What does a baby eat?' and 'What kind of toys does she have?' We found out lots of different things about her.

Later in the week, we thought about the kinds of toys babies have and what kinds of toys we have.

We also started practising our songs for our Christmas concert and thought about what we would like to play in the concert. We have practised most days and are getting better at remembering the words and actions for each song.

We have spent some time exploring different ICT and have used the iPad to take photos and videos and used the remote control beetle to move in different directions.

For our maths sessions, we have been thinking about numbers and counting. We counted out nuts for the mouse from Gruffalo's Child and then tried to find the correct number on a number line.




We have had a busy first week back after half term. We have made pumpkin soup, following the ingredients and instructions from our book of the week called Pumpkin Soup. We have explored the pumpkins in our key worker group, thinking of words to describe what they look like, feel like and smell like.

We have counted the seeds, measured the pumpkins and even counted how many lines the pumpkin skins have. We have also compared them, placing them in size order and weighed them to see which were the heaviest and lightest.

We have continued with our focus phonics sessions and some of us are now thinking about rhyming objects.

We went on an Autumn walk, collecting interesting leaves for our weaving activity. On Friday, we enjoyed our celebration with our families. We had different activities to complete with our families such as measuring our family to see how many pumpkins tall they were. We made poppies for our families and made stick houses and drew our family members inside. We measured our feet and our family's feet to see who had they biggest and smallest feet and watched a power point presentation showing photographs of all the different activities we have been up to over the last half term.

w/e 18.10.19

What a fun week we have had. We have learned many things over the week, including making our own playdough! We measured out the ingredients and listened carefully to the instructions. It was such fun that the children have asked to make it again.

We have thought about what we are good at and found that there are many things we do well, just like Gerald the giraffe from our story Giraffe's Can't Dance. We really enjoyed the story and even listened to a song about Gerald.

We are continuing to enjoy singing our nursery rhymes using our singing spoons and we have often just picked them up throughout the week and have a sing as part of our choosing time. We have continued to enjoy sharing our Family Boxes and learning a little more about each other and our families and memories.

We had our second and final visit from Mansfield Town Football Club on Monday where we scored lots of goals for our sponsored event. Some of us even had a chance to be goalkeeper!

Next week is half term so we will be able to re-charge our batteries ready for our next half term and Christmas!

w/e 11.10.19


Hello everyone,

We have had another week full of fun and learning. We started our week making elephant faces using paper plates as our book of the week was All In One Piece. It is based on the Large family; a family of elephants. We really enjoyed thinking about this family and spoke about our own families. We have been singing Heads Shoulders, Knees and Toes and have even sang it in Polish! We all enjoyed this song as it got faster and faster.

We have also enjoyed singing songs and nursery rhymes using a song spoons.

During our milk and fruit time, we have been thinking about and discussing the things we have been learning in the session so far.  We have had comments like 'learning how to make a chocolate pudding' or 'learning how to plant seeds'.  We have started our planting pots with herb seeds or bulbs.

Next week is our final week before half term break. Our story will be Giraffes Can't Dance.

w/e 4.10.19

What a full week of learning and fun we have had this week! Our story of the week was 'What the Ladybird Heard' and we have been doing lots of activities around our story.

We started by painting ladybirds. We had to look really carefully at what ladybirds look like, remembering that the head and the wings are two different colours and not forgetting the spots and legs too. We have some of them on our Let's Create board in nursery and they look fabulous. The children really listened carefully and followed directions very well.

We also looked at what kinds of animals live on a farm as that is the setting for our story. We spoke about what they looked like and the noises they made and also what we use from them; cows and goats giving us milk and sheep giving us wool for our clothes.

We have continued with our phonics as well this week and we are really working hard on our listening and sitting skills.

On Thursday, we were really lucky to play some games with Mansfield Town Football Club. We had the most amazing time and scored quite a few goals too! They had so much fun that they were asking if they could do it again on Friday!

The Family Boxes have gone home today to the first child in each key worker group and we are looking forward to seeing what's in them next week and sharing them with the rest of our key worker group. The children are really enthusiastic about this and can't wait for their turn to take it home.

Mansfield Town Football Club visit on Thursday.



Showing good balancing skills.


Great shooting, boys!                                                 Good control of the ball!

w/e 27.09.19

This week, we have been working hard on our phonics. We have worked really hard and showing good sitting and good listening during our focus times and making very good progress with this.

We have been looking at different areas of our Nursery and thinking about how we should be using each area so that we can play well and learn. We have really taken on board the rules for the area and are using them well during our play. We have also been working on tidying up those areas when it is tidy time.

Our story this week has been The Tiger Who Came to Tea, which we have enjoyed immensely, especially when the tiger ate all of the food in the house and drank all of the drink, including all of the water from the tap! One or two of the children's responses when this happened was 'How rude!' as they thought he should have left some food and drink for Sophie and her parents for supper.

We have painted and collaged tigers this week and also painted some self portraits of our faces and also of our bodies. Come and take a look inside Nursery at our Marvellous Me display to see the children's artwork. 

They really are a wonderful sight to see                 Making dens   

The climbing frame made a great ramp, making the car travel very fast and very far!

w/e 20.09.19

This week, we have been painting Tiddlers for our door display - except this year, we have decided that we will have a window display instead! It is coming along beautifully and the children have done such a fabulous job of painting their own unique fish!

We have been using our senses in different ways this week too when using our cinnamon scented playdough and enjoying the sensation of wet and dry cornflour. We have also been finding out how tall we are and finding out who is taller or shorter than us. We have also been finding out what colour eyes we have and have made a chart to show this. There are a lot of blue eyes in Tiddlers this year!

We have been singing many songs and one of our favourites is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, which we sing and do the actions for amazingly well.


Using different construction and our imagination to build magnificent vehicles.

w/e 13.09.19

Wow, what a full week we have had this week. We finally have everyone in after 5 days of transitions into Nursery. The children are starting to settle, find new friends and find their feet! It may be a little longer before they come into Nursery skipping but we will be working hard so that will happen. Once in and settled into their day, they have been full of play and enjoyment in their activities.

We ended our week this week by making our own cheese or ham sandwiches. One of the children decided earlier in the week that they wanted it during milk and fruit time, so we thought it would be a great experience for them to make their own. They thoroughly enjoyed it and some of them came back for a second helping!

We are starting to settle in to our new routine of coming into our key worker groups first thing and we are working hard at showing good sitting on the carpet. Next week, we will be starting our phonics and maths groups, which will start with fun activities around Nursery and other parts of the school. We will also be reading our class book 'Tiddler'.