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Autumn Term Updates

W/B 20/1/2020

This week we have been busy reading the story 'Dogger'. We have been writing about our favourite toys and trying t o describe them. In our creative area we have carried on with our drawings and paintings of our favourite toys and have some beautiful masterpieces ready for our 'Toy' display. We have loved playing in our Gruffalo's toy shop, buying ans selling toys, playing in the shop and pretending to take on the roles of shop keeper and the sales team. In Jigsaw this week, our theme is, 'never give up', we have been talking all about persevering and when we can't do something once, we keep on trying, ask for help until we achieve our goal.  In Maths this week we have been super busy learning all things money related. We have looked at  coins, notes and cards. We have discussed why we  have money, why we need money and how we get money. We have done lots of work on coin recognition and the Gruffalo's have had super in depth conversations about money. 

W/B 9/12/2019

Wow! What an amazing week we have had in the Gruffalo's. Mrs Lynk and I are so so proud of all the Gruffalo's for their Nativity performance of 'It's a baby!'. We sang our hearts out, danced all the actions and spoke our lines, loudly, clear and beautifully. Well done Gruffalo's. Thank you to all our parents who helped us practise our lines, helped us sing the songs and perform the actions. And also a big thank you to everyone who came to watch us. One week to go...we can do this! Next week we have a story teller in and our Christmas party to look forward to. 

Week Beginning 25/11/2019

This week we have been reading two stories. We have focused on 'Be Brave Little Penguin' and read all about Pip the penguin who was scared of the water. We talked about why we might be scared, and what he could do stop himself from being scared. In our Literacy books we have wrote all about what Pip could do, we have made Pip within the creative area, and painted him on the easel. In the writing area, we are wrote CVC words all over different penguins and in our water play we have acted out and re-told the story. 


We have also read 'The Christmas story'. This has helped us with our Nativity- 'It's a baby!'. We have looked at the Nativity scene and focused hard on where all the Nativity people and animals go. We have then drawn our own Nativity scene and the best one will get to be on one of the tickets for our performance. 


In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds v and y. The rhymes for these sounds are:

v: Down the wing, up the wing.

y: Down the horn up the horn and under his face.


In Math's this week we have been learning about measuring height and length. We have had lots of fun measure penguins and putting them in height order and also measuring the length of penguins feet.  




Week Beginning 11th November 2019

This week we were very lucky to have had a special visitor in to start this term off. Miss Harrison brought in her new born baby Olivia. As our Nativity is called 'It's a baby' and we are learning all about baby Jesus. Olivia came in and we learnt lots about her and what it's like to be a baby. We thought of some questions before we met Olivia and then we got the chance to ask her all of them. We found out what she eats, how old she is, what she likes to play with and we also found out that she can roll over. Just like baby Jesus, we found out that Olivia got given some special presents when she was born. We loved having Olivia in to see us and we are very thankful to her Mummy, Miss Harrison, for bringing her and all her toys in. 


As we had a visit from Olivia, this week we read the story, 'The Gruffalo's child'. Just like the Gruffalo's child, we made front prints, painted with sticks and just like Olivia and The Gruffalo's child had their favourite toys, we made babies rattles with junk boxes and pasta. 


In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds h,r and j. The rhymes for these sounds are:

h: Down the head, to the hooves, and over his back. 

r: Down the robots body, curl over his arm.

j: Down the jack-in-a-box, curl and dot his head. 


In Maths this week we have been learning the part part whole method. This meant we could split a big number into two parts/groups. This linked into our number bonds to 10, when we split the whole number 10 and this method will also help us with our addition and subtraction when we try and tackle some number sentences. 

Week Beginning 4/11/2019

Well, what a wonderful first week back we have had. We started our week back with a lovely Autumn walk. The children loved putting their wellies on, wrapping up warm and going on an adventure. In partners we noted down everything we saw on our Autumn walk, eg. berries, autumn coloured leaves, trees, birds, acorns and conkers. Wed had so much fun kicking, crunching and throwing the leaves up into the air. When we came back to the classroom we drew pictures of the things we smelt, saw, felt, and heard.  


We have been doing lots of Autumn activities such as leaf rubbings, prints, conker rolling and counting with leaves and conkers. 


In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds f, e and l. The rhymes for these sounds are:

f: Down the flower and draw the leaves. 

e: Lift of the top and scoop out the egg.

L: down the long leg and draw the foot. 


In Maths this week we have been practicing our number formation. We have learnt some rhymes to remember how to write the numbers correctly. 


We look forward to our special visitor coming in next week and please can we bring in a photo of ourselves as a baby. Thank you, Miss Wheatley 

Week Beginning 14/10/2019


This week we have been  finding out what makes us all different. We have looked at our families and family traditions. We created a family portrait, and looked closely at all our family members and even our pets. This week's topic lent itself to Maths, where we wanted to measure and see how tall we all were. We were so busy measuring each other with string, hands and cubes. We put ourselves into height order and we even drew round our hands, made estimates of how many cubes long they were and then we used to cubes to measure them. 


