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Summer Term Updates

w/e 17.06.22


As part of our project,  we looked at a book called You Choose. We looked closely at the page where it showed different ways of travelling. We chose our favourite way then drew it and constructed it using one of our construction kits. We then made our own obstacle course and thought about all of the different ways we could travel over it.  We crawled, hopped, jumped, walked, balanced and even slid. 










w/e 10.06.22


Our Amazing Journey!
To begin our new project, Big Wide World, we brought in our scooters, bikes and even go-karts to go on an amazing journey!






w/e 27.05.22

It was a week of celebration! We celebrated all the people who help us not just in school, but in everything we do and enjoy. We also thought about what we would like to be when we grew up. Some of us want to be doctors and nurses, vets and hairdressers whilst others wanted to be builders and farmers and even movie stars in Lego movies! 








On Thursday and Friday, we celebrated our Queen - Queen Elizabeth II and her Platinum Jubilee this coming week. We made our own crowns which we showed in a whole school parade on the field in front of our family and friends and then enjoyed scones and jam. 






A Henry VIII style crown!



On Friday, we dressed up in red, white and blue and had a little tea party in our outside area. 






w/e 20.05.22

What a full week we have had this week! We have been planting away and have lots of things starting to grow already, including our sunflowers, radishes, carrots and onions! We are looking forward to trying out some of vegetables next half term. 

Our story of the week this week was called Jump and Shout! It gave us lots of new ideas and ways to move our bodies which we tried in our outdoor area. We incorporated this with our maths time too by using dice to count, then find the number outside somewhere before thinking of actions to match the number thrown. We had lots of fun with it and continued to play it even when the activity was finished. We also enjoyed learning a new game called Stuck in the Mud. 

Our new sound of the week was 't' for which we learnt the rhyme 'down the tower, across the tower' so that we could learn how to write it.

We did lots of counting of actions and objects around our nursery.

Next week is our final week before half term, but there will still be lots of fun activities as we prepare to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

w/e 13.05.22


Our book this week was Butterfly Bouquet which we thoroughly enjoyed. 


We spent the week thinking about all of the different creatures we could find in our garden and even discovered some of them in our own outdoor area. We thought and talked about each creature, what they were called and what we knew about them. We discovered that some butterflies were colourful in order to tell birds that they were poisonous. We could remember the life cycle of a butterfly.

We practised writing our names as well as our sound of the week 's'. We thought of lots of different words beginning with this letter. We counted spots on different ladybirds and thought about doubles when we counted some of them. We discovered that 3 + 3 makes 6.


w/e 6.05.22

Our book of the week was I Can Grow a Sunflower which had lots of information about how to grow a sunflower and which we used to help us plant other seeds too, including radishes, beans, carrots and onions. 

We spent as much time as we could in our outside area, developing our gross motor skills on the climbing frame, our balance on the balance bikes and our hand-eye coordination on our target board. 

We experimented with an orange, a potato and apple to find out which one would travel the furthest when rolled down a ramp. We initially thought that the apple would roll furthest as it was quite round. We understood that round objects roll better than other shaped objects. On following through with the experiment, we found that the orange travelled furthest.  We then used a longer ramp and found that each object travelled even further.


Testing out which object rolls the furthest.







w/e 29.04.22

This week, we enjoyed our book Errol's Garden, in which a little boy who lived in a block of flats had the idea of creating a roof garden and, with the help of his neighbours was able to do this. This book really sparked our interest in our own outdoor area and the kinds of plants and things we wanted to see there.

With this in mind, we created our own bug hotel in the digging area using the log slices we had around Nursery and in our wooded area. We also started to look at the plants we already had there, making sure they were well watered and decided on what other plants we wanted to have and where they would go. Planting begins in full force next week!

We did lots of counting using beans and seeds and planted them in little pots. We created lots of flowers using different media including paint, pencil crayons, paper and paper plates. 

Our letter of the week was 'a' and we learnt the rhyme to help us write it correctly. We also thought of different words beginning with that letter and found the letter in different places around our Nursery. 


Drawing flowers using the Paint program in the IWB.


w/e 22.04.22

Although we had a shorter week to the beginning of our Summer term, it was filled with lots of fun activities both inside and outside. We began our project Sunshine and Sunflowers by thinking about how we knew Summer was here. We went on a search around Nursery and the school grounds and even visited the Forest School looking for clues. We decided that one of the ways we knew it was Summer was the flowers and the leaves growing on the trees. We noticed the buds on the trees and saw that some of them had already blossomed into flowers. We collected some of the flowers and identified a daisy, a dandilion and a daffodil. 


We practised our fine motor skills using geoboards and created different shapes using them. We also practised writing our names, which we are getting better at all of the time! We also practised our gross motor skills on the tyres by balancing on them and jumping off them.  We went on a number hunt outside, counting different things that we found such as sticks, leaves, stones, slate or anything else we saw there. 


Number hunt - counting objects found outside.






Practising our gross motor skills and balance on the tyres.