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Summer Term Updates

w/e 2.07.21

We have had such a fun and eventful week this week. 

Firstly, because we loved learning about animals from around the world and their habitats last week, we decided it was a good idea to continue that learning for a little longer and we are so glad we did as we had the chance to visit 3 different zoos! Now, these zoos were on our big screen but they showed live animals. We visited Edinburgh Zoo up in Scotland where we saw penguins, a koala, a lion and a tiger. We thought the penguins were so funny especially when they kept stealing things from other penguins' nests for their own! The koala was sleeping when we first saw him but when he woke up, we watched him eating eucalyptus leaves. We talked about how koala's live in Australia which is another country far far away from us. We looked back at our maps of the world and saw where the koala lives. We remembered that penguins usually live in very cold and icy places like the Arctic and saw that the zoo where these penguins lived did not have that but they did have water for them to swim in. We talked about what they used to swim too.

The lion and tiger were very lazy when we saw them. They just slept every time we looked in on them but we talked about how they were the same and different.

We also visited Paignton Zoo in Devon where we found flamingos. We thought about how they were different from penguins.  We also saw the Macaque, which is a type of monkey. We saw how they took care of each other by pruning each other. We enjoyed seeing the meerkats there too. They were busy digging holes!

Our final visit was to San Diego Zoo in America where we watched the polar bear enjoying the sunshine with his massive paws up in the air!  We watched the elephants eating using their long trunks and the giraffe walking in their habitat. We noticed that the giraffe had lots of trees around them so they could eat. We enjoyed seeing the orangutan lazing in his canopy.  We noticed his very long arms and knew that he would be good at climbing trees with them. We had so much fun at the zoo that, even during choosing time, some of us chose to watch more of the animals on the screen.

That wasn't the end of our fun for the week as we also enjoyed our Sports Day. We were sad that our parents couldn't watch but that didn't stop us from having lots of fun! We were super lucky to have such great weather for it too. 


w/e 18.06.21

Another fun-filled week with lots of learning and outdoor experiences! Our book this week was called You Choose. We really enjoyed looking through the books and deciding on lots of things we would choose to eat, to sleep, to wear, to live and also how we would choose to travel. We then used various construction kits to create a way of travelling. We created a hot air balloons, cars, a barbecue truck, trains, a tree house car, a holiday aeroplane and even a car with a tall tower with a couch on the top! We made so many ways of travelling. 

We took our thoughts about ways of travelling to our outdoor area where we created a course where we had to crawl, balance, weave in and out and even shuffle on our bottoms to move along the course! It was so much fun that we spent lots of our choosing time going over the course again and again.

We did lots of number work, thinking about how we can make number 5. We have also been thinking about a new sound 'i' and they rhyme to go with it. 

For our Jigsaw, we have been thinking about when we feel lonely and also what we can do to help each other not to feel so lonely and how we can be a good friend.                                    Our obstacle course

w/e 11.06. 21

Wow, what a week we have had! We are already enjoying our new project Big Wide World. We started our week with a fantastic journey. We brought in our scooters, balance bikes, pedal bikes, 4x4 and motorbikes (none of which had any kind of actual engine or battery - only leg power!) We ventured out of our nursery and onto the field towards F2. We spent a little time looking at the outside area there before we went down towards and into the KS2 playground. We then went up the ramp to the KS1 playground and spent some time riding around there before going back on the field and up towards the  top gate. There's a bit of a hill there so we enjoyed our ride down the hill and back into the nursery outdoor area! We saw places we have never seen before and we had the best time ever!

We really enjoyed our story Penguin on Holiday and saw lots of things in the book which we recognised on our own holiday.

We brought in holiday photos and had lots of discussion about where we went on holiday and also how we got there. Some of us had holiday photos in our country and others had holidays in other countries so we saw lots of different places and we travelled there in different ways too.

w/e 28.05.21

We have had such a busy week this week! We have looked back at our project and picked out the parts we really enjoyed, such as planting the seeds (they are coming up lovely, right now and should be ready for us to try when we return after our half term break!) One of the things we have really enjoyed is finding out more about the bugs in our gardens. In fact, we've been enjoying it so much, we've searched for them in our nursery garden, finding lots of small wriggly worms. We even found a shield bug on a leaf. It was brown and not green like the one in our book, My First Book of Garden Bugs. We used that book to find out more about the shield bug and found that it was also called a stink bug. We thought about why it would change colours from green to brown and thought that it was probably because it used it as camouflage.

We have been working so very hard on our numbers to 5 and getting better at finding different ways of making 5. We have also been thinking about the letter 'd' and the sound it makes and how we write it. It is a really tricky one to write, but we've all enjoyed trying and done a really great job of it too! 

