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Summer Term Updates

W/B: 20.6.2022

It has been another very busy and hot week in the Gruffalos! We really enjoyed sports day on Tuesday, it was so much fun and we all did such a good job in our races, well done everyone!


In topic we have continued to explore our topic big wide world and this week have explored the non fiction book water, we have learnt that water is everywhere and helps us to live every single day. On the creative table we have been using water to create bubble pictures, it was very messy but a lot of fun! In the water tray we have explored the concept of capacity looking at different sized and shaped fillers and containers, finding out how much water can be held in each of them and making predictions and comparisons between them all.


In our writing groups we have been talking and writing about places that are special to us, we wrote about our houses, gardens, the beach and the park! On the writing table we have been thinking about keeping safe in water and have written ways to keep ourselves safe when playing in our paddling pools and swimming in the sea.


In maths we have continued to look at odds and evens and we have got so good at spotting the pattern with these numbers. The numicon really helped use to see this and we were able to identify odd and even numbers all the way up to 20!


Next week we will be sharing the story of the Rainbow Fish.

W/B: 06/06/22

What an amazing start to our new topic, Big Wide World! We have learnt so much already this week and have really enjoyed exploring a giant map together on the carpet, we learnt about the 7 continents of the world, the many countries within them, as well as the oceans! We used a compass to help us describe where we live and compared the size of England to other countries in the world. We learnt a song to help us remember the names of all the continents and the link is below!


In our writing groups we have been writing descriptions about where we live and, we used google earth to look closely at our local communities and help us to write in lots of detail.


In maths we have been looking at doubling and sharing. We used 10s frames, numicon, spots on ladybirds and our fingers to help us learn our double facts to 10.  


Next week we will be sharing the story Walk this World.

W/B: 23/5/2022

What a crazy, fantastic, busy week we have had this week. We started the week off by learning all about people who help us. We had the most special visit from Nottinghamshire Fire rescue, where they brought the fire engine. The fire fighters explained all about the fire engine and what we had to do inscase there was a fire. We even got to spray the hose! On Tuesday we all looked fabulous dressing up as what we want to be when we grow up! It was amazing to see everyone in their clothes looking so smart. 


We have also had the best time celebrating the queens jubilee. We have been busy in class making paper chain bunting, crowns, book marks and flags. We love creating our crowns for the crown parade and really enojyed walking around the field for our parents and families. On Friday we had the best lunch time, as a school we sat outside in the playground, on tables for a street party picnic. We decorated our own party bags and loved our picnic food. 


Well done for  great half term. You have all worked so hard and desrve a week off. See you after the half term holidays. 

W/B: 16/05/22

This week we have really enjoyed sharing the non fiction book about shadows and reflections and have been lucky enough to spend time outside exploring shadows and reflections in the sunshine. In our continuous provision we have explored matching objects to their shadows in the sand try, looking at our reflections using spoons in the water tray and making our own shadow puppets on the creative table.


In our writing groups we have been writing sun safety posters. The children were brilliant at telling me lots of different ways to enjoy the sun and how to keep themselves safe. We spent time discussing how important this is and wrote about remembering to put a sun hat on, drink plenty of water and apply lots of sun cream.


In maths we have been looking at subtraction from 20, using first, then and now boards to help us understand the concept of taking numbers away. The children blew me away with how confident they have become using 10s frames to find the answer.


Next week, we will start the week by looking at the world of work and finish the half term celebrating the Queens platinum jubilee.

W/B: 9/05/2022

What a fantanstic week we have had this week learning all about 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. We have loved reading this story and exploring our continuous provision. We have been busy creating paper chain caterpillars, printing the hungry caterpillar with sponges anbd writing the days of the week along with the story on the writing table. We are very excited about the arrival of caterpillars, so we can watch them turn into butterflies. 


In Literacy this week we have been writing poems all about minibeasts after going on a minibeast hunt around our outside area. We learnt that 1 in 4 animals on the planet are beetles. In Maths we have been looking at the concept of first, then and now. The children did really well telling Maths stories using this language. 


Next week we will be reading the non-fiction book 'Shadows and Reflections'.

Wk beginning: 02/04/22

It has been a short but very brilliant week in the Gruffalos. We have really enjoyed the story My butterfly Bouquet and have learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched the most amazing video, which showed us each of the stages of the life cycle. The link is below if you would like to watch it at home!


On the creative table we have made some fantastic butterfly pictures, we talked about how the wings on a butterfly are symmetrical and we worked really hard to re create this using our hand prints.

In our writing groups we have worked hard to sequence picture cards of the life cycle of a butterfly and have written a sentence to go with each of them.


In maths we have been looking at spatial reasoning. We have loved using the geoboards and elastic bands to create different shapes. We used the numicon like jigsaw pieces, turning, spinning and rotating them to fit together to create pictures.


Next week we will be sharing the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Week beginning: 25/4/22


It has been a very busy week in the Gruffalos class learning our topic Sunshine and Sunflowers.

In the curiosity cube we have been carefully observing how flowers absorb water to help them grow. We turned the water in the bottom of the jug bright blue and  watched it travel from the roots all the way to the tip of the petals. On the creative table we have been re creating the Van Gough sunflowers picture and they look amazing on the wall!

In our writing groups we have been writing a diary of a seed and using our phonic knowledge to spell lots of words, we have also been trying really hard to remember our finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

In maths we have been continuing to look at numbers to 20. We have built towers to 10 using cubes and then found how many ones we needed to add to our towers to make teen numbers. We were brilliant at spotting the missing numbers in our number line to 20, so good that we had to find up to three missing numbers at a time!


Next week we will be sharing the story the story ‘Butterfly Bouquet.’

Week Beginning 18/04/2022


Well done Gruffalos for a great first week back. We have loved being back at school and stuck in to our new topic, 'Sunshine and Sunflowers'. We have really enjoyed reading our story of the week, 'Errols Garden', learning all about roof top gardens in apartments and everyone in the community coming together to create a beautiful garden. We have enjoyed digging and planting seeds in our continuous provison areas around the classroom. We have completed and labeled parts of a flower and written up the stages of planting a seed. 


In our Maths this week we have been busy learning all about the numbers 10-20, thinking about teen numbers and what it means to be a teen number. We have used different resources to help us count out and recognise teen numbers, such as, Numicon, counting beads, flash cards and cubes. 


Next week we look forward to reading the story 'A Tiny Seed' and playing in our Garden Centre role play area.