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Summer Term Updates

w/e 26.05.23

Wow, what a full week Tiddlers have had! We have shaken a tree to see what bugs live there and explored the features of them. We enjoyed thinking about and sorting pictures of bugs to find out the similarities and differences between them. Tiddlers enjoyed the amazing sunshine and spent a lot of time outside. We have made the most of our writing shelter and enjoyed having our snack and story time there.

On Wednesday, we had an amazing Sports Day where we showed all our different skills of balancing, target practice and riding a bike among others. We ended our Sports Day with a big race on the field.

w/e 19.05.23

This week, our book of the week was a non-fiction book called Do You Love Bugs? It gave us lots of information about different bugs which we found in our garden.

We continued our bug creations on our creative table, making some amazing bees using our cutting and sticking skills. We also used paper plates to create some ladybirds, using printing and painting skills.

We did lots of counting this week and we are getting better at making numbers in different ways such as 3+1=4 and 2+2=4. We have been practicing our number recognition to 6 using dice and also subitising to 6.

Our Sports Day is next week, so we have been practicing our skills for all the events. We are so excited and can’t wait to show our parents and families how amazing we are at all of the activities.

w/e 12.05.23

This week, our story was First Day at Bug School, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We looked closely at the map at the front and back of the book and noticed all of the different rooms for the bugs in the school. We counted the spots on Lucy Ladybird’s back and noticed that there were two lots of 5, which we knew made 10.

We thought about a new letter of the week which was ‘d’ and learned the rhyme to help us write it. We thought about different words beginning with that letter and practiced how to write it. It was a tricky letter to write, but we did a really good job.

We thought about all of the ways we can take care of the minibeasts in our garden and even made a small bug house using sticks, hay, bricks, plant pots and pebbles. Once again we made the most of our new outdoor area and even had group time outside.

w/e 4.05.23

We’ve had so much fun this week learning about snails. We found out that snails have thousands of teeth and we even watched a video about it. We learnt about how a snail has a foot and its eyes are on top of its antennae. We found 3 snails and watched them eat some lettuce soup that we made.

We thought about the letter ‘s’ and learnt the rhyme to help us write it. We thought about different words that begin with the letter and practiced how to write it. We are also practicing different ways to make numbers to 5, which we are getting much better at.

We made the most of the warm weather and our beautiful new garden and even had our milk and fruit time outside.

w/e 28.04.23

Our outdoor area is finally finished and we have made the most of it each day this week! Wow, what a difference it has made to our play and our choices. We are so very excited to have this new area.

Our story of the week has been The Very Busy Spider which we have enjoyed reading. Through this story and watching videos of spiders, we have learnt that spiders are very good at making webs in different places. We have also learnt that there are some spiders who don’t make webs to catch their prey just like the spider-eating spider. We really enjoyed learning about how this spider has ‘super powers’ to catch its prey.

We have made spiders using clay, by printing and collage. We made webs for spiders using printing and threading yarn around sticks.

Our sound of the week has been ‘a’ and we have been thinking about they rhyme as we learn to write it and of words beginning with ‘a’. We have also recognized that ‘a’ is in some of our names as well. We have also been working really hard on our numbers, recognizing them and finding different ways of making numbers to 5.

w/e 21.04.23


Our first week back after Easter break has been very eventful! Our outdoor area is really taking shape and we are excited to try it out next week for the first time. We have enjoyed watching it develop as the week has progressed. We have spent our outside time on the MUGA which we have looked forward to every day this week.

Our book of the week for our new project of Creep, Wriggle and Crawl has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which is a firm favourite of ours anyway, so we have really enjoyed visiting it in more detail this week. We used picture cards to retell the story and created our own marble butterflies. We have counted spots on butterflies, finding different ways of making numbers to 4.

We have started thinking and looking at the letter ‘m’ and our rhyme ‘Maisie, mountain, mountain’ to help us write it correctly. We have thought about different words beginning with ‘m’.