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Tenacious Toads (KS1)

Welcome to Tenacious Toads!

In KS1 we are named after the characters from The Wind in the Willows. We chose Mr Toad, he is bubbly, determined and full of enthusiasm, just like us. In year 1/2 we are 'tenacious' in all that we do... we certainly are a class of Tenacious Toads.

Our Classroom

Our classroom is full of lots of exciting things to explore and learn. We can read quietly in Our Reading Snug. We have stories to choose, we can use the puppets to tell stories we know or ones we have made up.

There is even a non-fiction table where we can read information texts, use the iPad and look at the globe. 

There are lots of other areas in our classroom too. We can write in our Writing Area. There are different things for us to write on. We love to create in the Creative Area, there are lots of things for us to cut, paint and stick. The Maths Area has lots of things for us to explore. We can count using the equipment, make up games with dice and number cards or weigh items. Our absolute favourite areas in the classroom is our the Block Play and Construction Areas. We love building different creations, story settings and seeing how high we can make a tower!

Well, that is us in a nutshell. 


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