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Spring Term Updates

WB 20.3.23

This week in English we have been writing instructions for making jam on toast which we shall finish next week. In science, we have conducted a science experiment to see what happens to bread when it is heated.  We have thought about the ressurection of Jesus in the Easter Story in RE, we have looked at what constitutes an emergency in PSHE and talked about what to do, we have thought about different types of technology in Computing and we have designed lunchboxes for D&T.  Finally, we were very lucky to have Nottingham Forest in on Thursday morning to take our PE lesson where we continued focusing on ball skills.

WB 13.3.23

This week we have written instructions for making a bird feeder in English, learnt about 2d and 3d shapes in Maths, played pulse and rythm beats on persussion instruments,  worked on ocreated our own paintings using computer programmes in the style of Piet Mondrian, read maps of the UK to locate lifeboat stations, thought about the different emotions in the Easter story and evaluated lunchboxes in D&T!  As you can see, the Bold Badgers have been very busy and have earned a rest this weekend!

WB 27.2.23

We have loved this week! It has been full of learning and fun based around World Book Day and using the book 'Mother Earth is Weeping' by Claire Donald as our inspiration.   We have written and illustrated Diamante poems about the ocean, focusing on nouns and adjectives. We have learnt songs about God's world and creation. We have created art work comparing what happens if we look after the Earth against what happens if we don't.  We have conducted science experiments to see how oil reacts to water and thought about the effect oil spillages have on our oceans and we have spent lots of time reading.  We especially enjoyed reading with our Buddy Class on World Book Day.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful costumes on Book Day - the children looked amazing and enjoyed it immensely!

WB: 20.2.23

We have had a fantastic first week back, making bird feeders and building dens and flipping pancakes whilst learning about Lent.  Here are some photos of our week for you to enjoy!

WB 6.2.23

Thank you for a wonderful half term, Bold Badgers! This week we have been developing accuracy skills when passing balls in PE. In English, we have written coastal descriptions – which made us think about holidays! In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication and division symbols. In Computing, we have been using the coding skills that we have learnt this half term to code different backgrounds and for Safer nternet Day we have been learning about internet safety.  In Geograpghy, we have been reading map symbols and finally on Friday we spent a lovely afternoon on a carousel of different PSHE activities all about emotions and well-being to think about Children’s Mental Health Week. Have a lovely, restful half term!

WB 30.1.23

We have had a another great week in the Bold Badgers. In English we have written up our postcards for our portfolio of work. In Maths, we have been doing lots of practical activities around sharing and grouping objects to help us with division.  We have been thinking about prayers in RE and why they are important to Christians.  In PE this week, we have learnt skills to help us move in different directions whilst handling a ball and in Geography we have learnt about the process of erosion, using practical experiments to help us.  Please enjoy looking through the photos of our week!

WB 23.1.23

We have had a very busy week! We have created book reviews and written more of our postcards in English. In Maths, we have done alot of work on subtraction, addition and comparing number sentences.  In Geography we have learnt about compass points and worked out what direction we would be travelling in if we travelled between different coastal towns of the UK. We have loved our art lesson this week - mixing watercolours together to create colours and then making wave pictures. In RE we have learnt about the story of the ten lepers and in Computing we have continued with our coding and made code blocks.  Finally, in Music we have had fun finding the pulse, singing and addign movement to songs. Have a look on SeeSaw to see!

WB 9.1.23

Welcome back Bold Badgers! We have had a great start to the new year.  This week we have started writing postcards in English, learnt about subtraction in Maths and my spelling group have been looking at the suffix 

'ness'.  We have also learnt about spatial awareness in PE as part of our Games session, retold the bible story of Jesus and Matthew the Tax Collector in RE, compared paintings of waves in Art, sorted coastal features into physical and human features in Geography, composed music using technology and started coding in Computing.  I think a well-earned rest this weekend is needed for all my Bold Badgers after such a busy week!  Here are some photos.