Our final day before the half term break and it has been so warm and sunny and, as us Tiddlers love to do, we made the most of it and spent most of our day learning outside. Our sunflowers and bean plants have all gone home and we'll be planting them in our own gardens. 

It's been a wonderfully fun-filled half term and we're excited to start our new project next half term - Big Wide World and Splash! 

w/e 21.05.21

This week, we have been thinking about how to stay safe in the sun. We thought about what we can do to protect ourselves when we are enjoying summer in the sunshine. We knew that we should wear sun cream, sun hats, sunglasses and drink lots of water. 

Our story of the week was called Jump and Shout. It was a book full of activity which we tried ourselves. We tried different exercises which made our hearts work harder and beat faster. We thought about what kinds of food would be good for our bodies to keep them healthy and also thought of foods which we should just have as a treat. 

We have been working really hard with our numbers to 5 and 10, writing them and also counting and recognising the numerals. We have also been thinking about the rhyme we say when we write the letter 's' and then thinking of words beginning with that sound. 

We have been taking good care of our plants and they are growing really well. We will be ready to take them home next week ready for our half term break. Our vegetables and wildflowers are also growing really well and we're hoping to be able to try some very soon as well as welcoming the butterflies and bees into our garden.

w/e 14.05.21

This week, our book is called Jump and Shout! It is a short but very fun story with lots of actions for us to follow. We have been thinking about the rhyming words in the story and also looking at photographs of us enjoying activities outside. We have shared our own favourite activities with our friends and we all agree that we love being outside in the sunshine doing all of the activities there and making up games of our own.

We have been thinking about what kinds of food are healthy and which ones we should only have as a treat every so often. We were really good at identifying the different foods in front of us and putting them into groups of healthy and not so healthy. We then thought of which kinds of food are our favourite snacks. 

In maths, we have been finding different ways of making numbers up to 5. Some of us knew that 2 and 2 make 4 and 3 and 2 make 5! We counted different ladybirds with spots on and used 1:1 correspondence to count.

For our phonics, we looked at the sound 'a' and thought about the rhyme 'a round the apple and down the leaf.' We thought of different  'a' words and wrote 'a' on different things using our 'magic finger.'

w/e 7/05/21

Our book this week was called Butterfly Bouquet. It was a wonderful book all about a girl who had been poorly in hospital over the winter and how she visited a butterfly house, seeing all of the different kinds of butterflies there. We saw how butterflies laid their eggs under leaves and how caterpillars make a cocoon so that they can change into a butterfly. 

In maths, we played a dice game where we threw the die, counted the dots, matched it to the correct number on a number line and then did actions to match our number. Some of us didn't need to count the spots as we recognised them straight away!

We have been taking good care of our plants both inside and outside in our garden area and we are starting to see some shoots growing which we are really excited about. We make sure that we water them frequently and don't let the soil dry out too much. 

We have continued to enjoy our time outside and we have been doing lots of activities where we are thinking about using different parts of our body. 

w/e 30/4/21

This week we have been very busy bees inside and outside. Our book of I can grow a Sunflower has been a really good help when we planted our own sunflowers and we're so excited to see them grow! Inside the book, we learnt about roots and shoots and all of the things a seed needs to grow into a plant. We now know that a seed needs soil, water and sunshine to grow.

This week, we spent a lot of time planting different things in our nursery garden. We planted spinach, rocket, radishes and wild flowers so that we could attract the butterflies and bees. We had so much fun planting them and can't wait to see them grow. We also planted broad beans and so we're planning on having a feast when they all grow!

In maths, we continued to think about numbers to 5 and and recognising the numbers on a number line as well as matching amounts to the number. 

We did lots of talking about our book of the week and explored all of the different flowers shown there. Some of them we recognised straight away as we have them in our garden. 

We spent as much time outside as we could exploring our environment and the different plants and trees we have. We thought about how they felt in our hands and whether they were soft or bumpy or bendy or strong.

w/e 23.04.21

We have had so much fun learning about our new topic Sunshine and Sunflowers this week and the weather has been very kind to us so that we have spent lots of time exploring the outside for everything to do with nature. We have learnt about  what nature actually means and can name different kinds of nature that we see every day. 

We went on a nature walk and found lots of different flowers, trees, birds, bugs and insects. We started off in our nursery garden and then ventured around the field all the way down to the tyres where we had a well earned play. We found daffodils, pansies, apple trees, ivy and many more. When we came back to nursery, we filled our new bird feeders with food and put them on our new bird table. Putting bird seeds into the bird feeders.


Finding nature all around us.

We were very excited when we went on a number trail where we found numbers around our outside area. We are very good at spotting the different numbers hidden all around. 

We painted some very beautiful sunshine pictures and made other pictures using our cutting and sticking skills. 

We also practised writing our name so that we will be ready for when we go up to big school in September. 

Next week, we will be thinking about planting seeds and what a seed needs in order to grow.