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Autumn Term Updates

w/e 3/12/21

Christmas has arrived in Tiddlers this week! We have decorated the Christmas tree, made hats for our Christmas Concert next week and started making Christmas cards. We also remembered to make some special food for Santa's reindeer for Christmas Eve.

w/e 26.11.21

We've had so much fun this week baking and making lots of things to celebrate birthdays. It was Kipper's Birthday this week and we really enjoyed reading the story and finding out what Kipper did to prepare for his his birthday party. 

One of the questions we thought about when we started our Sparkle and Shine project was 'How do you make a birthday cake?'  So, since it was Kipper's birthday, we learnt how to make a birthday cake, which we enjoyed having a slice of once it was all baked! We measured and stirred and then it went into the oven to bake. It smelled so lovely when it was all done. 

We also made some birthday cards as that was something else we wanted to find out about when we started our Sparkle and Shine project.

w/e 19.11.21

What a great start to our project Sparkle and Shine! 

To start our project, we thought about what we already know about celebrations and we realised that we knew quite a lot about all of the different celebrations we have with our families. It was a good start to our project.

This week, we have been learning all about Diwali! We have made Diwali lamps using clay, which we will paint next week when they are all dry and ready. We really enjoyed learning how Hindus celebrate Diwali and even learnt some Diwali dancing.

We made Diwali windo decorations which are now in our Celebration role play area. We had to follow a lot of steps and practised a lot of skills to make them, such as our cutting and threading skills. We were really proud of what we achieved.


w/e 12.11.21

We have had another fun-filled week of learning in Tiddlers. We have enjoyed our project of Exploring Autumn and managed to find answers to our questions from the start of our project. We found out that foxes live in dens, rabbits live in warrens, badgers live in setts and mice live in burrows. We also found out that hedgehogs hibernate through the autumn and winter and that hibernate means that they go to sleep!

We really enjoyed painting, drawing and using our cutting and sticking skills to make pictures of these animals.

Yesterday, at 11 o'clock, we stood in the KS2 playground with the rest of the school for 2 minutes silence to remember all of the soldiers who died in the wars so that we could be safe. Tiddlers did such an amazing job and even Mr Snelling said how proud he was of us that we could do that. We learnt about the soldiers and why we wear poppies. 

Next week, we will begin our Sparkle and Shine project.

w/e 5.11.21

We've had a fabulous first week back after our half term break!

Our new project Exploring Autumn has been full of fun and exploration. We really enjoyed thinking about what happens during autumn and the changes we see in our environment.  We explored our outside area and found lots of different coloured and shaped leaves which had fallen from our trees. We found that the leaves change colours in autumn from green to brown, orange, yellow and red. We even found some leaves which were all of those colours. 

We enjoyed collecting the leaves and making leaf rubbings with them as well as having fun throwing them in the air and watching them fall. We thought really carefully about different animals and what they looked like. We also grouped some animal pictures into those that we find living on a farm, those we would have as pets and those that lived in woodland and grassy areas. We thought about what the animals looked like and what they used their different features for, for example, an owl having big eyes so that they can see small things whilst flying in the air. We also thought about the farm animals and what we use them for; a cow for milk and beefburger and a hen for eggs and chicken nuggets.

We did lots of counting of autumnal objects such as conkers and leaves, making sure we counted each object carefully. 

w/e 15.10.21

We had the best final week before half term! It was a week full of exploration and investigation. 

After making our own volcano last week, it was time to find out what happens when a volcano erupts.  We used bicarbonate of soda at the bottom of the volcano. We then added red coloured vinegar and a little washing up liquid and we watched it with awe as it erupted!

We finished our project with a day of exploration as paleontologists! We found dinosaur footprints, bones, teeth, claws and even skeletons! We drew some of these things as evidence of what we found. We had such fun during the day, dressing up especially as paleontologists out in the field! 


w/e 8.10.21


This week, we have been busy making our own volcano from paper mache. We used special glue to stick the strips of paper down and built it up to make it look like a volcano. We put a cup at the top ready for our lava experiment next week. 

We have been thinking a lot about the different kinds of dinosaurs this week; what they are called and whether they were meat eaters or plant eaters. We looked at the different features of the dinosaurs and saw that the meat eaters had sharp teeth and sharp claws and the plant eaters did not.  

We did lots of  art work using cutting and sticking and also painting different dinosaurs. We made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed riding the bikes and making different kinds of walkways and obstacles using the large wooden bricks. 

Next week is our final week before half term and also our History Day on Wednesday so we still have lots to look forward to. 

w/e 1.10.21

Another dinosaur filled week for Tiddlers! We have spent a lot of time thinking about the different kinds of dinosaurs and we are starting to recognise some of the features of the more well-known dinosaurs like the triceratops and the stegosaurus.

In maths, we placed plates on our stegosaurus and used 1:1 correspondence to count how many plates it had. We thought about volcanoes and how there were many volcanoes when the dinosaurs lived. We then used scarves to act out the scorching hot lava which comes out of the volcano.  We then painted volcanoes with brightly coloured lava spurting out of the top.

We enjoyed making our own playdough for the playdough table. We measured out the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil. We mixed it altogether before Mrs Dubowski put in the hot water and mixed it up. 

We enjoyed as much time as we could outside, creating dinosaur obstacle courses and creating a dinosaur scene with blocks of wood. 

Our book of the week was called Dinosaur Roar! and it had some interesting words in there which we thought really carefully about and tried to think about what they meant. We finished our week by visiting a dinosaur museum online.

Next week, we are looking at our first dinosaur non-fiction book. 


Wow, what an exciting week we've had in Tiddlers! 


We started our Dangerous Dinosaurs project with a visit from a paleontologist called Betty who took us back through time to find some dinosaur eggs.  Unfortunately, we had to leave them behind as we were chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Later in the day, we found our own dinosaur bones and fossils. 

We have really enjoyed the dinosaur books we have shared this week, especially when we have the chance to become those dinosaurs. We made up a song about different dinosaurs and the ways in which they move. 

We also counted on the plates of our stegosaurus for our counting activity.

w/e 17.09.21

What a fun week we've had this week! We have been thinking about ourselves and our families. We really enjoyed our story Once There Were Giants. It was about a baby girl growing up and how she changed and grew. We then talked about our baby photos and who is in our family. We really enjoyed talking about who is important in our lives. We painted pictures of ourselves and our families and even created pictures using natural materials such as leaves and sticks. 

We have been spending the week getting used to the new routine and going straight to group in the morning when we have self-registered. 

w/e 10.09.21

It has been a nervous but exciting start to our new year.  Many of our children found it difficult at the beginning to be without mummy and daddy for such a long time, but we always ended our days happy to have been in nursery.  

We now have all of our children in and we are excited to start our new project  'Me and My Community' which we will be starting next week. We will be starting our day a little differently now that we're all in. Our children will self-register as they have been doing this week but, from Monday, we will then go to our group for a carpet activity before we all get up and choose. 

Part of our new project will focus on our families and who is in them as well as what we like to do when we are in nursery. There will be some tasks for our children to do with mummy and daddy at home too.

We are excited for this year and for all of the things which we will learn and experience.