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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 5.12.2022


What a busy week! We are all ready for the nativity - the children have worked SO hard in getting ready and I am excited for you all to see what we have done. 


In English, we have also editted and copied up our final Firework Poetry piece and the progression has been fantastic. 


In Maths we have finished our subtraction work and have touched on repeated pattern. I tried quite a few times to trick my group to no luck :-). 


In History this week, we have talked about our favourite toys and compared them to toys in the olden days. We looked at how they have changed over time. 


In D&T we have explored different ways to attached things to fabric in readiness to make our funny faces. We tried glueing, sticking and masking tape and evaluated which was the best for which material. 


A great week Mighty Moles! 

Week Beginning 14.11.2022


This week we have been continuing with our Firework Poetry in English. We have looked at using a comma in a list and knowing that it seperates words in a list. We have also been learning about noun phrases and expanded noun phrases. In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, looking at their properties. In Science we are still learning about habitats and where certain animals live across the world. We have been working hard learning our lines and songs for our nativity which is coming together lovely. 

Week Beginning 31.10.2022


We have had a super busy week in Mighty Moles this week!

We have started our new English for this half term which is all about Firework Nighty Poetry. We have started by thinking about our senses and what each of them mean. We then read Sparks in the Night book and watched some videos of firework displays, we then did a collection of all different things we see, hear, smell, touch and taste on a night at the fireworks. We will be turning these into sentences next week.


In RE this week, we talked about Baby Jesus. We thought about what his bedroom would look like when he was born as he was so special. We sketched and shared our ideas with the rest of the class as to what and why we had drawn what we had.


In Science we learnt about living things, dead things and things that have never been alive. We thought about things like paper that we thought are dead, however we talked about how it is made from wood, from trees which have actually been alive! Children came up with some amazing ideas.


In our Reading Comprehension we worked on our retrieval skills. We read a text and then answered questions. We worked hard on finding the information that gave us the answers to the questions.


We were really fortunate that we got to have a go on the new trim trail today. We had a great time!

Week Beginning 10/10/2022

WELL... We've done it! We have completed our first half term in Mighty Moles. I have been very impressed with everyone with how they have settled in and got on with the work we have done. 


This week, we have been finishing our editting and writing up neat our independent writing for our portfolios. In Maths we have been writing number sentences and then looking at the inverse for this. In Art we have been learning about Michelangelo and Henry Moore, we then used our own salt dough and became supltures ourselves. 

We have learnt about survival techniques and what is required to keep animals and humans alive. We have been really busy working on our handwriting and our phonics. 


Have a fantastic half term and I will see you all when we get back. 

Week Beginning 3/10/2022

This week in English we have been doing our Independent Writing. This means using all the things that we have learnt and seeing how much we can remember. We are retelling the story of Wombat goes walkabout and changing the animals along the way. 


In Maths, we have been learning about part-part whole. Throughout the week we have been using the same whole number (the greatest number) and finding the missing parts. Next week we will continue working on this but progressing to find the missing whole number. 


In PE this week, it was VERY exciting - we got the apparatus out. We explored different ways to climb, balance and how to travel along a beam. The children were AMAZING during this lesson and really pushed out into the deep. 


We have learnt about the continents of the world - you may have heard the song we learnt to help us remember them. We located and labelled these on a blank map. 


Another busy week - one final push next week before half term. 

Week Beginning 26.9.2022

This week has been amazing in Mighty Moles. In English, the wombat has had a very busy week! He has now met a child who can do "everything", he wasn't very nice to the wombat and we have learnt about speech marks when the child and the wombat speak to each other and tell each other what they are good at. 


We have been learning a lot about the body this week, we have labelled body parts, explored their jobs in our body and we have learnt about the 5 senses and what they do. 


In RE this week, we have reordered the story of the Lost Son. As a whole school Art project, Mrs Carter delivered an amazing art lesson about drawing a self portrait, Mighty Moles had a go first in our sketch book (which have made a fantastic display) and then contributed to the whole school display of self portraits thinking about the different lines and where features of our face sit when drawing. 


I was SO impressed when Mansfield Town were back in and we took our penalties. We have some budding footballers in Mighty Moles, that's for sure. 


In Geography this week, we have learnt about directional language, forwards, backwards, left and right. 


In Computing we visited the computer suite and logged on to our Purple Mash work space. We explored all the different topics that is has to offer and learnt where to find any 'to do' jobs. We also created our own SMART rules posters. 


Another great week - well done everyone! 

Week Beginning 19.9.2022

In English this week we have continued to work on Wombat goes walkabout. The wombat has now met a wallaby and an emu on his travels. We talked about aliteration for how the emu moved as he darted, dashed and dodged along. 


We were really fortunate this week in PE as we had Mansfield Town in to deliver a session in preparation for our penalty shoot out next week. 

In PSHE we have been learning about rewards and consequences. We had two seperate sheets where we put what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behaviour around school.

In RE, we watched a video on The Lost Son, we paused the video towards the end and then predicted what we think might have happened based on what we already know. 

During Continuous Provision we have been VERY busy with our challenges, making maps, creating collages, building bridges and grouping numbers. 

In Music, we learnt to clap in 'rhythm' we listened to a variety of songs and found the rhythm. 


Another great week Mighty Moles! 


Week Beginning 12.9.2022

This week we have started our new English Topic with our key text being 'Wombat goes walkabout'. We have been looking at the Wombat who had dug a hole so deep that it he had been in there a long time. When he came out, he had lost sight of his mum. He was sad and worried. For our writing, we talked about adjectives to describe how the wombat was feeling. The wombat then met a kookaburra, who was a big show off! He wasn't very nice to wombat and we looked at synonyms for words that the kookaburra used. We ALSO talked about how the kookaburra was gliding through the air, we focused on the word gliding and how this was a verb. We looked at different verbs to write in our story. 


In PE this week (you may have heard) we did gymnatics. We looked at different shapes and how to hold them. We then put these shapes to some music looking at lots of different linking movements. I was very impressed! 


In Geography, we have looked at the the different countries that make up the United Kingdom along with their captial cities, we located them on a map and created a colour code for these. 


Science was really interesting as we learnt about life cycles. For RE, we discussed what we already know and what we would like to find out over the term. 


A super busy week, well done all. 

Week Beginning 5.9.2022

WOW! We've made it. Well done Mighty Moles we have completed our first full week in Mighty Moles. 


I am SO proud and impressed of each and everyone of you. You have taken on so much information about our rules and routines and remembered so much! 


We have introduced our new Topic, 'Celebrating our Community' and talked about our Big Heart, 'I appreciate the opportunities in our local community.' 


We have appointed our School councillor and Class/Curriculum Ambassadors. 


Children have accessed our Continuous Provision and started our challenges in those areas really well. 


Next week we will really get our teeth stuck into our Maths and English too - Our story for English is Wombat goes walkabout and I am excited to get reading it. 


An amazing first week Mighty Moles, well done everyone!