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Spring Term Updates

Wk Beginning: 20/03/23

What a fabulous week we have had in the Mighty Moles, it has been another busy one!

In English we have been writing instructions for making jam on toast independently, which has been tricky but we all really persevered and produced some wonderful writing. The best part was following the instructions to actually make and eat jam on toast!

In maths the year 1s have been developing their understanding of multiples of 10 up to 50. Recapping learning about the equivalence of 10 ones and 1 ten. The year 2s have been focusing on measuring lengths and heights using a ruler, with a specific focus on measuring in centimetres.

In D&T this week we have made our lunch boxes for Paddy! We have followed our design plan sheets and produced some wonderful lunchboxes, including ice compartments! In geography we have been comparing and contrasting Whitby form the past and the present day. On Thursday we had an extra special PE lesson, a coach from Nottingham Forrest football club came into school and taught us football skills, we all really enjoyed it and learnt lost of new skills.

WK beginning: 13/03/23 

It has been another very busy and fun week in the Mighty Moles, we have been really busy as usual! In English we have been continuing writing instructions and have learnt about verbs, adverbs and more complex ‘if’ sentences, it has been tricky but we have all worked so hard.

In maths the year 1s have been finding missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences using part part whole models to help us. The year 2s have been looking at shape, naming and describing properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including number of sides, vertices, edges, faces and lines of symmetry.

Our afternoons have been super busy this week, in Geography we have been looking at how the physical features of Whitby have changed over time. In Design and Technology we have been exploring different materials to find which will make the best lunchbox for Paddy the pirate. In PSHE we have been learning about first aid and what we can do in an emergency situation. In music we have been practicing keeping a beat and singing songs from memory.

Week Beginning: 6/3/23

It has been another great week in the Mighty Moles. We have been very busy!

In English we have been started to write our own set of instructions for making a bird feeder. We have looked at imperative verbs and got really bossy writing the steps to success. We have looked at titles, sub titles and bullet points.

In maths the year 1’s have been looking at addition and subtraction fact families to 20. The year 2s have been using their prior knowledge of the four operations from earlier in the year and applying it to their understanding of lengths and heights.

In RE this week we have been learning about Holy week. As a class we discussed and sequenced the key events. In Geography we have continued with our coastline project and looked closely at Saltwick Nab near Whitby. We enjoyed using google earth to look closely at its features and the dangers for people and visitors. In computing we have been looking at Impressionist art, we spent time looking at examples of this type of art and in particular ‘Stary night’ by Vincent Van Gough, we then used this to help us create our own impressionist art using computer software.

WK Beginning 27/02/23

Wow, what a super book week we have had in the Mighty Moles! The book Mother Earth is Weeping has provided a fantastic stimulus for so much discussion about the wonderful world we live in and the actions we can take to help protect our planet.

In English we have written some amazing diamond shaped poems using our knowledge of nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe an aspect of the natural world that we love, We also wrote some very thoughtful prayers for our pray tree asking for God’s forgiveness and help to save our planet, we have some wonderful ideas around reusing and recycling, saving water and trying to walk to school when we can.

We have carried out a science investigation to answer the question ‘Does oil and water mix? We have some great predictions, worked scientifically to find the answer and then wrote up are results We discussed the impact oil spillages have on our creatures in the ocean.

In art we have been really busy make the world from rubbish! We used lots of plastic, cardboard and containers to create an amazing representation of the world in which we live.

We finished the week with a fabulous dress up day!  All the children dressed up as a book character and looked amazing. On Friday we had a special assembly to celebrate all of our hard work and to find out what the rest of the school had been up to.  

Wk beginning: 20/02/23

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful half term. It has been a very busy and exciting first week back. On Tuesday we started our new writing project looking at instructions and began by following a set of instructions to make a bird feeder outside on the field. We then went on to look at the features of a set of instructions and worked hard to sequence a muddled up set of instructions for making a den. We then went outside and followed the instructions to create some wonderful den structures!

In maths the year 1s have been looking at doubles, near doubles and addition and subtraction using 1 and 2 digit numbers. The year 2s have been looking at multiplication and division facts of 2, 5 and 10 as well as odd and even numbers.

On Tuesday it was pancake day and the children enjoyed making and flipping pancakes, we also discussed what we would give up for lent.

This half term we have a Design and Technology project and started this week by looking at a problem faced by Paddy the pirate, his packed lunch keeps falling out his basket in the rough seas! Over the coming weeks we will be looking at different structures of lunch boxes and designing, making and evaluating a suitable lunchbox for Paddy.

We finished the week with our class reward from last half term, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. It was very well deserved and thoroughly enjoyed by the children and their favorite bears!