In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds, c, k, u, and b. The letter rhymes for the formation of these sounds are:

c: curl around the caterpillar.

k: down t he  kangaroos body, kick his leg, curl his tail. 

u: down and under, up  to the top and draw the puddle. 

b: down the laces, to the heal and around the toe. 


We look forward to coming back to school on Monday 4th November and inviting our parents in at 3pm on Friday 8th November to come and see what the Gruffalos have been up to in our first term. Have a lovely half term and get lots of rest. 


Thank you for all you support this half term.

Miss Wheatley

Week Beginning 7/10/2019

We have had a fantastic week trying food from different countries. We loved all of them and are very grateful for Isabella's Mum for making us food from Bulgaria. After we tried the food, we took a vote to see who liked it and then we used descriptive words to talk about how they tasted, felt, smelt and looked. We have also been busy looking at the different countries in which we are all from in the Gruffalos, looking at the different languages, food, flags and where they are on a map. 


In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds p,g and o. The rhymes to form these letters are: 

p: Down the plait over the pirates face. 

g: Around her face, down her hair, give her a curl.

o: All around the orange. 


In Maths this week we have been so busy learning all about positional language. We have followed instructions to put our teddy in the correct place, we have listened to instructions and put ourselves in the correct place, whether that's behind, next to, in front of or on top of objects and we have given each other positional language instructions. 


We are very excited to dress up next friday 18th for Times Table Rockstar day. 

Week Beginning 30/9/2019

This week we have been learning all about ourselves. We have made a world map and looked at where we are all from and where our families are from. We have focused on self portraits and how we are all different and also labelled a drawing of ourselves. In the afternoons we have looked at our favourite foods. We cast a vote and the majority went with pizza. This then meant we were going to make our own pizzas and in keeping with our all about me topic, we made the toppings of our pizzas look like our faces. We also had Mansfield town football club in teaching us ome football skills. We loved this training session and we are having a penalty shoot out on Monday 7th October. Please don't forget your P.E. kits. 


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds, t, i and n. The rhymes for these sounds to form the correctly are: 

t: down the tower, flick the tower, across the tower. 

i: down the insects down, flick his tail, dot his head. 

n: down nobby over the net, kick the ball. 


In Maths this week we have been learning all about 2D shapes. We have learnt the shapes circle, triangle, rectangle and square. We looked at their properties and counted how many corners and sides they all had. We even did a shape hunt within our classroom to find shapes in our environment. 

Week Beginning 23/9/2019

This week we have been reading 'What the LadyBird Heard'. We have been so busy reading the story, creating our own collage ladybirds, finger-printing ladybirds, adding the correct number of spots to ladybirds, writing with sticks in red and black paint and writing letters on big leaves. 


In phonics this week we have started to learn our new sounds. We have learnt the sounds, m,a,s, and d. The rhymes for the formation of these letters are: 

m: Down Maisie, over the mountain, over the mountain.

a: Around the apple, down the leaf.

s: Slither down the snake. 

d: Around the dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet. 


In Maths this week we have been focused on one to one counting. Practising our number recognition and making sure we count correctly. This is by not counting fast, moving the object as we count it and checking afterwards. 


Next week we are looking at 'where we are from'. If you have any photos of the town/country your child was born in or anything at all to do with where they are from or their heritage please bring it in. 


Thank you, 


Miss Wheatley.


Week Beginning 16/09/2019

This week in the Gruffalos we have continued to read the story 'The Gruffalo'  and have carried on being the creative Gruffalos that we are. We have designed and made all the animals from the story using different collage materials to create different desired effects. We have also continued to explore our indoor and outdoor area in F2 and are super at choosing, using and putting away everything we decide to play with. In our Phonics lessons, we have learnt all of our pictures to match each of our sounds and next week we will start to learn the sounds and write them. In Maths we are working on our recognition of numbers 1-10 and in our Maths groups we have continued to work on our recognition but link it with our birthdays, recognising how old we are and selecting the correct number. 


Next week we will be reading and focusing on the story 'What the LadyBird Heard!' 

Week Beginning 9/9/2019

This week we have been super busy doing everything 'Gruffalo' We have read the story of the Gruffalo, painted Gruffalo pictures, made Gruffalo head bands and read stories in our Gruffalo cave. We have also been practising writing our names and numbers. We are still learning our class and school rules and exploring different areas of the Gruffalos classroom. Miss Wheatley is super proud of us at playtimes and lunch times, learning where we have to line up and all our lunch time rules, we can collect the correct token, hold our trays properly, remember our manners and use a knife and fork to eat our dinner with. WELL DONE GRUFFALOS. 


Please remember to line up in the 'Gruffalos' line first thing in the morning when the bell rings. 

Week Beginning 2/9/2019

Wow! What a fantastic first week we have had in the Gruffalos. We have already been really busy writing our names, drawing pictures of ourselves using the mirrors to focus on detail and getting to know each other. We are learning where everything lives in the classroom and exploring every area. In our Phonics lessons we have looked at picture cards which will start our letter learning journey and in our Maths lessons we have started looking at  our numbers 1-10.  Myself and Mrs Lynk are really proud of all our Gruffalos and look forward to seeing them shine next week. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you next week,