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Spring Term Updates

WC: 20/3/23 - 24/3/23

We have had a wonderful time in Brilliant Beavers this week especially as we start to draw towards the end of some of our projects. We have created business plans for our own growing companies in Geography thinking about: what produce we would choose to grow and when, where we might choose to grow our produce, how we could distribute it and why we couldn't grow certian things. We also completed our RE project - Salvation - by creating a peice of art work to represent our understanding of what salvation is and what it means to Christians. In DT we chopped and prepared our ingredients ready for cooking our soups before we boiled, fryed, simmered and blended our soups. Everyone then ate and enjoyed their soups, even Mr Snelling was given a bowl. He rated it 5 stars!

WC: 13/3/23 - 17/3/23

This week in RE we looked at people who were inspirational figures and thought about what made them inspirations. We then looked at Christian significant figures and talked about the similarities and differenes between all of our inspirational figures. In DT we tatsed a variety of soups and thought about which ones we prefered before choosing and designing the soups we would make next week. On Friday we all dressed in red to show our support for Comic Relief!

WC: 27/02/23 - 3/03/23

Brilliant Beavers have shown a great deal of resilience this week, especially with our busy timetable. As a school we have read and done lots of exciting work about our World Book Day Book “Mother Earth is weeping” and created some fabulous vocabulary posters,  antonym diamanté poems and art work to show how we should care more about our planet. We also did some research about David Attenborough and his impact on the world as well as thinking about where our food comes from, how far it travels and when it is in season. 

WC: 20/02/23 - 24/02/23

This Week, we have begun our new English unit - biographies. We have been looking at the structure and features of some model texts as well as using our detective skills to distinguish between fact and fiction. In Computing we began to explore 3D Modelling and really enjoyed having a go at using the features and seeing what we could remember from previous years. In Science we began our Science Skills unit and focused on prediction this week. We had a go at predicting which material we thought would make the best insulator to protect Ice Man’s left over ice cubes. 

WC: 6/02/23 - 10/02/23

This week has been busy and emotional as we said our last goodbyes to Mrs Barnes. It has also been safer internet day as well as Children’s Mental Health Week. We have done some fabulous work for both of these events. Thinking carefully about our school SMART rules and enjoying a carousel of activities linked to our wellbeing. We have also completed our French unit of work ‘That’s Tasty” by eating some French food and discussing in French what we like and dislike about the food. 

WC: 30/1/23 - 3/2/23

Wow what another incredible week in school. We started our Monday morning with a fabulous singing worship asssembly led by a special guest who taught us some fabulous skills about reading and performing music. This week we have also thought about how local land use has changed over time and how this has impacted farming in the UK. In art we celebrated all of the knowledge and skills we have gained this half term by producing some art pieces of our own choosing which all look extremely professional and show incredible amounts of effort and concentration. In PSHE we have been thinking about value for money and extended our thinking to include questions about ethical spending too. 

WC: 23/1/23 - 27/1/23

This week we have explored the outdoors searching for clues about different farmining styles, we’ve pushed out into the deep in PE where we had to problem solve challenges together in teams to overcome obstacles. We’ve also learnt about classification in Science and had a go at being Taxonimists as well as an exciting afternoon on Wednesday where we spent all afternoon outside playing in Forest Schools and investigating ink wash in our outdoor classroom. 

WC: 16/1/23 - 20/1/23

What a fantastic week, on Wednesday we came off timetable a little and our Y5 pupil’s had the opportunity to take part in an Islam faith experience day. We were lucky enough to experience parts of the Arabic language, discover more about the inside of a mosque, investigate the five pillars of Islam and so much more. Meanwhile our Y6 pupils began to think about our whole school topic - keeping healthy. We thought about the ways we can look after ourselves especially how we can look after our minds. In geography this week we learnt about ordnance survey maps and searched for physical and human geography examples on both OS maps and digimaps. 

WC: 9/1/23 - 13/1/23

Our first full week back at school and Beaver’s have produced some incredible work especially in English where the vocabulary they have chosen to use has been outstanding. In RE this week we started our Gospel project and thought about the parable of the wise and foolish builders. Everyone loved the building challenge, although those with sand foundations didn’t appreciate my water attacks. In Geography we decided to be adventurous because of the bad weather and teach/learn on the floor. It was an interesting experience but one we will all remember and we actually had a great time looking at different maps together and learning about counties and countries. In PSHE we began to think about money and where it could be kept. We learnt about investments and one group risked it all and lost everything teaching us a valuable lesson about financial risk. 

WC: 2/1/23 - 6/1/23

Welcome Back, it was great to see so many smiling faces back in school this week, we loved hearing about how you had spent the holidays. Luckily everyone has come back well rested and ready for a very busy half term. This week despite it being much shorter we still did lots in our classroom. We introduced our new Christian Value - Thankfulness. We went on a big nature walk using the FANTASTICS to gather ideas for our new English project Varmints. We also looked at some French, Art and Science. What a fab first week !