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Autumn Term Updates

W/C 28th November


What another great wee we have had in Marvellous Matildas!


This week we have been very excited to start our new English unit based around writing a setting description for a toy shop. At the start of the week we set up and made our very own toy shop in the classroom! There were so many wonderful toys on offer and we all really enjoyed taking on the role of different people who may have been in a toy sho at this time of year.


In maths, we have continued our hard work on multiplication and division. Please remember to keep accessing Numbots, 1-minute maths and TTRS at home as just five minutes a day can make such a difference.


In Science this week we enjoyed creating our very own classication keys. This was really tricky at first as we needed to think of a key question that would first split our group of living things into two smaller, but equal groups. We then had to keep thinking about questions that would split up the living things that we had left and hadn't classified yet. Although this was tricky, a class game of 'Guess Who' really seemed to help us with this and help us get the hang of asking questions that could only be answered with yes or no.


We have also enjoyed learning all about Sutton Hoo in History, revisiting and consolidating our learning related to coding in computing and completing our final kite designs in DT. We are really excited to make our designs in the near future!


Well done on another great week Matildas. See you all again next week!

WC 21st  November 


This week we have begun planning our own poem in our English lessons. We have such fantastic ideas and the vocabulary we have planned to use has been amazing! Keep up the great work Matildas! 


We have also continued with gymnastics in our PE lesson where we have been thinking about some new gymnastic shapes and how we can travel in and out of these shapes in a gymnastic 'routine'.  


In maths we have been consolidating our work on the subtraction column method, thinking about complements to 100 and working on estimating. We are also beginning to work on our new multiplication and division unit of work - keep practising on Times Table Rockstars please!

W/C 14th November


We began this week with 'Odd Sock Day' to start our thinking about Anti Bullying Week. We wore odd socks to show our individuality; it is ok to be different! 


In our English lessons we have continued to write our poem about Autumn, and in our Maths lessons we have been working on subtracting using the written method with exchanges. It has been a little tricky but the children have shown wonderful perseverance!  Well done!  


We have also finished this week by celebrating Children in Need. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this cause. 

W/C 7th November 


We have had a fantastic week in Matildas. 

The children have been working hard on refining their column method skills for addition and subtraction in Maths and have been writing some amazing poetry in our English lessons.  


In our wider curriculum lessons we have been learning the days of the week in French, thinking about classifying animals in our Science lessons and beginning our History work where we have been looking at the Vikings. 


Keep up the great work Matildas!



Here are some pictures of our new balances we have been working on in our PE lessons.

W/C 31st October

What a fantastic first week back at school we have had in Marvellous Matildas!


We started our week off this week by looking at our new English work on poetry, looking at the 'shapes' of the poem Summer is Here. We looked at the poem in detail and learned all about the personification of the season and many different ways to describe it! Later in the week, we enjoyed going on an 'autumn walk' to collect sights, smells, and tastes of autumn in preperation for writing our very own poem all about the season of autumn. We loved gathering some incredible vocabulary and can't wait to use this in our writing next week.


In History, we have been finding out more about the history of Britain between 410AD & 1066AD (the invasions of the Picts & Scots, Vikings, Anglo Saxons & Normans). We spoke about the countries of origin for each group and the amount of time they occupied Britain with some help from our invasion timeline.


In Science this week, we started looking at grouping living things, we started with ourselves and moved onto using Venn and Carroll diagrams to group a wide range of animals!


In Computing we have started our new unit of learning based around Coding. We enjoyed designing a simple scene in design mode and then had a go at coding our characters to move, make sounds and speak. Although this was tricky at first, we displayed some fantastic determination and supported eachother to find the correct code. Well done Matildas!


See you all next week.

WC 10th October


Wow! How fast has this half term gone? We have been having such a good time in Marvellous Matildas!


This week in English we have been finishing off our instruction texts and publishing these for our writing portfolios. They are looking fantastic and we are very proud of what we have written.


In French lessons we have been holding conversations about how to say your age. We used conversation cards to help us and some of us tried to use lots of the key vocabulary that we have been learning over the last six weeks. 


In RE lessons we have thought about the notion of 'forgiving' and have written and created prayers and thoughts about how we can forgive people. 


Well done Matildas, have a wonderful half term!

WC 3rd October


This week we have been very busy as we start to think about this term's independent write. We decorated cupcakes on Monday and are now working on our planning for a set of instructions. We have been thinking carefully about word types such as imperative verbs and time adverbials. We are nearly ready to start writing!


In our RE lessons we have been working carefully on the ten commandments. We have thought about what they mean and have discussed in small groups what we think the order of importance is. We kept changing our mind depending on different scenarios!

WC 26th September 


We have been so busy in Marvellous Matildas this week.


In PE we have been practising how to do different gymnastic shapes. We have been exploring medium and low level shapes and have also been thinking about the terms mirroring and matching. 


In maths we have been busy working on place value of numbers up to 1000. 


In our English lessons we have been continuing to work on instruction texts. We made cakes as part of our experience day and now we are writing up a set of matching instructions.


Here are some pictures to show just a few things we have been up to recently!


W/C 19th September

What an amazing week we have had in Marvellous Matildas.


We started our week off this week by making some delicious cakes as part of our English work on instructions. In order for us to write some fantastic instructions on how to bake community cakes, we needed to make some first! We had to follow a recipe really carefully alongside measure out our ingredients. We enjoyed mixing the cake mixture and spooning this into the cupcake cases. As we were baking, we thought about different imperative verbs and adverbs that will help us as we write our very own set of instructions.


We've also been exploring counties as part of our Geography work this week! We spoke about the county of Nottinghamshire and also other counties close by inclusing Leicestershire and Derbyshire. 


In Art this week, we explored the work of LS Lowry and made some annotations of our own thoughts about his work. We then had a go at sketching in his style in our sketchbooks.


On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have Mansfield Town come into school to run a coaching session with us. We really enjoyed developing our football skills rwith them ready for our penalty shootout next week. We can't wait for our penalty shootout next Friday already.

Week Beginning 5th September 2022


What a fantasitc start...


Wow. What a fantastic start these amazing children have made to Marvellous Matildas this year. Year 3/4 have worked incredibly hard, listened exceptionally well and have settled in brilliantly to their new class. We are SO proud of you Matildas!


We began the week by getting to know eachother a little better and setting ourselves some targets for the year. We thought about what we would like to improve on throughout Year 3/4 and added our targets to our tree of growth. We can't wait to see just how much the children grow over the course of the year as they work towards their personal goals!


As part of our PSHE work this week,  the children have been learning all about resilience. We spoke about what this means, how we can be resilient ourselves and what resilience may look like both in the classroom and at home. We read the books 'The Hugging Tree' and 'I am COURAGE' to suppost our learning about resilience. The children also had their resilience tested during a number of different team building activities throughout the week too! The silent line up was very tricky, but this was also one of our favourite activities.


In Science, we started our Animals Including Humans project this week which focused on the human digestive system. This week we looked at all the different organs that make up our digestive system, named these organs and discussed the order in which the food travels through the digestive system.


In Geography we began our project all about the UK this week! We pulled out  the atlases and looked at the countries that make up the United Kingdom, their capital cities and other major cities. We had to use the altas carefully to try and locate some of the different cities in the UK.


With Her Majesty's sad passing, we all came together on Friday morning to talk about the news and thought about how we could show our gratitude. We spoke about the importance of celebrating her life and all of the amazing things she has done over her 70 years on the throne. We decided that we would drawing her majesty the Queen on Friday afternoon.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!