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The skill of writing enables children to communicate with others while sharing their knowledge and ideas. It encourages expression and higher order thinking skills. At St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, we aim to create a culture of writing in our school ensures our children are given the best opportunities to build their capacity and confidence in writing. By creating a stimulating environment, a broad and balanced curriculum and valuing the writing process, we provide all pupils with an inspiring and supportive writing curriculum which will allows learners to recognise their full potential and develop their: English skills, creativity, inquiry, confidence and independence.



Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage 1 and 2, the learning of writing follows the Early Years Foundation Stages Framework. Children are given opportunities to extend their understanding of language learning through play and investigation, developing their characteristics of learning.


Key Stage 1 and 2

The Cornerstones and, therefore the National Curriculum, supply the objectives for what must be taught in Key Stage 1 and 2. English lessons are used to teach depth grammar, punctuation and writing genres. These lessons are based on high quality texts, usually suggested by the Cornerstones curriculum.

Writing composition is taught explicitly to the children. There is an expectation that each child will ‘publish’ 7 pieces of writing every year. Teachers will also plan ‘topic’ lessons to encourage children to write for a variety of purposes.


Published Pieces of Writing

It is expected that each child will complete seven pieces of published writing a year. There is a balance of non fiction, fiction and one poem. This piece of work will be drafted, proofread, edited, redrafted and copied up neatly as a ‘published’ piece.

Each child has Perfectly Published Portfolio where these pieces are recorded to encourage pride in their work.