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Phonics and Spelling


From Foundation Stage 1 to Year 1, we follow the Read. Write Inc approach to phonics. This is a fast-paced, structured scheme that provides our children with the perfect foundations to reading and writing. Children in Foundation Stage 1 and Year 1 have phonics groups 4 times a week.


Here is an introduction to phonics and the pure sounds we use. 



When children have passed the phonic screener, usually at the end of Year 1, we follow the Read, Write Inc scheme for spelling too. This builds on the phonic foundations the children already have from their Read, Write, Inc phonics lessons. They use dots and dashes to break down their spellings and this them supports the children to build them back up.


Here is a guide to dots and dashes.


The children learn different spelling patterns and how to apply these. When children are challenged with trickier spellings, we ask them to record these in their Log Book. This will be sent home regularly for children to practise their personalised spellings.


In KS2, we are also using Spelling Book to support our learning of different spelling rules and patterns. Built on the fundamentals of teaching spelling with strong phonic foundations, The Spelling Book engages our children in spelling activities, investigations and daily fast tasks that aim to recap a wide variety spelling rules. 

Spelling words are introduced at school on a two week cycle. During week A, children work on reading the 15 focus words, creating word families and identifying what makes them tricky to spell. They are also encouraged to annotate these spellings with simple notes personal to the child based on what might help them remember how to spell these spellings. During week B, children work through daily fast tasks that revise and revisit spelling rules and patterns through the lenses of the Spelling Rainbow. Children are then encouraged to delve deeper into their spelling words at home as they are sent home on a two week cycle. Children are also encouraged to identify their personal 'focus five' spellings as the five words they find tricky to spell and want to prioritise when practising. Spelling folders are sent home with a new word list in every two weeks for the children to practise their spellings at home. Please see the spelling selection menu below for some creative ideas around how children may choose to practise their spellings at home.