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Spring Term Updates

Magnificent Maugrims' Class News - Spring 1


Since Christmas, the children of Year 5 and 6 have really been putting their noses to the grindstone at St Andrew’s. It's like they came back from the break with a whole new level of determination. They're diving into their learning headfirst, whether it's crunching numbers, getting lost in a good book, or mixing up concoctions in science lab. We can see the effort they're putting in, and it's paying off. They're not just going through the motions; they're actively engaged and striving to do their best. It's pretty awesome to see them taking charge of their learning like this.

In class, there's been a buzz of excitement surrounding some incredible projects centered on our solar system and mountains. Our incredible ‘space cadets’ have been reaching for the stars, quite literally, as they delved into the mysteries of the cosmos. From constructing working model solar systems to simulating space missions in their English writing, their creativity has shown no bounds! On the other hand, there's a whole different kind of adventure brewing with our project focused on mountains. These students are scaling new heights (metaphorically speaking don’t worry) as they explore the rugged beauty and geological wonders of mountainous regions.

Onto World of Work Week, as has been an eye-opener for these children, let me tell you. They've been getting a taste of the real world, exploring all sorts of careers and professions they never even knew existed. From Rolls Royce engineers to physiotherapists, funeral directors to content creators, they're learning about it all. During our careers fair, it was like they'd been let loose in a candy store of possibilities.

Safer Internet Week has been a game-changer for these kids when it comes to online safety. They're diving headfirst into the digital world armed with knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe and secure. From understanding the importance of strong passwords to spotting phishing scams, they're becoming savvy internet users faster than you can say "cybersecurity."

As you can see Spring 1 has been a rousing success! Onto Spring 2!