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Spring Term Updates

Spring 2 '24

What another fantastic half term we have had in LKS2! This half term, we have been incredibly busy working on developing our knowledge and skills across the curriculum. In English, we loved finding out more about pangolins and using this new information to write our very own non-chronological report. We then enjoyed completing our own independent write all about a Stone Age beast of our choice! We have continued to build on our multiplication and division skills in maths alongside learning more about length and perimeter. 

In the Wider Curriculum, we have been learning all about Easter in RE and have been thinking about the importance of Good Friday for Christians. In History, we have continued to learn more about the Bronze and Iron Age, in Computing we have been learning more about online safety and in PE we have been developing our teamwork and orienteering skills. We have really enjoyed conducting our very own science experiments this half term. We have thought carefully about the different stages of an investigation and have made predictions, thought about the method we want to use, set up and conducted investigations and even wrote our own conclusions! Our favourite part was certainly melting different types of chocolate to find out which melted the quickest and which took the longest time to melt. In DT this half term, we have worked incredibly hard to design, make and evaluate our very own juggling balls! We have been learning how to sew using running stitch and overstitch, we then used this skill to sew our juggling balls together and attach a button or two! We are incredibly proud of how the children have demonstrated such resilience and perseverance throughout our DT project this half term. It has also been so wonderful to see the children use great teamwork skills to help each other out with holding fabric, threading needles and tying off thread where they have been able to offer a helping hand! A huge well done Year 3 and 4.

As the end of the half term approached, we were incredibly excited to share our Easter Service with parents and carers at St Andrew's Church. From the incredible reading to the super singing, the children told the story of The Three Trees beautifully. As we're sure the audience will agree, our wonderful children performed incredibly and did us all proud. Congratulations on a spectacular Easter Service LKS2, we hope that you all enjoyed it. 

Overall, an amazing half term for LKS2. We are already looking forward to all of our new learning Summer Term.

Spring 1 '24

What a busy yet fantastic half term we’ve had in LKS2!
After settling back in after Christmas, we were ready to sink our teeth into our learning.
We’ve really enjoyed working with clay in Art this half term. We have explored bell beaker pottery and enjoyed sketching some of the intricate designs in our books. We also loved exploring using different tools and techniques to create similar designs in clay. We will continue to use these skills we have developed to help us decorate our very own pots. We are very excited to see our final pieces of work and evaluate them.
In RE, we’ve explored pilgrimages and why these special journeys are incredibly important to different religions. In Computing, we’ve explored using 2Logo and in Geography, we’ve enjoyed learning all about rivers! We have explored the journey of a rivers, using atlases to find and locate important rivers in the world and have even explored the many different reasons behind why they are so useful.
In History this half term, we’ve loved learning more about the Stone Age. We have made inferences from pictures, explored artefacts from the past and thought carefully about what these artefacts might suggest to us about this period of history. In English, we’ve also worked hard on  
writing our very own Stone Age story based on the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. We’ve collected some amazing vocabulary and used some of our knowledge from history to inspire our ideas for writing. To top it all off, we ended our half term with a wonderful trip to Creswell Crags. We enjoyed an exciting cave tour and also developed our survival skills by using teamwork to build shelters. We were also lucky enough to explore the interesting exhibitions and enjoy a fresh gorge walk!

What an exciting end to a wonderful half term.

Creswell Crags (7-02-24)