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Summer Term Updates

Wk Beg: 12/07/21

This week we have really enjoyed sharing the story one year with Kipper, so much so, we will be continuing to explore it next week too.


In writing, we have thinking about our memories from the past year. We have been writing sentences and drawing pictures about our time in the Gruffalos.


In maths we have been looking again at the composition of numbers to 10. Finding lots of different ways to make 10. We have enjoyed the challenge of seeing how fast we can recall number bonds to 5 and 10.


In continuous provision we have enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and enjoy our outside area. The warm sunshine has made the water play area very popular, with the children finding many different ways to arrange pipes, funnels and trays to watch the water flow and empty into buckets.

WK Beg: 5/7/21

It has been another great week in the Gruffalos. We have really enjoyed sharing the story Clean Up! In writing we have been busy making posters to display around school telling everybody how to look after the planet. In maths we have been looking at sharing.  With the farm animals we helped the farmer group his animals into 2s, 3s and 4s. We have learnt all about the naturalist Sir David Attenborough and have really enjoyed watching clips from his nature documentaries. In continuous provision we have been sorting rubbish into groups of recyclable and non recyclable. On the creative table we have been bust making models from recyclable materials, we have had some amazing dinosaurs made from cardboard boxes.

Next week we are sharing the story One Year with Kipper by Mick Inkpen as part of our final topic ‘Moving On’ and here is a list of vocabulary for you to share:

  • Month
  • Year
  • Month’s of the year
  • New year resolution
  • Icicle
  • Tadpoles
  • Blossom
  • Thunderstorm
  • Parachute
  • Pumpkin

W/B- 28/06/21

Wow! Another busy and fun filled week. We are really enjoying our topic Big Wide World and this week we have been learning all about water. We have been so impressed with how many different ways the children came up with for uses of water. The children have written some wonderful sentences about putting fires out, brushing their teeth and enjoying splashing in their paddling pools! We did a science investigation using black pepper, water and soap and learnt just how important it is to wash our hands to kill nasty germs. In Math's we have been looking at doubling numbers to 10, we have played games with dice, Mumicon and butterflies, as they are symmetrical and have the same number of spots of each side. In continuous provision we have been bubble painting on the creative table (very messy, but lots of fun!) We have had bubbles in the water and looked at the capacity of different fillers and containers on the investigation area.

Next week we are sharing the story of Clean Up by Dapo Adeola and below is some interesting vocabulary for you to share with your child:

  • Holiday
  • Jamaica
  • Animal sanctuary
  • Rescued
  • Shore
  • Plastic
  • Careless
  • Clean


W/B 21/6/2021

This week we have read the story 'All are welcome'. This story was about inclusion and diversity, ensuring everyone is included and welcome. In our classroom this week we have learnt about different cultures and communities by learning African dancing, we learnt different ways to say 'hello' in different languages and we also tried different foods from different countries e.g. rice, prawn crackers, tortilla chips and a French baguette. We did a science experiment to make our own ice cream. from Italy. We loved creating this. It was super fun and tasted lovely. In our continuous provision we have looked at Aboriginal art, played with different types of transport which carries us from place to place and we have made flags from different countries.


Next week we are reading the story 'water'. Please spend some time looking through these story words to understand their definitions: 








-winding river

W/B 14/6/2021

Well. I must say we have had an amazing week. This week we have read the book, 'Walk this world', which was all about different countries of the world. The Gruffalos loved this book and have loved learning about different special buildings around the world, we learnt about buildings such as, the Eiffel Tower, St Basils Cathedral, Tower Bridge, The golden temple and the learning tower of Pisa. We drew these buildings, and special places of worship and also created our own buildings our of construction. We had so much fun looking at the huge floor map of the world, finding the special buildings and looking at all the countries. In our continuous provision we have also enjoyed making our own green and red words. In Math's this week we have continued to look at numbers past 10, recognising teen numbers and using ten frames to show these numbers. 

W/B 24/05/2021

Shadows and reflections-This week we have been learning all about shadows and reflections. We have loved reading our fiction book all about shadows and reflections. In our continuous provision this week we have busy creating sun catchers, shadow puppets, experimenting with mirrors and torches and we have been busy looking at different types of materials, looking closely at them to see if they are transparent or opaque. 


