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Autumn Term Updates

W.B. 7.11.22


On Monday, we had a Poppies and Poetry Workshop where we explored the impact on World War One on different people through the use of drama and poetry. We looked at a selection of poems written during the war, thought about what these meant and then represented them with freeze frames, actions and feelings. We even got to sing part of a war time song! Year 5 & 6 really enjoyed their day and took a lot of time to reflect on the devastating impacts of wars. 

We continued our work on non-chronological reports on Emperor Penguins and enjoyed learning all about these amazing animals and have they survive in the harsh conditions. We investigated the role of blubber and why it is needed to ensure they can survive. We were given the opportunity to have a 'hands on' experience of what it would be like to live in the freezing conditions with and without blubber.  Many children didn't  think that blubber would make a difference when keeping warm and was shocked when it did!


We continued working hard in Maths- focusing on long division which we are now becoming more confident with. In Science, we have started to look at how animals have adapted over time to survive in their enviroments.





W.B- 31.10.22


Maugrims have settled back into school very well after half term and continued to show their amazing effort throughout the week.


We have worked hard thinking about the non-chronological report shapes for our writing and have enjoyed finding out about Emperor Penguins  and their life cycle. 

We have also enjoyed learning about inherited characteristics as part of our new science topic- Evolution and Inheritance, the children were very interested when discussing where their eye and hair colour came from. 


On Friday, we also got the chance to use the new trim trail that is on the school field. All children enjoyed this and were very happy testing out our new equipment.



W.B. 19.09.2022


What a week we have had! You would never have guessed that we have only been in school for 4 days with the amount of activities that have been going on.


Maugrims have been thinking about  the school topic - 'Celebrating Our Community'. We looked at what community is and what it means. We had lots of interesting conversations about why our community is important and what is special about it.


Mansfield Town came in to school to deliver a training session so we are ready for the Penalty Shoot Out next week. The children had lots of fun as you can see in the photographs below.


Year 5 & 6 also had the very exciting opportunity to dissect a sheep's heart on Thursday which enabled them to look at the heart in depth. Children were able to locate the main chambers of the heart. We were very impressed with the children's resillience during this task!


W.B 05.09.2022


What a Magnificent start our Magnificent Maugrims have had! You have all blown us away with your resilience and team work this week! Let me tell you about some of the things we got up to this week....


We did a lot of teambuilding and ice breaker sessions this week to enable us to get to know each other more and we have had so much fun! There were smiles all round. 


PSHE - This week was a perfect opportunity for the children to focus on resilience, a new classroom with a new teacher, sat in a new space with new children (not to mention the harder work). The children had their resilience tested during a number of different team building activities too! Take a look at our Lego challenge, children were given a select amount of lego pieces and had a range of challenges to create. Everyone joined in and we created our new class mascot - Maugrim. 


With Her Majesty's sad passing, we also spent some time to celebrate that amazing things our late queen did for us over her 70 year reign. We all came together on Friday morning to talk about the news and thought about how we could show our gratitude. We decided that we would draw portraits of Her Majesty and display them in our classroom.