Wk Beginning: 6/2/23

Another fabulous week and half term in the Mighty Moles. We have packed so much in! I am delighted to let you know we have been earning coins for our class savings jar and we have earned £10! As a class we have decided to have a Teddy Bears Picnic on the Friday afternoon of the first week back (more details to follow) and we will spend the money on delicious picnic food! Well done Mighty Moles very well deserved!


In English this week we have been focusing on descriptive writing, we enjoyed looking at pictures taken at the seaside and then worked hard to look for things in the picture and think of adjectives to describe what they could see. The children produced some wonderful descriptive writing, pushing out into the deep to work independently.


In maths this week we have been looking at number bonds to 20, using our previous knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us find number pairs to 20. The year 2 children have been looking at dividing by 10 and the 5 times table.


We had a brilliant Geography lesson this week, learning all about erosion. We used trays of sand, rocks, water and wooden bricks to show how tiny pieces of the Earth's surface are moved from one place to another and how this is usually caused by moving water or wind.


We finished the week with a carousel of activities based around the children’s well being. The children worked in small groups across KS1 to complete three activities, the same but different, the scribble spot and jigsaw pieces.  

Wk Beginning: 30/01/23

The end of another great week in the Mighty Moles! The children are all working so hard and we are really enjoying our coastlines topic. In our continuous provision the children have been enjoying the creative table this week where they have been exploring texture and collage to create stormy sea pictures. The children have been really interested in the word of the week this week  ‘flourish’ and have produced some wonderful pictures and pieces of writing around the word ‘flourish’


In Literacy we have continued to write our postcards, focusing in editing and publishing our work this week.  In maths the year 1 children have been looking at the symbols we use to represent greater than and less than as well as using a number line to complete addition calculations to 20. The year 2 children have moved onto looking at division.


In PE this week we have been developing our defending skill. We worked in small groups to try and pass a ball around the edge of a square avoiding the defender in the middle. In computing this week I have been so impressed with how well the children have been coding. We have explored different command functions, actions and backgrounds.


We finished the week off with Number day, some great discussion and activities based around the numbers we were wearing!

WK Beginning: 23.1.23

Wow! We have been so busy again in the Mighty Moles this week! In Art as part of our coastline topic we have looked at the painting “ Stormy Sea” by Claude Monet. This really helped us to make our own story sea representations using paint and water to create a wash effect.  In PE we worked hard moving around the hall whilst staying in control of a ball - jumping with a football between our knees was tricky and we had to preserve with that one! In computing we have been to the ICT suite to continue working on our coding skills.


In English we have started to write our own postcards from a sunny, beach destination, it has been lots of fun imagining ourselves on holiday during this cold wintery week! In maths the year 1 children have been practicing using a number line, finding and filling in missing numbers working hard on our number formation and consolidating our learning about the teen numbers. The year 2 children have been looking at multiplication and division.

 In our choose your own learning time, the curiosity cube was full of items from the seaside,  we made a list of everything we could see. In the small world area to made a beach scene showing the different activities we might enjoy at the seaside and in the construction area we made lighthouses, beach huts and a really long pier using various construction materials.

WK Beginning: 16/01/23

A super week in the Mighty Moles! We are all working so hard and have even managed to earn ourselves £3 pounds for our class savings jar! This supports our work in PSHE, with the “E” standing for economic education.  We have discussed the value of money and the need to save money so we can buy something we really want. We are hoping to earn lots more pounds over the coming weeks and save enough money to buy something we all really want for the Mighty Moles classroom.


In Maths the year 1s have been looking at the teen numbers, we have found different ways to show the teen numbers using practical resources. We learnt an amazing song that helped us to see how many 10s and how many 1s each number was made up of.  The link is here if you’d like to listen.

The year 2 children have been comparing subtraction and addition number sentences and using symbols to show if they are equal to,  greater than or less than.


In English we have continued to write postcards. We have really enjoyed using a thesaurus to find synonyms for the word big, we found some great alternatives that made our postcards lots more exiting to read.


Wow! What a great start to the Spring Term in the Mighty Moles.


In our Geography lessons we have been so busy getting stuck into our new topic Coastlines. Our previous knowledge of naming the four countries of the United Kingdom came in really helpful as we went on to label the seas that surround the island in which we live.


In English, we have shared the stories Meerkat Mail and Meerkat Christmas and have been working hard to begin to write our own postcards from a snowy destination.


In maths, the year 1 children have been exploring place value to 20 and the year 2 children have been subtracting 2 digit numbers.


In Computing, we have started our coding unit, the children worked so hard in the computer suite carefully imputing sets of simple instructions to make an action on screen happen.


In PE this week the children really impressed me with their games skills and organisation as we worked our way around four different activities in the hall.


We have also managed to squeeze in some choose your own learning time too, where the children have been busy sketching shells in the curiosity cube, experimenting with color mixing on the creative table and designing and making boats in the construction area.