In Literacy this week we have been writing all about what we do in the day time when the sun is up, and what we do at night time when the moon shines. In our Math's this week we have been learning all about length and height. We have compared and measured our own height to see who was the tallest. We have built different sized towers and split towers into 4 groups and put them in height order. 


After half term we will be looking at the story: 'Our World'. Over half term please take some time to read our story words and learn their meanings:









grass land





W/B 17/5/2021

Well, what a crazy week we have had in the Gruffalos. We had a slow start but we made up for it the rest of the week. This week we have read the story 'Jump and Shout!' We really enjoyed reading t his story as it was all about activities we do outside in the day time and our bedtime routine at night time.  In our continuous provision this week we have been busy mixing and experimenting with different shades of yellow.  In our creative area we have been creating and writing sun safety posters and o our investigation station we have been packing teddy's suitcase for his holiday, deciding which items are appropriate for a sunny beach holiday. 


Next week we will be ready the book 'Shadows and Reflections'. Over the weekend, please have a look at the words from the book and see if you can find out what they mean: 










W/B 10/5/2021

Another very busy week! We have loved reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In Literacy we have used our brilliant phonics knowledge to re write the whole story!


In maths we have being look at time, we explored seconds, minutes and hours. We enjoyed using sand timers and stopwatches to see how many times we could write our name in 1 minute!


In continuous provision, we have been making caterpillar paper chains and printing caterpillar’s with pom poms. We have been making picnics in the water tray and re telling the story using story sacks. On the writing table we have been buy writing very long shopping lists.


Our favourite activity this week was making fruit kebabs. We talked about healthy and unhealthy food choices and decided fruit kebabs were a good choice, the melon was delicious!


Next week we are reading the story Jump and Shout and here is a list of interesting vocabulary for you to share over the weekend:

  • Cheer
  • Reach
  • Flop
  • Swing
  • Relax
  • Slurp
  • Chew
  • Chase
  • Slip
  • Curl

W/B 3/5/2021

'My Butterfly Bouquet'

This week we have read the story, 'My Butterfly Bouquet'. It is a lovely story about a little girl who goes to a butterfly house and watches the whole life cycle of a butterfly, from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. The children loved looking at the pictures and learning all about the lifecycle. In our continuous provision this week we have loved creating symmetrical butterflies with paint by printing and with crayons, by having to copy the wing that is already done. We have loved looking at the insects with the magnifying glasses and making caterpillars out of playdough. 


In our writing this week we have created our own butterfly poems. We pretended we were a butterfly and wrote it from the butterflies perspective. In Math's this week we continued to look at adding and subtracting. We loved creating a bus out of chairs and adding and subtracting passengers off and on the bus. 


Next week we will be reading the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Please spend some time this  weekend going through and learning our story words. 

  • egg
  • hungry
  • stomach ache
  • cocoon
  • days of the week
  • healthy
  • unhealthy
  • house
  • week

W/B 26/4/21

We have had another very busy week in the Gruffalos. We are really enjoying our topic Sunshine and Flowers. In continuous provision we have been exploring painting flowers and have produced some wonderful art work inspired by Vincent van Gough and Eric Carle. In maths we have been looking at part, part, whole models with numbers up to 10. After sharing the story of A Tiny Seed we have been talking and writing about the life cycle of a sunflower.  In PE we have loved having premier sports in to tecah us athletics, this week we practised relay racces. 

Next week we will be sharing the story of My Butterfly Bouquet and here is some interesting vocab for you to look at: 

- Bunch of flowers 


- Antennae 






- Nectar 



W/B 19/4/2021

Well what a busy first week back after Easter. We have all come back eager and ready to learn. We have been straight back into school work reading the story 'Errol's Garden'. We loved this story as we learnt all about a 'flat' and that it means for people who live in a flat and that they don't have a garden. We thought about what we could do if we didn't have a garden, e.g. planting in plant pots or do what Errol did and build a roof top garden. 


In our continuous provision we have been busy painting, drawing and printing flowers. In our sand and water we have used plant pots, spades and hose pipes to transport and carry sand and water. We have loved our new role-play this week a garden center we have pretended to be shop keepers, speaking on the telephone, writing down orders and shopping lists and planting flowers. 


In Literacy this week we have been writing up instructions on how to plant a seed as for our WOW day on Monday we planted our own sunflowers. In Math's this week we have been using the words first, then and now when adding and writing addition sentences. 


Next week we are reading the story 'A tiny seed' please see the list of story words below to read through over the weekend: